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Queen of Comedy Wu Junru's latest comedy masterpiece "Family Spicy" is released at the end of the summer vacationThe short-haired goddess Gigi Leung married Zheng Zhongji hand-fried chili sauce to support the familyThe first comedy brother Zheng Zhongji joined hands with Wu Junru to train Lu Jue An as the successor of Hong Kong-style comedy

"Family Spicy" latest poster

, The release was postponed due to the impact of the epidemic in Hong Kong. As the epidemic eases, the film will be released across Taiwan on July 22 to accompany the audience to the end of the summer vacation. The story of "Hot Family" was inspired by the personal experience of up-and-coming director Zheng Jinxuan. He felt that everyone's life has been greatly changed due to the epidemic, and he explained how a family copes with family, love, and even the taste of success never before seen in work. , the story begins with a jar of mom's homemade chili peppers. Wu Junru, who is also the producer and starring, contributed to the birth of the film, and named Zheng Zhongji and Gigi Leung as partners to perform as husband and wife, and appointed Lu Jue'an, who was popular because of his performance in the BL drama "Uncle's Love", to play the two sons, and the sparks continued to burst out. The audience is quite looking forward to it.

Official notice:

After the "Golden Rooster" series of films, the queen of comedy Wu Junru has brought the hilarious New Year's film "Hot Family" for many years. Wu Junru, who is personally the producer, once revealed that she met up-and-coming director Zheng Jinxuan while having a turkey dinner with director Chen Kexin. After hearing the hilarious stories he shared with his family, he decided to make a movie. In addition to inviting good friends Gigi Leung and Zheng Zhongji to sit in the town, Wu Junru, who is full of comedy elements, has a unique eye, and even recruited Lu Jue, a member of the idol boy group "MIRROR". An made his big screen debut, playing the role of his son Bai Xuan, who has a dream of starting a business. Unexpectedly, Lu Jue An unexpectedly had a "laughter" fruit, which made producer Wu Junru very satisfied. He seized the rare opportunity to cultivate a "Hong Kong-style comedy successor" and joined forces with Zheng Zhongji to vigorously Tune Lu Jue'an, let him eat spicy food until he rolls his eyes, shouts up to the sky and speaks exaggerated lines, completely letting go of the image burden of the idol boy group.

Zheng Zhongji, Gigi Leung, and Lu Jue'an were bored at home due to the epidemic, so they started a business of hand-made chili sauce

The first Hong Kong comedy brother, Zheng Zhongji, can sing and act. He once won the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor for "Pulp Comedy". This time, he played the role of the father of the "soft man with broken thoughts" in the film. He was tragically beaten by tiger mother Gigi Leung. Son Lu Jue'an described his father Zheng Zhongji with disgust. He loves to read the scriptures just like "Tang Sanzang". They can't stand him, and they also accuse Gigi Leung and Lu Jue'an of being difficult to get along with, forcing Lu Jue'an to come up with a trick of "handmade ancestral chili sauce", so that the world-weary parents have something to do during the quarantine period, don't Involved innocent him as a sandwich biscuits all day long, but he did not know that the business would get out of hand once it was done.

Zheng Zhongji tunes his son Lu Jue'an not to be soft

Spicy Xyour dad Spicy Xyour mom Spicy Xyour whole family!

"Hot Family" tells that after the outbreak of the new crown virus, everyone can only work from home. At first, I was excited because I could work without restrictions, but gradually I realized that working from home may be more difficult than going to work. While working from home, the young boy Bai Xuan (played by Lu Jue-an) stares at his family every day. He accidentally finds that his mother (played by Gigi Leung) has a handmade chili sauce that is well received by his friends. He decides to convince his father (played by Zheng Zhongji) and his eldest aunt. (Wu Junru) makes chili sauce together and sells it on social platforms in an attempt to divert attention and maintain a harmonious family atmosphere. Unexpectedly, this unintentional whim of orange juice, just to meet the needs of consumers to eat at home, the chili sauce business was a blockbuster, created a sales miracle, and brought many unexpected developments to the family!

The cast of the New Year's comedy "Hot Family" is strong, from left: Zheng Zhongji, Gigi Leung, Ng Kwan-ru, Lu Jue-an


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