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Refined EvolutionMcLaren 750S

●Comprehensively upgraded from 720S, the weight of the vehicle is reduced by 30 kg

●Continuing the 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine, the output is increased to 750hp

●The active chassis control system is upgraded to the latest third generation

The acceleration from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is the same as that of 765LT, only takes 2.8 seconds

●Introduction time: the annual quota has been sold out

Based on the McLaren 720S and breaking through the limit again, the design and manufacturing engineering of the new 750S combine lightweight technology, power system, aerodynamics and dynamic performance with great leaps forward, and optimize and upgrade 30% of its components with the 720S as the benchmark. Take the driving experience to a whole new level.

aerodynamics first

The fully upgraded 750S has a lower front part, and the front bumper is more aggressive than the 720S. At the same time, it continues to strengthen its aerodynamic design, using sharp and narrow headlight air intakes, new side skirt air intakes and rear wheel arches Vents for improved cooling and airflow guidance. The rear side of the body is also modified and adjusted according to the aerodynamic technology, including the extended rear fender, with the air diversion to a higher angle and enlarged carbon fiber active rear spoiler; the enlarged active rear spoiler is specially designed for 750S by McLaren Composite Materials Center (MCTC) The surface area of ​​the rear wing is 20% higher than that of the 720S, which increases the downforce when cornering at high speeds, and provides air braking capability to enhance the stability of the vehicle in sudden kills. On the other hand, it also automatically reduces wind resistance when accelerating in a straight line. The brand is good at aerodynamic design to improve dynamic performance.

The diversion under the front of the car moderately extends forward, and with the re-modified aerodynamic design of the body, the 750S has better efficiency and visual eye-catching in terms of aerodynamic performance and body shape.
The new rear wing has an enlarged area, which can bring better downforce and air diversion effects.

The convertible version of the 750S Spider continues the transparent flying buttress C-pillar of the 720S Spider, which can guide the airflow through the rear roof and increase the viewing area. It can be opened or closed within seconds, and an electronically controlled color-changing glass roof can be selected as an additional option to create a luxurious feeling that is integrated with the outdoor environment of the car and bring more light into the car.

The convertible model maintains the single-piece hardtop design, and the opening and closing time is also accelerated.

Extreme Lightweight Engineering

Adhering to the consistent car-making philosophy and focusing on lightweight technology, it is equipped with carbon fiber racing bucket seats as standard, and is the first McLaren to configure ultra-lightweight 10-spoke forged wheels in a mass-produced car, making the 750S the lightest dry weight of only 1277kg, 587hp/ The horsepower-to-weight ratio of tonne is the strongest in its class and does not lose to other gasoline-electric rivals. The design of the 750S Spider is also based on lightweight technology, with a lightest dry weight of 1326kg and a horsepower-to-weight ratio of 566hp/tonne. In addition, the driving weight of the 750S is only 1389kg, which is 30kg lighter than that of the 720S. Compared with the standard seat of the 720S, the racing seat is 17.5kg less, the rim is 13.8kg less, the instrument display is 1.8kg less, and the windshield is 1.6kg less. The key factor for dynamic performance improvement.

The new-style forged wheel frame is also developed with light weight, reducing the overall weight by 13.8 kg.
The most important thing in the cabin is to modify the content of the multimedia host. At the same time, in line with the overall lightweight plan, the 720S’s flip instrument has been changed to a fixed configuration, but it has also achieved the effect of reducing weight by nearly 2 kg.
The new car seat only provides the new version of the racing bucket chair, which provides the best covering and supporting effect, and a significant weight reduction of more than 17 kg is also a great achievement, and has a very high visual effect.
There is still a simple platform behind the seat for storing personal belongings, but the engine perspective window is still retained.

The power part of the McLaren 750S is equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbocharged M840T engine with a peak horsepower of 750hp and 81.8kgm, an acceleration time of 0-100km/h of 2.8 seconds, and an acceleration time of 0-200km/h of 7.2 seconds (Spider is 7.3 seconds ). McLaren's signature active chassis control linkage hydraulic suspension system has evolved to the latest third-generation active chassis control system PCC-III, which helps the suspension system respond more delicately to enhance dynamic capabilities, and at the same time lowers the suspension spring compared with the 720S The damping of the front axle is reduced by 3%, and the rear is raised by 4%, which is beneficial to the ride comfort and the dynamic feedback of the body. At the same time, the new spring and damper also reduce the weight by 2kg. In addition to strengthening the chassis, the 750S widens the front wheelbase by 6mm to help improve the mechanical grip of the body. It is equipped with McLaren's electro-hydraulic steering system and a new power assist pump to provide precise and clear feedback, resulting in faster turning direction.

The engine maintains a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo configuration without any electric assistance, and further expands the output power and improves the overall acceleration performance.
By widening the wheel base, adjusting the front and rear suspension damping, and using the third-generation active chassis control system, the 750S will surely be more handy on the track, whether it is an extreme sprint or a gorgeous tire slide.

The McLaren Control Launcher (MCL) personalized shortcut key function has also officially appeared on the 750S. Drivers can store their own dynamic preferences, and store their favorite combinations of aerodynamics, handling, power modes and gearbox settings, just press the MCL button Immediately enter the exclusive mode. In addition to driving, the second-generation McLaren infotainment system has built-in Apple CarPlay and a new central control panel, which has richer and more detailed information presentation. The new one-button front lifting system can complete the lifting action in only 4 seconds, which reduces the adjustment speed by 6 seconds compared with the 720S, greatly improving convenience.


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