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[Refitting actual combat]BMW F36 440i third-order modification (Part 1) challenges the limit of B58B30

BMW's B58B30 engine is currently the power source that is widely used in performance cars second only to M-Car. Although the overall output is not as strong as the S58B30, it has been slightly modified and strengthened, and the horsepower exceeding 500 hp is still within reach, and this F36 Although the 440i has been discontinued, the engine it is equipped with is the previous version of the B58B30. From this car, you may be able to see the relevant skills and precautions when modifying this engine.

B58B30 has points before and after

Compression ratio + fuel pressure varies

Speaking of the B58B30 engine, it has been released since 2015. It is a new generation engine of BMW used to replace the N55B30. It won the honor of the world's top ten engines in 2016, which means that its overall performance has indeed won the majority of people. Certainly, its displacement is 2998c.c., and it is equipped with many unique BMW engine technologies, including Double Vanos dual variable valve timing system, Valvetronic variable valve lift system, Twin-Scroll twin-scroll turbocharging system , In-cylinder direct injection fuel supply system, semi-closed water channel, high wear-resistant arc-coated cylinder wall and water-cooled Intercooler, etc., the engine output is much higher than that of N55B30, from the standard version of 322hp to the high-performance version 382hp, etc. are available, and the modification potential is also much deeper.

The B58B30 engine has been released since 2015. It won the honor of the world's top ten engines in 2016. The displacement is 2998c.c. It is equipped with many BMW's unique engine technologies. The engine output ranges from 322 horsepower in the standard version to high The performance version has 382 horsepower and so on, and the modification potential is quite deep.
Since the high-pressure fuel pump of the previous B58B30 can only provide 200psi, it is necessary to replace the high-pressure pump with a higher pressure to reduce the problem that the fuel pressure keeps dropping at high speed. For this reason, Tuner specially replaced the DORCH STG1 fuel high pressure pump corresponding to 400psi.

There will be different horsepower sizes. In addition to different years and models, the B58B30 has also been improved. According to Yang Zhiwen, the head of Vincent Motors who modified this car, the previous B58B30 was interviewed. The engine of this F36 440i is the engine of the G20 340i in the later model. The difference between the two is that the compression ratio in the early stage is higher, reaching 11.0:1, and the fuel supply pressure of the high-pressure fuel pump is Only 200psi, as for the later model, the compression ratio is low, only 10.2:1, and the fuel pressure is as high as 350psi, and there are some improvements to the cooling system.

The interior is currently in the original state, and the owner said that it has not been changed to this side, and will be upgraded slowly in the future.

Also because the compression ratio of the previous B58B30 is relatively high, when the power is strengthened later, if it is a third-order internal modification scheme without replacing the forged piston/connecting rod, the boost value during adjustment cannot be adjusted too high, because it is too high. Will affect the durability of the piston and connecting rod, but the lower supercharge will affect the performance of maximum horsepower. The low fuel pressure also makes it necessary to replace the high-pressure pump with a higher pressure when the power is modified, so as to reduce the problem that the fuel pressure keeps dropping at high speed, because if the fuel pressure cannot be maintained, it means that the high-pressure pump has The maximum pump oil volume is not enough for the engine to use, and the pressure in the fuel line cannot be maintained. This will cause the air-fuel ratio to float upwards, the engine will produce lean combustion, and the durability will be reduced. Serious problems, for this reason, Yang Zhiwen specially replaced With the DORCH STG1 fuel high pressure pump, it can correspond to a fuel pressure of 400psi. As for the later engine, such as G20/G21 340i or GR Supra, the original high pressure pump can be used to correspond to the fuel supply after increasing the horsepower. , this is the main difference between the previous and later B58B30 modifications.

At present, the maximum horsepower of this G36 440i is estimated to be 550hp, so how did Tuner do it? Check it out and you'll find out!

The aluminum rim adopts the 20-inch rim launched by NES and is matched with Wisden VORTI running tires. The owner said that it is enough for driving on the street.

[改裝實戰]BMW F36 440i third-order modification (below) challenges the limit of B58B30


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