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simple. Straight LuxuryLand Rover Range Rover

●New fifth-generation model, minimalist design style

●With SWB standard axle/LWB long axle dual models

●LWB long axis provides a seven-seater version for the first time

●3.0L straight-six gas/diesel light oil electric power option

●Domestic listing time: 2022.Q4

2023-style Range Rover pre-sale list

car model Pre-sale price (10,000 yuan)
D350 SE SWB 600
P400 SE SWB 600
P400 HSE LWB 645
P400 HSE LWB Seven Seat 649
P400 Autobiography 710

After more than 50 years of history, Land Rover's flagship leisure travel representative, Range Rover, released a new fifth-generation model on October 27 last year. Taiwan's Jaguar Land Rover held a media preview event on September 1 this year and announced the start of pre-sale. The first wave of the event will introduce five models including diesel-powered D350, gasoline-powered P400, SWB standard axle, and LWB long axle. Please refer to the attached table for detailed model compilation and pre-sale prices. It is expected to be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

Classic remodeling more neat

Continuing the new brand strategy of Reimagine released in 2021, the new fifth-generation Range Rover was given a new concept of Modern Luxury by the original factory. First, the exterior part reinterprets classic elements through modern aesthetics and new-generation design vocabulary, such as the overall silhouette and front shape. It is very similar to the previous model. In fact, all components including the new digital LED headlights, the U-shaped trim panel on the side of the car have been newly designed, and the front camera and parking radar integrated into the front air dam trim, The removal of the window rubber strip to achieve flush lapped doors and windows, as well as the design of the hidden LED taillight group combined with the bright black tailgate trim, not only brings a very simple chain wash visual effect, but also creates this The 0.30Cd drag coefficient is rare in the class of medium and large LSUVs.

The new car retains the classic silhouette, but the design is more simple and neat. The LED taillight group hidden in the bright black trim strip at the rear of the car is a major feature.
The digitally simple cockpit echoing the appearance adds a sense of spaciousness to the cabin, and the texture of materials used in all parts also maintains the top level of the luxury travel class.
For the first time, the LWB long-axle model provides a seven-seat option to meet the needs of multiple passengers, and the third row space is also ample for adults.

The new fifth-generation Range Rover adopts a new MLA-FLEX body that increases body rigidity by 50% and effectively reduces noise generation by 24%. It is compatible with standard-axle or long-axle bodies. At the same time, the new car also provides a seven-seat option in the long-axle version for the first time. With a 13.7-inch digital instrument and a 13.1-inch floating curved touch screen on the center console and other digital interfaces, the interior of the new car continues the simple style of the exterior, with Windsor leather seats covering the whole car, the latest Pivi Pro infotainment system, and a mobile phone. Wireless charging, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Meridian 400W digital audio system, and various top interior materials are used in combination to fully maintain the top level of luxury leisure travel regardless of equipment level or cockpit texture.

The rear row of Autobiography's flagship model adopts the executive seat with intelligent seat control device to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Luxury mobile is more leisurely

The first wave of the fifth-generation Range Rover introduced in China has two power configurations: diesel D350 and gasoline P400. It is equipped with 3.0L straight-six diesel and gasoline engines also belonging to the Ingenium series, and is fully equipped with 48V light oil electric system in accordance with the requirements of emission regulations. The maximum output They are 350hp/71.4kgm and 400hp/56.1kgm respectively. The gearbox adopts ZF eight-speed manual automatic transmission. The acceleration from 0 to 100km/h can be completed in 6.1 and 5.8 seconds (SE SWB model). The top speed is 234 and 242km/h. h.

The new car has introduced a new dual-valve air shock absorber and a 48V electronic roll control system, which is more refined in terms of road comfort and handling stability.

Due to being equipped with the first five-link rear axle structure of Land Rover, the new fifth-generation Ranger Rover has four-wheel steering function and has become the standard configuration of the imported model. The Dynamic Response Pro dynamic response system that can adjust the suspension load setting in advance through the navigation system, the 48V electronic roll control system that improves both the speed and efficiency of the action, etc., the original factory claims to create an extremely comfortable and stable driving experience. The flagship representative of Rover, the new car is also equipped with the most advanced Terrain Response 2 advanced all-terrain response system, which can easily cope with various terrains.

The new car is also equipped with the most advanced Terrain Response 2 advanced all-terrain response system, which can easily demonstrate all-terrain traversal capabilities.


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