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Skyline "five-star co-occurrence" reveals the best viewing time

From the middle of June to the end of June, the five planets visible to the naked eye: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, from bottom to top, from the low northeast to the south sky, lined up in a row across half the sky before dawn. It is a rare opportunity to enjoy the five stars at a time, and before dawn on the 19th and 20th is the best time to watch the "five stars together".

Of the seven planets in the solar system other than the earth, except for Uranus and Neptune, which are too dim to be seen or distinguished by the naked eye, the other five planets have the opportunity to appear in the field of vision at the same time when they move close to each other, and because the orbits of the planets are all near the ecliptic , so they are often arranged roughly in a line or converging into a cluster. The smaller the range of convergence, the rarer. For example, this time the five stars are all on the same side of the sun, lined up in a line and suitable for viewing. On average, they only appear once every ten years.

In this "five-star co-occurrence", Mercury is the closest to the sun and Saturn is the farthest. The two stars were about 90 degrees apart in early June, but Mercury was still very close to the sun at that time and could not be seen. After that, Mercury changed from retrograde to direct motion, gradually moving away from the sun, and reaching a "large distance" on the 16th, so from the middle of the morning around 4:30 before dawn, Mercury can also be seen together with other planets, forming a "five-star co-appearance" , until the end of June and early July, Mercury will be hidden in the sun again.

During this "five-star co-occurrence" period, the moon will "jump in line" between the planets with different moon phases every day, which is very interesting. Among them, the "Mars conjunct moon" on June 23 is only about 1.5 degrees apart. It is close, and Mercury will reach the "large west distance" on June 16. Although it is at the greatest distance from the sun at this time, because of the inclination of the ecliptic, it is actually the easiest to see on the 19th and 20th. "The best time!

Although the "five stars co-existing" scene is spectacular, the total tidal force generated by the planets on the earth is less than two millionths of that of the sun or the moon, so it will not have an impact on the earth. The last time the "Five Stars Converging" with similar viewing conditions appeared was in August 2016, and the next time is in April 2036. If you want to watch the "Five Stars Convergence" within 10 degrees, you will have to wait until September 2040. !


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