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Safe driving in the fall: you need to know these tips -

Late summer is over, autumn has really begun. And that means a low sun, leaves on the road, stormy weather and more traffic jams. Moreover, the chance of an accident is approximately twice as high in the fall. So how do you ensure that you drive safely in the near future? We give 7 tips.

Driving in the fall is a challenge. It is often dark outside, it rains, the wind blows, there are leaves on the road and the sun is sometimes low. According to the Foundation for Scientific Research on Road Safety (SWOV) this has a major influence on safety. When the weather is bad, twice as many accidents occur on Dutch roads. So it is good to look at how you can recognize and prevent dangers.

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1. Check your tires and windshield wipers

Of course, a car must always be in good condition, but this is even more important in the fall. Always check the windshield wipers of your car. When it rains, you don't want those streaks to appear or cover half of the windshield. Good air conditioning is also important (it demists the interior faster) and you should certainly not forget the tires. Are they moving towards the minimum profile? Then replace them, because you want to have as much grip as possible in the fall.

2. Do not drive alone with daytime running lights!

You see it more and more often: cars that do not switch on their taillights when it is dark outside due to rain or fog. That's because the driver relies on the automatic lighting. That system thinks it is not dark enough in such a situation and then only uses the daytime running lights at the front. For better visibility on the road, it is therefore better to turn off the automatic lights and turn on the headlights in autumn.

3. Adjust your speed and following distance

You should never tailgating, especially not in the fall. On a wet road surface your braking distance is a lot longer, so it is better to keep your distance not for 2 seconds, but for 3 seconds. And beware of aquaplaning. This occurs when the car's tires can no longer drain the amount of water, often when driving through water-filled ruts. If you feel the car starting to drift, release the gas and do not steer. The tires will automatically regain their grip.

4. Double check whether your car insurance covers storm damage

In a heavy autumn storm, a tree branch can easily fall on your car. Whether you are insured for this depends on the type of car insurance you have: WA, WA+ or all-risk.

5. Protect your eyes from the low sun

In the summer the sun is your friend, but not in the fall. In the morning and evening - when you go to work or on your way home - the sun can shine full in your face, making it difficult for you to see what is happening on the road in front of you. So take sunglasses with you and make sure your car windows are clean. Speaking of which: is your windshield washer reservoir properly filled? You better check this regularly in the fall.

6. Go on the road well rested

It's difficult, isn't it, getting out of bed when it's still dark in the morning? Many people are more tired in autumn than in summer. And if you are tired behind the wheel, the risk of an accident increases because your concentration decreases and your reaction speed decreases. So make sure you are well rested before you head out. If that doesn't work, rest more often along the way. And don't set the heating in the car too high. Heat makes you sleepy.

7. Be prepared for strong gusts of wind

Strong crosswinds can throw your car off course, especially if a gust suddenly tears at the bodywork. This often happens when you come out from behind the cover of a truck. Then suddenly your car takes full blast and you are pushed to one side. Be prepared for that.

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