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Review Nio EL6 (2023): we understand that this is the most popular Nio in the Netherlands -

The Nio EL6 is an electric SUV that is new to the market. And although the Netherlands still has to get used to the brand, this spacious premium electric SUV could well provide a breakthrough.

What is striking about the Nio EL6 (2023)?

The Nio EL6 has recently been added to the range Nio. It is a size smaller than the Nio EL7, but still a large SUV. Especially in width. It is 2.21 meters. That includes the large exterior mirrors, but you can hardly leave them at home. For comparison: the Tesla Model Y does not exceed 2.12 meters.

You get used to that width, but there were still moments when we were just shy of praying. For example, when we were maneuvering in and out of a parking garage. And also when we were driving on a provincial two-lane road with oncoming traffic, including heavy trucks. You don't have to think about having to cross a narrow dike road.


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On narrow roads we looked expectantly at Nomi, Nio's voice assistant that sits on the dashboard like a round figure. As long as there were no beads of sweat on her head, we weren't worried. She is a bit like the flight attendant who continues to serve drinks while smiling while the plane shakes violently due to turbulence. "Nothing's wrong, sir."

What's good about the Nio EL6?

The driving characteristics are excellent. Especially when you consider that Nio is a relatively new player in the car market; the brand was founded in November 2014. In Comfort mode, the Nio EL6 drives very comfortably. Imperfections are neatly smoothed out. The steering is a bit too light for our taste, but this does not bother you straight on the highway. The car also feels very stable and sturdy and of course the car is exceptionally quiet as an electric SUV.

If you want a more experience, choose Sport mode. The chassis becomes firmer and the steering more direct. In Sport plus mode the difference is even greater. As if the EL6 has used speed, the SUV responds so alertly to the 'accelerator pedal'. You just have to touch this. When cornering quickly, you even forget for a moment that you are driving a heavy SUV. With the Sport plus mode you can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

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What could be improved about the Nio EL6?

Whichever driving mode we chose, we never got consumption below 21 kWh/100 km. We were even regularly above 23 kWh. While we weren't driving very fast; usually about 110 km/h. The SUV body, large 21-inch wheels and the high weight undoubtedly play a role in this. But a Tesla Model Y uses less power and this is also a slippery SUV with recessed door handles.

Furthermore, it is a pity that Nomi does not speak Dutch yet. This should be possible in the long term. After this, she can immediately move on to a topography course, because the times we gave the assignment to navigate to an address in the Netherlands, we received suggestions that were either not in the Netherlands or that were miles away from the desired destination. The solution is as simple as it is effective: ignore Nomi and enter the destination manually. This is very quick and easy.

What is special about the price of the Nio EL6?

You can choose from a price with battery or without battery. In our case it concerns a 100 kWh battery. This means the range is 529 kilometers (WLTP). The version with a 75 kWh battery can travel 406 kilometers. In both cases you have an electric SUV with a power of 490 hp. More than enough, even though the Nio EL6 with the larger battery pack weighs just 2323 kg.

The price of the Nio EL6 with 100 kWh is 76,900 euros. That includes the battery. If you choose to rent the battery, you pay 55,900 euros for the car and 289 euros monthly for the battery. The advantage is that in this case you can 'swap' the battery.

What do I think of the Nio EL6?

Nio encouraged us to let its electric SUV duel with the competition. I completely understand that. The competition can be proud, because the electric EL6 drives above average. But the finish and quality of the interior also impress; the materials used are beautiful and everything feels sturdy and solid.

Luxury tip: for an extra 1,000 euros you can transform the passenger seat into a lounge chair, which KLM business class can enjoy. They are adjustable in 14 ways and have an electrically folding footrest. The voice control could be better, but this may improve if Nomi also speaks Dutch.

Anyone looking for a premium electric SUV for the whole family may be surprised by the Nio EL6. Business drivers in a hurry will be happy with Nio's battery swapping stations. Moreover, the design is not flashy and representative.

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