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Smart FUN summer vacationŠKODA summer health check starts today

  • Event dates from July 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022
  • Provide 28 free safety inspections in six categories
  • 10% discount on selected parts of air-conditioning system, 20% discount on selected products and accessories
  • Free car room ozone sterilization
  • Upon full consumption, you will receive ŠKODA original boutique and boutique accessories exchange coupons and participate in the lucky draw

Taipei 2022year7moon1Day─ ŠKODAAvailable from now until the end of AugustcleverFUNsummer vacationSummer health check-up activities, providing six categories28Item free security check, letŠKODAWhen traveling in hot summer, car owners can still enjoy ride comfort without being affected by the high temperature outdoors.As long as you return to the factory to participate in the event, you can not only enjoy discounts on designated parts of the air-conditioning system, but also have the opportunity to win the value of NTD10,000metaŠKODAPremium Accessories Exchange Coupon (common10places)

In the high temperature soaring to 34 degrees Celsius at every turn, it is officially announced that summer in Taiwan is coming. With the gradual unblocking of the epidemic prevention policy and the summer vacation of students, the frequency of family trips has also begun to increase. In order to allow car owners to enjoy a comfortable and smooth summer driving time, ŠKODA and its distributors have specially planned the "Smart FUN Summer Vacation" summer health check-up activity. From now until the end of August, car owners are welcome to make an appointment in advance to return to their parents' home.

The "Smart FUN Summer Vacation" Xia Jian health inspection activity carried out a total of 28 safety inspections in six categories, covering: engine, shock absorber, oil, brake oil performance inspection, transmission function, battery and other 16 basic inspections; air-conditioning inspection; wiper and tire safety inspections. During the summer health check, ŠKODA also provides a 10% discount on specified parts of the air-conditioning system such as: compressor, expansion valve, condenser, air-conditioning pipeline, refrigerant, dust filter, bellows cleaning, evaporator cleaning, etc. At the same time, in order to celebrate the launch of the new FABIA, ŠKODA offers a 20% discount on selected boutiques and accessories. A ŠKODA Sports Wallet will be offered upon spending over TWD 6,888; a ŠKODA Stainless Steel Thermal Insulation Cup will be offered upon spending over TWD 12,888; and a TWD 2,000 premium accessories exchange coupon will be offered upon spending over TWD 18,888.

In order to encourage car owners to return to the factory to participate in the "ŠKODA Smart FUN Summer Vacation" summer health check-up activity, ŠKODA Taiwan also provides original high-quality accessories exchange coupons worth NT$10,000 as a raffle gift, a total of 10 places, as long as you take a photo of the health check experience The photos are posted in the fan page activity post and comment area, and you can participate in the lucky draw. The winners will be announced on the official fan page on September 15.


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