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Skoda Kamiq (2024) review: another display, but this is how Skoda also keeps digital people happy -

The Skoda Kamiq has been renewed. From now on, the compact SUV is always equipped with digital instruments whose layout you can adjust. That works well, according to our first driving impression, but fortunately the Skoda Kamiq also takes digital people into account.

What stands out about the Skoda Kamiq (2024)?

First let's explain, because somehow we always forget what exactly the Skoda Kamiq is. It is Skoda's smallest SUV. The 'practical and agile city SUV', as Skoda calls the Kamiq, is in the model range under the Skoda Karoq. It is shorter, but higher than the Skoda Scalaanother Skoda that we sometimes forget exists.

The fact that we cannot always remember the Kamiq clearly is our fault, because the SUV sells quite well in the Netherlands. Last year, 2590 new Kamiqs were registered (Bovag figure). Only the Enyaq and the Kodiaq are more popular as Skoda SUVs. It might help if people don't get a black or silver one, but a red one, like the Monte Carlo version in the photos.


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Always drive with high beam

The design has been adjusted to make the Kamiq less anonymous. The grille, bumpers, headlights and taillights have been renewed and should give the car a sportier appearance. LED lighting will be standard from now on. One step higher on the lighting ladder is LED matrix lighting. This is optional, but standard on the Monte Carlo version. In fact, you can always drive with high beam; the car ensures that oncoming traffic, cyclists and pedestrians are not dazzled.

What is good about the Skoda Kamiq?

Anyone looking for a practical, spacious and affordable SUV cannot ignore the Kamiq. The space in the rear seat is exemplary in this segment. And you also have an excellent seat in the front with sufficient freedom of movement. It is not without reason that the Kamiq managed to win a major comparison test with other compact SUVs.

The sports seats of the Monte Carlo version hold you firmly. Although the 1.0 TSI petrol engine with 115 hp does not unleash the sporty animal in you. The 1.5 TSI with 150 hp had to be retired. That is a bit of a shame, because 115 hp is just enough for the curb weight of 1233 kg plus two occupants. It is enough, but no more than that.

At high speeds the energy is a bit gone. On the other hand: the three-cylinder with turbo picks up nicely from low revs and keeps itself neatly in the background. Only when you accelerate sharply does it sound a bit rough.

With the new digital instruments, the Kamiq takes the next step into the digital world. You can customize the screen to your own taste. But fortunately not everything is digital. You activate the lighting with an old-fashioned large rotary button to the left of the steering wheel. You never go wrong. The larger 8.25-inch central screen is now also always standard.

You can also easily control the temperature and ventilation with real buttons. The gear lever of the optional DSG automatic transmission (+ 2000 euros) is large and can be found blindly. The dual-clutch automatic transmission shifts up neatly and barely noticeable.

And the mirror adjustment and window controls? Just where they belong, in the door. Furthermore, no automatic handbrake that you check three times because you want to be sure that it is activated, but a lever that you pull up. If only life were that simple.

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What could be improved on the Skoda Kamiq?

If you look at it very rationally, it is damn difficult to discover a downside. At most you can say that the Kamiq is not the sexiest SUV you can buy. But if you take a bright red Monte Carlo version with black 18-inch wheels and black logos, you can no longer complain about that.

The Kamiq is not electric (not even a mild hybrid), but the engine is of the latest generation: small capacity, turbo and the lowest possible emissions (CO2: 123 gr/km). If you leave the car at home more often and don't buy another car for the next 25 years, you can attend a climate meeting without embarrassment.

The price is also typical Skoda

Prices of the new Skoda Kamiq start at 28,490 euros. The Renault Captur, the Suzuki Vitara and the Dacia Duster are competitors, but cannot match the interior space of the Kamiq. And only the Duster has a larger luggage compartment (478 vs. 400 liters).

Admittedly: for that money you drive the entry-level car with 16-inch steel rims and a simpler 2-spoke steering wheel. But with digital instruments (or the basic version), a 6-speed gearbox, cruise control and electrically operated windows all around. You get alloy wheels on the Selection, which is priced from just under 30,000 euros. The Monte Carlo is the most expensive at 33,990 euros, but you do get sports seats, a panoramic roof and modern LED matrix headlights.

What do I think of the Skoda Kamiq?

The design is a bit too anonymous for my taste. Although things have improved with the facelift. I would certainly pay 990 euros extra and choose the color Velvet Red or Phoenix Orange. I certainly don't laugh at anyone who opts for a gray one. The Kamiq is spacious, not too big and not too small, sits comfortably high and also drives excellently with a lot of comfort. Viewed rationally, it is a very smart choice.

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