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[Refitting actual combat]BMW F36 440i third-order modification (Part 2) Challenge the limit of B58B30

US-made 800 HP turbo

Water spray installation location is important

In order to greatly improve the power, this F36 440i has undergone the third-order modification program. One of the most important projects is the turbo body part, which uses the American Dynamic Autowerx V2.5 version to increase the turbo. This turbo is the largest. It can correspond to 800 horsepower, and it is a piece of cake to use only 550 horsepower. During installation, since this turbine is only for the intake and exhaust blades, and the inner space of the turbine casing is enlarged, the diameter of the intake and exhaust sides is not significantly increased. You can directly exchange it with the original turbine body and head section. The original oil-water cooling pipeline can be used directly without modification. If the straight-through Down Pipe or the air intake system has been replaced before, it can continue to be used. Save yourself a re-upgrade fee.

The air intake system uses the carbon fiber header box launched by Arma. The brand's products have a high-quality appearance, and the carbon fiber has good thermal insulation and lightweight effects. Air intake efficiency helps significantly. The exhaust system adopts the Stone boulder straight through the head section, plus the CGW remote control valve in the middle and tail section, so that the exhaust gas after the enlarged turbo can be completely vented, and at the same time, it shows the unique dense exhaust sound of the six-cylinder engine. Since the power has been greatly improved, the cooling system must be strengthened simultaneously. For this reason, Yang Zhiwen first replaced the cooling water tank of the water-cooled intercooler with the thickened parts introduced by WT. According to him, it can indeed slow down the rising speed of the intake air temperature. When the vehicle is running at a slow speed, the cooling rate is also much faster than the original factory, which means that the intake air temperature can be effectively controlled within the ideal range.

The air intake system adopts the carbon fiber header box launched by Arma, which has good heat insulation and lightweight effects, and is matched with FTP aluminum alloy air intake pipe, which is of great help to strengthen the air intake efficiency.

The cooling water tank of the water-cooled intercooler has been replaced with the thickened parts introduced by WT, which can slow down the rising speed of the intake air temperature, and when the vehicle is running at a slow speed, the cooling speed is much faster than the original one.

In addition, the water injection system is also an indispensable cooling equipment for high-pressure turbo vehicles. Yang Zhiwen said that since the intake manifold of the B58B30 contains a water-cooled intercooler, when installing a water injection nozzle, it cannot be installed in the throttle. near the door, so the atomized water vapor will accumulate inside the intercooler, and it will return to water droplets and cause the risk of engine fluid compression, so they specially removed the intake manifold, and then drilled holes where it connects with the intake port, The Aquamist nozzle is installed in front of the intake port of the six cylinders, so that the atomized 100% methanol can directly enter the combustion chamber to reduce the exhaust temperature and increase the octane number. The small nozzles are behind the throttle valve, and the purpose is to cool the intercooler. There is no need to worry about the problem of liquid compression if the amount is not large.

After getting the hardware system, the next step is the software tuning part. According to Yang Zhiwen, among the models equipped with B58B30, if it is a model after July 2020, since the ECU computer has not yet been cracked, it is impossible to optimize the ECU program. For example, the newer G20/G21 340i or GR Supra, etc., but this 2018 440i does not have this problem. For this reason, the HS Tuned Stage3 power program and 8HP transmission program have been specially tuned and optimized. The boost value is increased to about 1.7bar, which is quite a big increase compared to the original 0.9bar. The estimated maximum horsepower can reach 550hp, which is a setting considering the durability orientation in urban areas.

Through the actual measurement of the P-Gear instrument, 0-100km/h took 3.98 seconds to complete, and 100-200km/h ran in 7.55 seconds. Both performances are very good. Only performance cars above R level can do it. Now, as long as the exquisite modification technology is used, vehicles equipped with B58B30 have the opportunity to achieve it. If you want to increase it further, if you add racing gasoline, the maximum horsepower should exceed 600hp, which is better. If the semi-hot-melt tires are used, the straight-line acceleration seconds can be shortened further. From this, it can be seen that the modification potential of the B58B30 engine is really profound, and it is a good performance engine to start with.

Modification Schedule

■Dynamic Autowerx V2.5 enlarged turbo ■SNOW water jet + Aquamist 7 nozzle ■HS TUNED STAGE3 power program ■HS TUNED STG3 8HP transmission program ■STONE straight-through head section ■CGW remote control valve middle and tail section ■DORCH STG1 fuel high pressure pump ■ WAGNERTUNING Water Cooler Enlarged Water Tank ARMA Carbon Fiber Air Collector Air Intake Group FTP Metal Turbine Tube Dinan Reinforced Ignition Kaur ■Rear AP 9202 four-piston + 355MM floating disc brake group ■NES 20-inch single-piece forged aluminum rim ■Weston VORTI running tire

[改裝實戰]BMW F36 440i third-order modification (Part 1) challenges the limit of B58B30


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