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Regroup2022 Maserati Ghibli & Quattroporte

●Introduction of new model specifications
●The depot logo and C-pillar trident update
●The dual-car system comes standard with ADAS advanced driver assistance kits
●Domestic listing time: December 10, 2021

The New Year's Ghibli and Quattroporte cars are all changed to new model specifications, and replaced with a new car logo and C-pillar trident.
Ghibli Modena and Trofeo models are equipped with sports front and rear bumper styling as standard, showing a more aggressive driving-oriented style.

Following the brand’s Levante, the representative of Levante, was replaced with a new model composition, Maserati Taiwan then officially announced on December 10, 2021 the 2022 Ghibli & Quattroporte coupe series with the new model specifications. Among them, Ghibli provides GT, Modena and Trofeo has three models to choose from. As for the flagship RV Quattroporte, the GT/Trofeo dual-model setting is adopted. For detailed prices, please refer to the attached table.

Strengthen personality differences

The main reason for the large-scale adjustment of the model composition is the desire to further distinguish the positioning and style orientation of different models. For example, the Ghibli GT emphasizes the appearance of luxury and is matched with a 2.0L straight four-turbo combined with a 48V light oil-electric system. High-efficiency and energy-saving power, presenting an elegant, comfortable and unhurried driving experience, while Modena and Trofeo models are embellished with dynamic techniques such as sports front and rear bumper shapes, further demonstrating Ghibli's pursuit of sportiness and racing performance.

On the front fender, you can see the Modena nameplate that distinguishes the positioning of the model, and there are eye-catching red brake calipers on the inside of the multi-spoke wheel.
  • In order to highlight the Ghibli GT’s light-fuel-electric power status, the side radiating fins and the C-pillar trident are all decorated with a unique blue paint.

  • In order to highlight the Ghibli GT’s light-fuel-electric power status, the side radiating fins and the C-pillar trident are all decorated with a unique blue paint.

In response to consumption habits in the domestic market, the New Year’s Quattroporte did not introduce the mid-level sports version of Modena, but focused on the elegant and luxurious GT models, supplemented by the Trofeo version that reached the top with performance output and passionate atmosphere, providing the taste of peak customers and self-driving buyers. Unique different options. In addition to the differences in design elements that match the style of the model, the New Year's Ghibli & Quattroporte are also replaced by the new flagship GT sports car MC20 with a new head logo and C-pillar trident. At the same time, the Ghibli GT has also introduced ADAS by adding Taiwan's standard equipment. The advanced driver assistance package allows the dual-car system to be fully equipped as standard, representing the brand spirit of advancing with the times.

The interior maintains the original Italian luxury style, while the dual-car system is fully upgraded with the ADAS advanced driver assistance system package.

Dynamic nature remains unchanged

In terms of power configuration, the Ghibli GT is equipped with a 2.0L straight four-turbo engine. With the help of advanced technologies such as the eBooster electronically controlled turbine in series with the traditional turbine and the 48V light oil-electric system, it not only has a maximum output of 330hp/45.9kgm, but also has a full and light Low-speed torque and better fuel consumption performance; Ghibli Modena and Quattroporte GT use a 3.0L V6 twin-turbo engine from Ferrari. The strong kinetic energy of 350hp/51.0kgm is driven by the ZF eight-speed manual automatic transmission, 0~100km/ h acceleration can be completed in only 5.5 seconds, the performance level should not be underestimated.

The Ghibli Trofeo and the flagship Quattroporte Trofeo, which can be called the fastest coupe ever made by Maserati, have a 580hp/74.4kgm output brought by a 3.8L V8 twin-turbo engine. They can achieve a zero-hundred acceleration of 4.3 and 4.5 seconds respectively, and the speed is synchronized. Look at the sturdy strength of 326km/h, and it is also equipped with the most aggressive Corsa track mode of the whole car's electronic system, and has a catapult start function, plus the wild and high-pitched signature exhaust sound, fully demonstrating the passionate racing tradition that Maserati has always been proud of. .

The Ghibli GT uses a 2.0L straight four-turbo and a 48V light oil-electric system, and the maximum output can reach 330hp/45.9kgm.
Both Ghibli Modena and Quattroporte GT use a 3.0L V6 twin turbo unit from Ferrari, with 350hp/51.0kgm strong kinetic energy.

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