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Safety and non-toxic solid protection FSK thermal insulation paper

In the state of modern industrial pollution constantly destroying the balance of the environment, the global warming effect is becoming more and more serious, and the hole in the ozone layer has caused the global temperature to rise. , safety, beauty and environmental protection four areas of the original intention.

Whether the insulation paper used for automobiles or buildings should be paid attention to, does the selected insulation paper meet the non-toxic testing standards? In the closed space of the car room for a long time, whether the equipment, leather parts and car heat insulation paper in the car will emit a toxic odor. Perhaps when purchasing, you can pay attention to whether it has been tested for non-toxicity, so that the car owner can drive with peace of mind and protect it. The health of passengers in the vehicle. As for the glass of doors and windows at home, many people will install thermal insulation paper, and choose non-toxic and no harmful odor materials, which is also a very important selection principle.

▎FSK thermal insulation paper has been tested to meet the non-toxic test

■Passed: SGS EU ROHS (Roche) standard environmental protection standard certification - ROHS2.0 10 tests

■Passed: SGS volatile organic compound (VOCs) non-toxic testing standard - 59 tests

Pass: Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) Emission Rate – Contains the sum of 12 VOCs

Pass: Formaldehyde (HCHO) escape rate

▲FSK thermal insulation paper complies with international non-toxic certification

▎FSK is a certified member of the IWFA authority

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is an authoritative organization composed of world-renowned window film manufacturers. It formulates the standards of the international window film industry and represents the highest quality and technical standards. The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is an authoritative organization composed of window film dealers, distributors and manufacturers. IWFA only accepts outstanding companies with independent research and development technology that meet high-standard industry norms. Those who can join IWFA members have high Window film manufacturer with technological level and brand awareness.

▲FSK is a member of IWFA International Window Film Association

▎FSK ice drill adopts high-tech nano-insulation technology: CWO

●Japan's advanced nano-ceramic technology coating, ultra-wide-angle clear perspective, clear driving line of sight.

●Aiming at blocking the 780-2500(nm) solar band that carries most of the heat energy, it has passed the inspection of the National Safety Glass and Quartz Glass Quality Supervision and Testing Center of China. Save more air-conditioning fuel consumption.

●It does not contain metal components, and it will not produce the phenomenon that the edge of the general metal front shield heat insulation paper is easily oxidized like raw embroidery.

●Applied to the front shield heat insulation paper, which can smoothly receive 5G, e-Tag, GPS and other electronic communications.

●CWO is a new material for infrared heat insulation, which can highly block near-infrared rays from entering the car, and the heat insulation effect is lasting and stable.

▲ FSK ice drill has seven super functions

▎Strong and safe base layer, excellent anti-scattering performance

Using the most advanced nanotechnology, a unique polymer adhesive, strong and safe base layer, excellent anti-scattering performance, in the event of accidental damage to the automotive glass, it can prevent glass fragments from flying away, ensure the safety of passengers, and avoid secondary injuries. . When the typhoon season comes, it is very important to protect the home from typhoon, especially the glass doors and windows of the home. It is necessary to do basic protection to prevent the glass doors and windows from being able to withstand the invasion of strong winds, causing the glass to shatter and scatter, causing injuries to people at home. At this time, FSK smart energy-saving film is a good choice. It uses the most advanced nanotechnology to use a unique polymer adhesive, strong and safe base layer, excellent anti-scattering performance, and prevents glass fragments in the event of accidental glass breakage. Fly away to ensure the safety of those in the home. FSK thermal insulation paper has passed the test of "anti-scattering" according to the Japanese JIS safety glass standard, which improves the penetration resistance when damaged.

FSK official website:

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04-7280077 / 0800-317-777

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