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Re-elected as the import sales champion of the year, the new model of TOYOTA RAV4 imported from Japan

TOYOTA RAV4 launches new facelifted modelsV4 launches new facelifted models

Since its launch, TOYOTA RAV4 imported from Japan has been loved by consumers due to its aerodynamic appearance, comfortable interior and rich safety equipment, and it has won the sales champion of imported SUVs for 13 consecutive years.*1, A well-deserved name of the king's vacation. The 2022-style brand new RAV4 continues the previous domineering style and has a more refined appearance. Not only has the HYBRID introduced a more concise and clean LED Bi-beam headlights, but the front fog lights of all vehicles have also been upgraded to LED light sources and modified. Dynamic polygonal three-dimensional shape; at the same time, the 18-inch aluminum ring adopts a new ten-frame design*2, So that the overall shape of RAV4 is more outstanding. In addition, the new HYBRID premium model has been updated this time to allow customers to purchase hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) at a more affordable price.

Brand-new appearance upgrade, more elegant demeanor

The newly redesigned TOYOTA RAV4 is more unique in the appearance of the HYBRID model. Equipped with a newly designed inverted trapezoidal LED headlight, through the integrated design of LED positioning light and daytime running light, the shape of the lamp is more simple and neat, and it exudes a more rigid and stable atmosphere. The long and narrow direction lamp shape also improves the visibility and recognition of the front view, and has a more sense of design.

At the same time, the front fog lights of the entire car series are upgraded to LED light sources and adopt a more dynamic polygonal three-dimensional shape; the 18-inch aluminum ring has evolved from the original five-frame design to a new ten-frame design, making the exterior design more domineering; 2.0 ADVENTURE 4WD The aluminum ring shape of the SUV is changed to a black single color to replace the original two-color cutting design, which further highlights the off-road tonality of the SUV.

brand newHYBRIDMonarch model, an absolute value-for-money choice

The 2022-style TOYOTA RAV4 introduces a brand-new HYBRID premium model. The model is also equipped with a 2.5L Dynamic Force HYBRID engine and equipped with an E-CVT variable transmission system, which can create a maximum of 218 ps of synergy horsepower and 22.5 kg-m of torque output. , And at the same time show the excellent fuel consumption of 22.6 km/l*3. The abundant power output and excellent fuel-saving performance allow customers to have the most appropriate experience whether they travel outdoors on weekends or commute in the city on weekdays.

HYBRID premium models are also equipped with a number of safety and convenience equipment, such as the most popular PVM surround view video assistance system, dual-zone constant temperature air-conditioning and electric folding rearview mirrors, which provide customers with a safe, comfortable and convenient all-round function .In addition, HYBRID models also enjoy an 8-year 160,000 km warranty for HYBRID batteries.*4, Not only can you buy with peace of mind, but you can also use it with confidence. The brand-new HYBRID Monarch model can be easily entered at a price of 1.099 million. If you want to experience the charm of the imported HYBRID SUV from Japan, you must not miss it.

Highest installed35Item active and passive safety protection system*4 Comprehensive security

TOYOTA RAV4 imported from Japan is equipped with ``TSS 2.0 intelligent driving assistance system'' (including ACC full-speed range active distance maintaining constant speed system (including Stop&Go), LTA lane tracking assist system, PCS early warning protection system, AHB intelligent high beam Automatic lamp switching system), “BSM Blind Spot Detection and Warning System” (2.0 Monarch or above/HYBRID flagship above), “PVM Surround View Video Assist System” (2.0 flagship or above/HYBRID all cars), “E-Mirror electronic rear Mirror" (over 2.0 flagship/over HYBRID flagship), "DSC gear misaligned into the power limit system" and "7 SRS airbag", the whole car is equipped with up to 35 active and passive safety protection systems*5, Provide a more complete active and passive safety protection for driving and passengers, and fully protect the safety of consumers.

The all-new RAV4 will be officially exhibited and sold at the TOYOTA exhibition bases of Hetai Motors in Taiwan from now on. Consumers can visit TOYOTA's entire Taiwan display base to actually feel the charm of the king of RAV4. Related information can also be found on the TOYOTA website: http://www.toyota.com.tw.

*1The statistical period is from 2009/1/1 to 2021/11/30 the number of new vehicles licensed by the supervision agency, and the ranking is calculated based on imported SUVs.

*2The 18-inch aluminum rims of 2.0 Monarch, 2.0 Flagship, 2.5 HYBRID Flagship and 2.5 HYBRID Flagship 4WD adopt ten designs.

*3The announcement data is measured in accordance with the standard test procedures of the EU Directive 1999/100/EC and subsequent amendments. The test value of this label is measured on the vehicle body dynamometer in the laboratory according to the specified driving mode. When driving on the actual road, the actual value may differ from the test value due to factors such as weather, road conditions, load, use of the air-conditioning system, battery charging status, driving habits, and vehicle maintenance. For details, please refer to the website of the Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

*4TOYOTA new car is guaranteed for 4 years or 120,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), for HYBRID hybrid power system (including HYBRID battery, converter with transformer, battery control module, motor control module, HYBRID control module ), it provides a 5-year or 120,000 kilometers guarantee (whichever comes first); starting from 2019, the guarantee for HYBRID batteries is 8 years or 160,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), and the warranty details and conditions Please refer to TOYOTA official website and service manual for restrictions.

*5All safety equipment actions are subject to conditions. For related content, please refer to the owner's manual for local dealers.

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