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[Refitting actual combat]Four generations of Fit gasoline-electric version modification quick report (Part 1)The chassis modification style, the big rims show the charm of the hatchback

The new generation of Honda Fit has been delivered one after another, and there are also many new Fit owners in China who are quick-witted and have started the plan to transform their car. In order to let the car owners who have bought or plan to buy a car, they can know the appearance and chassis of the new Fit. Regarding the modification information of the audio and video in the car, the author specially planned this unit. Through the introduction of the real car, I can quickly grasp the precautions when modifying and upgrading this car.

Five-hole chassis kit on the car

If you know the car, you know what to stick to

The suspension structure of the fourth-generation Fit is similar to that of the second- and third-generation Fits. It adopts the design of the front bar and the rear torsion beam. According to the interviewed head of Xiaoguo Garage, Guo Yian, the third and fourth generations of Fit Although the suspension structure is similar, there are still some modifications, so many modification kits, such as modified shock absorbers, cannot be shared, and new products need to be developed. Also because the rear wheel is designed with a torsion beam, if the rear wheel needs to be set with a large-angle negative Camber, it is necessary to replace the chassis modification kit like the third generation of Fit.

Exceptionally, the author also found that the front and rear wheels of this fourth-generation Fit have replaced the original four-hole 100 hub specification with a five-hole 114.3 chassis, showing the value that only people who understand cars will recognize the uniqueness. Four holes have become five holes. You may think that you only need to change the Hub, but this is not the case. According to Guo Yi'an, it is necessary to replace more kits specially developed by them. The reason why it takes so much work is to hope Fourth-generation Fit owners who have upgraded the five-hole chassis will need to modify brake calipers, rims, discs, etc., as long as they follow the specifications of the eighth-generation Civic. The concept of the five-hole chassis, the specifications of the parts for subsequent maintenance and modification, just change the specifications of another Honda model.

The position of the top of the shock absorber tower of the fourth-generation Fit is below the wiper cover, and there is no common screw design on traditional Japanese cars. Therefore, it is very difficult to design the engine room pull rod in the future, especially to support it to the right position. is difficult.
The front brakes have been replaced with KC Design 6-piston calipers + 355mm double-plate floating discs, and the tires are 205/40R18 Nangang NS25 tires. With ENKEI PF01 18-inch rims, it’s already quite visually appealing, and the steering doesn’t work either. Sweeping to the inner turtle shell, it is not difficult to obtain tires, which is a practical option that can be considered.

The suggested price of this set of front and rear five-hole chassis kits is not cheap. According to him, changing the five-hole chassis is a part of the Japanese-standard JDM cultural heritage for him. Just like in the 1990s, the Japanese liked to keep good things in Japan (the reason for JDM). At that time, Taiwan's Ximei K6 , K8 riders yearned for the B-series engine to land on the Taiwan car, and also included the five-hole chassis of DC2 and EK9 to cope with greater horsepower and braking force. At that time, there were K6 and K8 with five-hole chassis. Open the hood, it is easy to think of the extraordinary power performance, so for him, the Honda hatchback changed to the five-hole chassis, which is a bit of cultural heritage and can satisfy the feelings of JDM, so if you are interested in the JDM in the 1990s If you don't forget it, then change the five-hole chassis.

The front and rear tires of this car have been replaced with a five-hole chassis, and the brake calipers, rims, discs, etc. will need to be refitted in the future. Just look for it according to the specifications of the eighth-generation Civic, which is a bit like the Civic K6 and K8 in the past. After the elevation angle, the concept of changing the five-hole chassis, although the price is expensive, is a kit that only skilled JDM players understand.
The LED fog lamp on the front bumper is an optional kit for the desk book. The purpose of the car owner's purchase is to obtain the lever with the front fog lamp knob switch and the fog lamp body + wire set. Can come in handy when pre-preservation kits are available.

In addition to the five-hole chassis, this car has also replaced the front facing six-piston caliper and rear enlarged disc kit in the braking system. The single-piston caliper is maintained, so the Fit does not need to replace the multi-piston caliper. In addition, since the fourth generation of Fit has been changed to an electronic handbrake system, it is necessary to install an additional corresponding electronic handbrake when replacing the multi-piston caliper in the future. The small brake calipers increase a lot of modification costs, which has become an item that new Fit owners need to consider when upgrading their brakes.

At present, manufacturers have launched four generations of Fit-specific rear crossbeam tie rods, which can be used in both gasoline and gasoline versions, which can strengthen the rigidity of the car body at the rear, and do not drill holes to damage the car body parts during installation, and do not interfere with the original factory. Parking radar and blind spot detection.
The rear wiper hole design of the fourth-generation Fit is the same as that of the Ximei K6. They are all on the rear windshield, so you can remove the rear wiper assembly and replace it with the rear wiper as in the past, although the rear windshield is not cleaned. The function of glass can make the rear vision more neat.

Finally, the author also asked Guo Yian, what is the maximum size of the bead size that can be inserted into the front and rear wheel arches of the new Fit? According to him, the bead specification of his current car is 205/40R18 Nangang NS25 tires, with ENKEI PF01 18-inch rims, which is already quite visually appealing, and the steering will not sweep the inner turtle plate. For the entire wheel arch, you can replace it with a 205/35R19 bead combination, but tires of this specification are not easy to obtain in China, so 205/40R18 is used in a compromise way.

The appearance of the fourth-generation Fit has a completely different style from the previous generations, but the advantage of the hatchback is to change the large-sized rims, and after reducing the height of the car, it can still show a strong personal style. Like Fit, it has become a popular modified car.

Modification Schedule

■Rear bumper rod ■Kuos Garage five-hole chassis ■Buddy Club p1 Racing racing chair ■ENKEI PF01 18-inch rim ■Nangang NS25 205/40R18 ■KC Design 6-piston caliper + 355mm double-plate floating disc ■KC Design rear enlarged Disc + 320mm two-piece disc ■ Japanese standard high-bass warning horn ■ Japanese standard 4-door tweeter ■ Japanese standard rear seat USB double-hole power supply group.


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