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Rejoin the teamAudi Q8 e-tron

The e-tron car series has a small facelift and is renamed Q8 e-tron

●Battery capacity, cruising distance and charging efficiency have all been improved

Three power configurations of 50/55 e-tron and SQ8 e-tron

●Introduction time: 2023.Q2

In order to be the first to make a name for itself in the field of electric vehicles, the first pure electric SUV model launched by Audi in 2018 was directly named after the e-tron, which the brand previously advertised as electrification. However, with the addition of Sportback and S high-performance versions, and With the successive debut of new-generation electric vehicles such as Q4 e-tron and e-tron GT with completely different positioning, it is necessary to reorganize the nomenclature of electric vehicles as soon as possible to avoid confusion. At the same time, it was renamed as the Q8 e-tron car series, and it also provides two body types of SUV and Sportback.

Clarify flagship positioning

As the top-level Q8 is directly attached to the name, the new car has also become the flagship representative of the pure electric SUV in the current Sihuan brand. At the same time, the original factory replaced the Q8 e-tron with a newly designed single water tank shield, which is more dynamic. In addition to the shape of the front and rear bumpers with the word e-tron, it is also the first to introduce the new four-ring factory emblem with a flat design, as well as the brand and exclusive model words on the B-pillar; but I always like to play tricks on the lighting design Audi, on the contrary, continues to use the original e-tron's LED headlights and taillights this time, and only provides digital matrix LED headlights with adaptive lighting range adjustment and image projection functions as an option.

The Q8 e-tron is replaced with a brand-new water tank guard and front and rear bumper shapes, and it is also the first to replace the brand-new four-ring factory logo with a flat design.
Q8 e-tron can be equipped with digital matrix LED headlights, which have adaptive lighting range adjustment and image projection functions.

Different from the innovative appearance, the Q8 e-tron's interior layout completely continues the original design of e-tron, including 12.3-inch digital instrument, 10.1+8.6-inch dual touch screen, and unique handle The front passenger panel can also see the e-tron lettering, which symbolizes the identity of the pure electric family. Although it is a little less innovative, the texture and technological atmosphere of the cabin are still top-notch. The original factory particularly emphasized that the new car is equipped with about 40 driving assistance technologies, including the remote remote control parking system that will be available as an option from 2023. The driver can stand outside the car and use the myAudi app on the mobile phone to remotely control the car to park in or drive out of the narrow lane. Parking location, convenience is even higher.

The interior layout continues the original design of e-tron, mainly through the 12.3-inch digital instrument and 10.1+8.6-inch dual touch screen to create a sense of technology.

Power Efficiency Upgrade

Same as the previous e-tron, Q8 e-tron provides 50, 55 with dual motors on the front and rear axles, and the SQ8 high-performance version with three motors (one on the front axle and two on the rear axle). There are three power options. The difference is The battery capacity of the new car has been fully improved, and with the continuous optimization of the battery management system, the 50 e-tron has a usable capacity of 89kWh (total capacity of 95kWh) to bring a WLTP cruising range of 491/505 kilometers (SUV/Sportback). The SQ8 has a usable capacity of 106kWh (total capacity of 114kWh), and the WLTP cruising range can reach 582/600 kilometers and 494/513 kilometers respectively, and the upper limit of DC fast charging power has also been increased to 170kW.

The Q8/Q8 Sportback e-tron car series also provides 50/55 dual-motor power options as in the past, but the battery capacity and cruising distance have both been improved.

Although the book output data has not changed, the Q8 e-tron has upgraded the rear axle motor this time. The number of internal magnetic coils has been increased from 12 to 14, which can generate a more stable magnetic field and torque output, and can also be used under low-load driving conditions. Provide the required power output with lower power. In addition, for the SQ8/SQ8 Sportback e-tron with three-motor configuration, the new electric motor can also adjust the torque distribution more quickly, which is believed to improve the driving performance under intense driving. Tracking performance and flexibility of body dynamics.

SQ8/SQ8 Sportback e-tron maintains the three-motor setting, and the maximum output in Boost mode can reach an astonishing 503hp/99.2kgm.


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