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Review MG4 Electric Trophy Extended Range: how 38 grand is actually dirt cheap -

Almost 38,000 euros is a lot of money. But for the latest version of the MG4 Electric, the Trophy Extended Range, it is dirt cheap. We went around the block with the new MG4 Electric Trophy Extended Range (2023).

What is striking about the MG4 Electric Trophy Extended Range?

The most striking thing is not so much the car but the purchase price. MG asks 37,785 euros for the latest version of the MG4 Electric, the Trophy Extended Range. And that is not much money for an electric family car/lease car with a range of 520 kilometers (WLTP). The fact that the MG4 Electric (which will eventually be simply called MG4) goes further than ever is due to the larger battery pack of 77 kWh. You can't get bigger in an MG4 Electric.

The 245 hp MG4 Electric comes the furthest of all versions. And please note: that competitive price does not include the purchase subsidy of 2,950 euros. If you take that, you will end up with less than 35,000 euros. Hatseflats!


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The newly renewed Volkswagen ID.3 with an equivalent range costs just 10 grand more. And the brand new Hyundai Kona Electric with a 65.4 kWh battery and a range of 514 kilometers should also be superior to the MG4 Electric in terms of price. It costs 43,995 euros.

MG expects to mainly attract lease drivers with the Trophy Extended Range. They consider a range of at least 500 kilometers to be a must, according to MG. But because of the seven-year warranty (max. 150,000 km), the MG4 is also attractive for private individuals who want to drive just a little further than before (450 km was the max).

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What's good about the MG4 Electric Trophy Extended Range?

In the past, you would rather wait and see before purchasing a new car brand, but times are changing. The MG4 Electric immediately makes an excellent impression. The quality is good and the space in its class is also excellent. The design is a bit sensitive to taste (in particular the split roof spoiler will not appeal to everyone), but in any case it is not a dime a dozen.

The equipment is perfect. The MG4 Trophy Extended Range has a heat pump, front seat heating, navigation, LED lighting all around and can fast charge up to 144 kW. Furthermore, numerous driver assistance systems including adaptive cruise control and an excellently functioning one pedal driving. Your smartphone can be charged wirelessly, but a cable is required for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

What could be improved about the MG4 Electric Trophy Extended Range?

In terms of operation and ease of use, it is not at all hosanna. For example, you have to set the temperature via the central touchscreen, the physical buttons underneath already have other functions. Not convenient. And if you press firmly on the display with your finger, the system does not always respond immediately. The trick is to touch the screen very lightly. But try doing that while driving down the road at 100 km/h.

The piano black panel around the large gear knob looks a bit cheap. And now that we're complaining: the central screen could be a bit bigger. And why does the turn signal make such a crazy, cheap noise? Sounds like a thing, but the more you hear it, the more it becomes annoying. The German brands really do that better.

Furthermore, the lane assistant reacts quite violently. The first time it came into effect, we were shocked.

The price of the MG4 Electric is dirt cheap, but beware...

We have already talked about the price, but not about the catch that comes with it. The purchase price of 37,785 euros applies until October 31, 2023. It remains to be seen what the price will be after this. It certainly won't suddenly become sky-high, but it is something to take into account.

With a subsidy, the MG4 Electric Trophy Extended Range costs below the line 34,835 euros. Colleague Bart takes a look at a number of competitors and comes to the conclusion that this is the first EV that costs less than 35 grand and can travel further than 500 kilometers.

What do I think of the MG4 Electric Trophy Extended Range?

Anyone in the market for an affordable electric family car or lease car with space for a small family cannot ignore the MG4 Electric. The EV puts the competition at a disadvantage in terms of price, it's that simple. And MG has not skimped on equipment. In contrast, even.

The interior space is correct, as are the driving characteristics, although the car drives like any EV in its class: quietly, smoothly and without emotion. The latter in particular is the reason why I am not going to change tack for the time being, but I completely understand you if you do.

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