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Rolls Royce La Rose Noire Droptail

●Super luxurious custom-made car models limited to only four in the world

●A hard-top convertible car with a story, expressing love in the name of rose

An AP watch is embedded in the car, which can be removed and worn when getting off the car

●The rear deck is handcrafted from more than 1,600 pieces of wood, showing flying rose petals

That’s right, this time Roll Royce, the most luxurious car brand in the UK, made a fuss about the rear of the car again. I believe those who know them will know that as long as the car name has the word tail in its name, it is a Rolls Royce. The most special and luxurious purely customized car model in the brand.

After the Sweptail launched in 2017 and the Boat tail in 2021, this year’s Droptail is the third special custom model launched by Rolls-Royce with the name of the tail. The name of La Rose Noire literally translates to Black Rose, which further highlights the extraordinaryness of this "falling tail".

Let’s start with the origin of the name Droptail. This time, Rolls-Royce specially created a hardtop convertible model, and the hardtop is not foldable, so it can only be decided before departure whether to invite Removing the canopy can be said to be a gamble with the weather, but it also adds a bit of romance. When the roof is installed, the Droptail specially leaves an extra section of sheet metal so that it can slightly exceed the outer edge of the rear windshield. His ingenuity.

The Droptail is Rolls-Royce's latest bespoke model and the first Tail with a hard top convertible.
After installing the hard top, it has a special flavor, just like a luxury GT sports car with crazy performance.

For the front part, this brand new special model completely breaks away from our previous perception of Rolls-Royce. For the first time, the original factory adopts a non-linear radiator grille, but a lightning-like shape with a knuckle. It is more obvious from the side view, with long and narrow LED headlights, and an integrally formed front bumper, with a red dot design inside, bringing people a brand new visual effect. And all these creative design concepts come from the car owner couple mentioned in the previous paragraph. They not only have unique insights into the vehicle, but also hope that Rolls-Royce can integrate the concept of Black Baccara black rose into the car model.

The grille in the box guard adopts a non-linear design, which is the first design adopted by Rolls-Royce.

In order to satisfy the imagination of the car owner, Rolls-Royce used two kinds of red paint for the paint alone, one is called true love, and the other is called mystery, so not only the change of light and shadow, but also the shift of sight can be done. See the textured body paint of this Black Rose Droptail. In addition, in order to make the vehicle present a more modern image of a black rose, the British depot specially dispatched a craftsman to spend 1603 pieces of wood to manually collage the deck on the rear of the car, and among the 533 pieces of wood Sprayed with red paint, it presents the vision of black rose petals floating in the wind, even the interior panels of the car are treated in the same way.

The rear of the car, which is made of 1603 pieces of wood by hand, presents the effect of rose petals, which can only be achieved by Rolls-Royce.

Now that the car cabin is mentioned, Droptail cooperates with AP Audemars Piguet, a Swiss boutique watch. A 43mm GMT double-chasing-hand chronograph watch is inlaid on the center console, which can not only be used as a clock display in the car, but also It can also be taken off and worn directly, which shows the degree of luxury. For a special car like the Droptail, the power of course has to go straight to the 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged engine, and the maximum horsepower is at the 600-horsepower mark.

An AP watch is directly inlaid in the car, whether it is used in the car or worn, it is unobtrusive and even more extraordinary.

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