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[Rong Qing and Honey Leslie Cheung Film Festival]Triggered a craze for tickets, and the pre-sale package will be opened after the sale!

Zhang Fengyi (left) said that when he first saw Leslie Cheung (right), he felt that "Farewell My Concubine" can only be interpreted by him

Leslie Cheung is deeply unwilling to be Cheng Dieyi, the tragic character of "Farewell My Concubine"

Ancestor of Asian Police and Bandit Movies"heroic nature"AgainnowLeslie Cheung's youthful blood

Dillon refuses to remake 'The Color of Heroes' The reason for tears "how to find another Leslie Cheung"

On this important day, we will always remember the superstar Leslie Cheung! On April 1 this year, Taiwanese distributor Jiashang Entertainment held a special "Leslie Cheung Film Festival", led by the digitally restored version of "Farewell My Concubine", which won the only Palme d'Or in Chinese film history, and "Rouge Button". "35th Anniversary 4K Restoration Edition, "The True Color of Heroes" 4K Restoration Edition, a total of 3 Leslie Cheung classics have returned to the big screen. A few days ago, the movie pre-sale package group was launched on the Internet, and it was sold out immediately, showing the grand occasion of the year Unprecedented movie charm, many die-hard fans have left messages expressing their excitement: "I love it so much, I bought 5 sets directly", "I intend to make people buy it", "South Korea has the Leslie Cheung Film Festival this year, but I didn't expect Taiwan to have it too. I'm so happy. In response to the enthusiastic support of fans, we are now adding 500 sets of limited-edition fan collection tickets on the blog. Each set is 700 yuan and contains 3 movie tickets. , and 3 special postcards for the film festival, fans should not miss it this time.

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The classic film "Farewell My Concubine" produced by Tomson Pictures and supervised by Xu Feng made Leslie Cheung the first Hong Kong actor to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. In the altar, Leslie Cheung, who has been deeply involved in the drama, analyzed the role in the interview that year, and believed that Cheng Dieyi was both narcissistic and self-centered, and was a tragic figure. His mother abandoned him since he was a child, and he never had a good life. The most satisfying moment in life, It is to play Xiang Yu and Yu Ji on stage with my brother, but in the relationship is very empty: "I personally don't want to be Cheng Dieyi, to be honest, I am much happier than him, but I love this role very much, I like to play tragic characters. This is a heavy film, and it is also a very artistic film, I hope everyone will like it." In the end, Leslie Cheung also conquered global fans with his penetrating acting skills.

"Farewell My Concubine" Leslie Cheung's charm conquers global audiences
The digitally restored version of the masterpiece "Farewell My Concubine" reproduces Leslie Cheung's beauty

Korean film and television pay tribute in turnheroic nature"Leslie CheungBecome the only male god recognized by Korean stars

The classic work "The True Color of Heroes" that set off the craze of Asian police and gangster films was released in Taiwan for the first time in 4K. The film caused a sensation in the streets and alleys of Asia at the time, and it is even a masterpiece in South Korea. Jeon Ji-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, Liu Jae-suk and other celebrities in the entertainment industry have become fans of Leslie Cheung. The first episode of the drama "Please Answer 1988" is the protagonist. The group guarded in front of the TV, watching Leslie Cheung in "The True Color of Heroes" obsessively. The billion-dollar box office movie "Chicken Not to Lose" and the well-known program "Running Man" also appeared in Leslie Cheung's movie theme song "The Love of the Year". To pay tribute to the superstars, Song Joong Ki, Lee Jun Ki, and Kim Dong Wook have even sung publicly, which shows that Leslie Cheung's influence is still far-reaching today.

The True Color of Heroes 4K digital restoration trailer:

Leslie Cheung and Dillon had a deep brotherhood in "The True Color of Heroes"
Leslie Cheung has a hot and handsome image in "The True Color of Heroes"
"The True Color of Heroes", the ancestor of Asian police and gangster films, shows brotherhood
"The True Color of Heroes" Leslie Cheung and Zhu Baoyi are lovers of youth

The plot of the movie "The True Color of Heroes" tells the story of the younger brother "Song Zijie" played by Leslie Cheung, who originally had a good relationship with the eldest brother, but found that the eldest brother was actually a gangster, which caused the whole family to fall apart and turned against each other. After the infighting of the gang, he is determined to take revenge on the enemy who killed his father. Leslie Cheung devotes himself to the role and helps director John Woo in many ways, making Woo reluctant to say: "Leslie Cheung respects me, he calls me a teacher, and he calls me my wife and wife. He hides his pain and dedicates his happiness to everyone. people.". Because the status of "The True Color of Heroes" is difficult to shake, many production companies have wanted to challenge the remake over the years. Di Long, who played the role of Leslie Cheung's brother "Song Zihao", has always been reluctant to nod to participate. During the interview, he stated the reason for the tear: "Things are different, why do you find another Leslie Cheung for me? It's good to have someone to miss and remember." Leslie Cheung's fans were also moved and shouted, Leslie Cheung, Chow Yun-fat and Dillon's No one can replace the golden combination.[Rongqing and Honey Leslie Cheung Film Festival]will be released in Taiwan on April 1.

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