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[Refitting actual combat]Full car Varis wide body kit (on) Lancer iO racing style

Modified shop/Sumite body coating, Dashun painting, Jiaxing chassis

It is also a wide-body kit. In fact, there are different styles. Different styles show different appearances. Let us understand the mystery of the wide-body transformation from the modification method of this Lancer iO.

Technology from the racetrack

Purpose to widen the wheel arch space

In addition to shock absorbers, aluminum rims, and lights, many car owners have modified their aerodynamic kits to highlight the sporty atmosphere of their car and make the car look more capable of running. If the funds permit, some car owners will choose hand-made or imported wide-body kits, so that the car has a unique appearance line, and then baked into a dazzling macaron or candy-colored paint, even if it is a domestic RV It can also be transformed into a visual focus on the road and become a topic of discussion at parties.

The wide-body transformation is actually an unavoidable method of widening the body that originally only existed on the racing field. There are two main purposes of the transformation. One is to make the center of gravity of the vehicle better by widening the left and right track. Low, thereby increasing the stability and limit when cornering at high speed, especially in the face of high-speed tracks, the wider left and right wheelbase can indeed improve the ground contact of high-speed driving and the handling when cornering.

The Varis modified front bumper has a larger air dam opening, and the number of openings has also increased a lot, and each opening has its corresponding heat dissipation part, which helps the power system to dissipate heat. The front and lower spoilers also make the momentum directly in front of the front of the car a very high bonus.

The other purpose is to prevent the tires from rubbing against the wheel arches. Since racing cars will use tires with wider treads than general commercial cars, or increase the rudder angle range of the tires when turning, if there is no moderate increase in the wheel arches Space, the tires may sweep to the wheel arcs and fenders when turning or cornering and pressing down, increasing the wear and tear of the tires. Therefore, the above problems are solved by the storm turtles or wide-body sheet parts that expand the fenders.

To complement the wide body kit, a set of multi-piece deep lip rims is an indispensable and necessary kit.
On the hood of Varis carbon fiber pattern, there are also a lot of openings. In addition to the two sets of air outlets on the left and right, there is also an air inlet in the center. Quickly discharged from the bottom of the car.

And this kind of appearance modification style seems to have become an important modification method to increase the domineering of the car body. There is no other reason. The expanded fenders are matched with the low body height. From a distance, the whole vehicle seems to be lying on the ground. Driving like the ground, it is easy to think of a monster specially designed to devour the road, and its sense of performance will arise spontaneously. At this time, if you add a super-sized gorgeous bead, you will not let passers-by see more when driving on the road. At first glance, it seems to be difficult, and this is the charm of wide-body modification.

The wide-body transformation has developed to this day, and its construction methods can be mainly divided into two categories. One is to use the original car sheet metal for modification, supplemented by the method of extending the external expansion length with an external metal iron plate, so as to achieve extremely exaggerated violence. turtle effect. The second is to use the FRP external expansion wheel arc kit, directly install it on the wheel arch, and then use rivets to fix or fill the soil to fill up the joints and paint them.

The engine room is equipped with the original 4B11 naturally aspirated engine. In the eyes of the author, I am willing to put in energy to transform a Lancer iO into a wide-body style, which is a commendable thing in itself.


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