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SHARE BIG LOVE WITH MINIMINI birthday charity event starts now

The 2023 MINI Birthday Charity Bazaar set "MINI Eco-Friendly Travel Toiletry Set" includes a toiletry bag, MINI adventure travel letter and Dr. Brown's classic cleansing lotion (2oz), adding a mini fashion style to every MINI Fans during the trip.

In the late 1950s, the turmoil brought about by the war made countries around the world understand that oil was not an inexhaustible resource. Under such a background of time and space, the development of more efficient cars naturally became the ultimate goal of car designers. Sir Alec Issigonis, the father of MINI, launched a clever solution with creativity, adopting a compact body design that subverts the tradition, pushing the wheels to the four corners to create the largest space, placing the engine more cleverly, and creating a unique vehicle design – August 26, 1959 Today, MINI was officially born!

In the modern era when environmental protection and sustainability have become the core concepts of car manufacturing, MINI continues to uphold the spirit of solving problems with creativity, and implement changes in life to make the world a better place. Since 2013, MINI has discovered that the canvas used in marketing activities has great potential. After recycling, it can be made into unique environmental protection bags one by one, giving canvass that may have become large wastes a new life. On the occasion of celebrating the birthday, MINI continues the tradition and launched the MINI birthday month environmental protection bag charity sale, calling on MINI fans to support and respond together, and show BIG LOVE to the world together!

-SHARE-BIG-LOVE-WITH-MINI! MINI-64th Anniversary BIG-LOVE Birthday Charity Sale starts now!

Fande, the general agent of MINI, has held charity bazaars since MINI’s birthday in 2013. As of 2022, the amount of bazaars has exceeded 3.8 million yuan. In its 11th year, the "MINI Eco-Friendly Travel Wash Set" was launched. The charity sale includes MINI Eco-Friendly Travel Wash Bag, MINI Taiwan Adventure Travel Letter and Dr. Brown's Classic Cleansing Lotion (2oz): MINI Eco-Friendly Travel Wash Bag uses Pande The recycled canvas used in group activities is crafted by professional craftsmen to create each unique gift, adding a variety of mini fashion styles to the journey. The MINI Taiwan Adventure Travel Letter is a collection of the essence of MINI's visits to various cities, exploring Taiwan's unique beauty and moving stories, and bringing you travel inspiration throughout the year. This time, we have joined hands with[Dr.Bronner's]which insists on using 100% recyclable bottles and refuses excessive packaging. With the concept of honesty, organicity, and love for the earth, we have developed the "Classic Cleansing Lotion" that is harmless to the environment. It has 18 A multi-purpose use, simplifying the bottles and cans when traveling!

Fande, the general agent of MINI, used the canvas used in the group's marketing activities to make a unique environmental protection travel toiletry bag, giving waste a new life and demonstrating the brand concept of BIG-LOVE-FOR-THE-PLANET.

"MINI Eco-Friendly Travel Toilet Set" is priced at RMB 500 per set, and will be sold in limited quantities at the MINI Exhibition Center in Taiwan and the official charity sale website of the Boyou Social Welfare Foundation (limited quantity, while stocks last). MINI fans are also welcome Free donation. All proceeds from this activity will be donated to the "Boyou Social Welfare Foundation" to support children's education and talent development, join hands to support the education of children in hometowns, encourage children to bravely pursue their dreams, and stand on their own stage of life!

The MINI Adventure Travel Booklet gathers MINIs to visit classic attractions in various cities in Taiwan, presents Taiwan's unique beauty and moving stories, and provides travel inspiration throughout the year.

*The number of "MINI Eco-Friendly Travel Wash Sets" is limited, please contact the MINI Exhibition Center in Taiwan before responding.

* The MINI eco-friendly travel toiletry bag is made of recycled canvas, each design and color is different, and the news photos are for reference only.

MINI Taiwan Facebook event post:

Boyou Social Welfare Foundation official website:

Boyou Social Welfare Foundation Official Bazaar (Shopee Public Welfare):

MINI BIG LOVE website:

【MINI Exhibition Center in Taiwan】

  address Telephone
MINI Taipei Fande Exhibition Center No. 375, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 02 2508 1100
MINI Taoyuan Datong Exhibition Center No. 736, Wenzhong Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City 03 360 5522
MINI Taichung Fande Exhibition Center No. 27, Section 2, Wuquan West Road, Nantun District, Taichung City 04 2475 1668
MINI Kaohsiung Fande Exhibition Center No. 1368, Zhonghua 5th Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City 07 536 6599

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