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Rules, I have the final say! Mercedes-AMG 55th Anniversary

When people mention Mercedes-Benz, what do you think of luxury? comfortable? Or full of technology? But what about Mercedes-AMG? There is no doubt that everyone will equate it with the word "performance"! After 55 years of glory, AMG has not only created countless beautiful classics, but also kept pace with the times at the time of full electrification of the automobile industry. Top luxury cars.

Rewinding the time to 1967, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, who had worked in the Daimler-Benz car factory, founded the AMG company and specialized in vehicle modification and engine tuning. In 1971, AMG refitted a 300SEL 6.8 AMG racing car and won the second place in the SPA 24-hour endurance race.

Walk away from the track

In the 1980s, the three letters AMG not only became synonymous with Mercedes-Benz racing cars, but consumers could also send their Mercedes-Benz cars to AMG for modification. Among them, the most popular is the 300E AMG Hammer launched in 1986. Its 6.0-liter V8 engine can complete the 0-000 km acceleration in only 4.4 seconds under the output of 375bhp. It is a fast car today, let alone 36 years. Before, once again highlighting the extraordinary tuning potential of AMG! After years of close cooperation, Mercedes-Benz acquired AMG in 1999 and brought it under its umbrella. At this point, AMG officially became the official performance brand. Later, it launched a series of 55, 63 and other ultimate performance cars with the AMG wordmark, not only time and time again. Rewriting history and establishing Mercedes-AMG's unbeaten position in the field of performance luxury.

For each new Mercedes-AMG car, an engineer will be responsible for the assembly and testing of the engine from start to finish, and a nameplate will be affixed to show responsibility.

Mercedes-AMG's reputation is based on the valuable experience accumulated in 55 years of competition in various competition venues. In addition to the SPA 24-hour endurance race, AMG has always been a long-term partner of Mercedes-Benz in the well-known European Touring Car Championship or DTM German Touring Car race. After the integration of AMG into the Group's resources, the name of Team A was changed from Mercedes GP Petronas to Mercedes AMG Petronas, which once again pushed AMG's reputation to its peak!

For 55 years, Mercedes-AMG has not only performed well on the field, but also launched a variety of popular high-performance coupes. Front row from left to right: 300E 6.0 AMG, 300SEL 6.8 AMG, E50 AMG; rear row from left to right: SL55 AMG, C36 AMG, SL73 AMG.

Create the future with breakthroughs

Looking back on the past 55 years, whether it is a fast-changing track or a highly competitive luxury car market, as long as AMG appears, it can always stand out and become the focus of attention on the stage. Just like the main axis of the brand's 55th anniversary celebration, "Changing the game" - each challenge must first break through itself, in order to "change the rules" and create a new pattern. Just like the unprecedented A45 AMG launched by Mercedes-Benz in 2013, it not only created the strongest four-cylinder power system on the ground, but was also highly respected by performance buyers, and opened up an emerging battlefield for luxury performance cars. In the face of the upcoming electrified life, Mercedes-AMG is also fully prepared. At this stage, it is the first to use the E Performance gasoline-electric engine derived from F1 racing technology to meet today's environmental protection demands and create a new car with better performance than before. payment. At the same time, Mercedes-AMG is more committed to the development of various high-performance electric new cars (the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ has been sold in China at present), and a few days ago, the Vision AMG pure electric concept sports car showcased the four-door, which will be launched in 2025. coupe. The appearance of Vision AMG not only gave everyone a glimpse of the future appearance of the next-generation Mercedes-AMG electric vehicle, but also established the application of the modular performance platform AMG.EA. Maybe in the near future, the traffic on the road will no longer be noisy, even if you can't hear the blood-sucking exhaust sound, Mercedes-AMG will shuttle through you and me again in another silent but enthusiastic way. in life!

The Mercedes-AMG One, which debuted in June this year, is equipped with a full set of F1 racing technologies. With four electric motors and a 1.6-liter V6 gasoline-electric turbo engine, it has an output of up to 1063hp.
The EQS is the flagship RV of the Mercedes-Benz EQ pure electric family, and there is also a high-performance AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ model for performance buyers to choose from.
The appearance of the Vision AMG concept car makes consumers look forward to the future development of Mercedes-AMG.
At this stage, Mercedes-AMG will use a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with an electric motor to create a powertrain that is comparable to the previous V8 engine, but can comply with current environmental regulations.


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