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Rooted in Taiwan Motorsportsbcrk Kids Kart Drivers Recruitment

In recent years, with the official operation of domestic racing circuits, more and more regular racing cars have appeared in Taiwan, which makes people have more expectations for the development of domestic racing sports. However, good racing cars are easy to find, but top racing drivers must be cultivated from an early age. Since then, bcrk Taiwan Baichuan has specially set up the "Children's Kart Driver Selection". Through the low-threshold experience price, children aged 8 to 12 are called to participate, hoping to train excellent domestic racing talents and make Taiwanese racing sports. Sustainable development, and look forward to a day when it can shine on the international stage.

Best platform for training drivers

Karting racing from childhood

bcrk Taiwan Baichuan is based on all the international professional racing drivers, whether it is the top F1 Formula One, GT racing, rally touring car racing, unified standard touring car racing and other international well-known events, among which the outstanding drivers are 6 to 7 years old, starting from Karting Train the basic concepts and driving skills of the car in the racing car, and accumulate the actual racing experience and on-the-spot reaction from the Karting car competition. The reason for this is that Karting racing is the foundation of all big and small racing cars, but Taiwan currently does not have a complete platform and system for training racers from an early age, so bcrk Taiwan Baichuan specially invests manpower and resources to provide mini Karting racing, driving skills and events Concepts, etc., training services are provided to the participating children, so that parents who love racing sports, with a participation fee of 2,500 yuan per game, let the children learn the correct and safe racing sports, hoping to cultivate the first Taiwan F1 Formula One car. As for the locked age group, it is children aged 8-12. Children of this age have a more mature learning ability and can remember the racing skills provided by the coach.

Many drivers in the world's highest racing hall - F1 Formula 1 racing are cultivated through Karting racing since childhood, and there is a complete racing driver training system abroad, in order to cultivate top driver talents.
The first selection of children's kart drivers was successfully held on March 12. A total of 7 children were called to participate in the training on the day of the event.

Standard kart racing available

Learn about driving rules

In order to provide standard Karting racing cars for all the students who participated in the little racing driver experience camp, in order to develop the concept of correct adjustment of the vehicle chassis, bcrk Taiwan Baichuan specially provides a number of mini Kart small racing cars. The body frame is basically made of high molybdenum carbon just welded. Don’t underestimate the simple structure of a few iron pipes. The angle and diameter of the pipes are all assembled after considerable research. , In addition, due to the simple structure, as long as one part of the steel pipe specification is changed, the cornering characteristics and stability of the entire vehicle can be affected. The body shell part is mainly made of ABS reinforced plastic and is designed for quick release, which is convenient for replacement when the vehicle is damaged due to collision.

In order to provide standard Karting racing cars for all the students who participated in the little racing driver experience camp, so as to develop the concept of correct adjustment of the vehicle chassis, bcrk Taiwan Baichuan specially provided a number of mini Kart racing cars, and sent them to the front Professionals assist with vehicle tuning and teach proper driving concepts.

As for the engine, it is the same 120c.c. four-stroke engine made by Honda. The maximum horsepower of this engine can provide about 3.5 horsepower and the maximum speed can reach 73km/h. Compared with the driving mode, it is relatively simple to control, and at the same time, it can also obtain a good training effect, which can effectively train children's ability to control acceleration and deceleration. The next selection event will be held on May 14th. If it is postponed, it will be announced on the FB fan page of "bcrk Taiwan Baichuan Children's Kart". Registration is also a private message fan page, and someone will contact you. As for the event The location is Changhua Xihu K1 Circuit.

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