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Some cars, once missed Volkswagen Phaeton D2

●2016 Pheaton stopped production and exited the market

●Volkswagen Phaeton D2—the successor flagship that missed the debut

●Full digital instrument and large-size curved touch screen

●Taiwan catwalk commemorating the 20th anniversary

Ever heard of raising a cow for milk? If I told you that someone built a super beautiful ranch because of this, it would definitely shock more than one billion people, and this naive guy is Volkswagen in the early 21st century. In order to challenge the top luxury RV market, not only launched the Phaeton this year. A jaw-dropping flagship, and at the same time spending a lot of money to build that ultra-advanced transparent factory in Dresden, the result? Not every love song has good memories. The first-generation Phaeton retired in 2016 after several minor facelifts of various scales. As for the animal husbandry... er, I mean the factory, which has long since become an electric vehicle production base. And brand technology theme park.

Glory is gone, but the spirit never dies

Okay, after briefly introducing the beauty and sadness of Volkswagen Phaeton, I also know that the car series officially left the market in 2016. We know the story behind it. Since then, there is no Phaeton name anymore, but in fact, the brand has been available in the past. The new-generation flagship named Phaeton D2, the successor to the car project, stood out from four concept projects, and it has also been trial-made into a prototype car, but it was buried in the deepest part of the warehouse with the end of the project. On the 20th anniversary of the launch of this car series, Volkswagen knew that its glory was gone, but its desire to keep improving was never dead, so it was chosen six years later to announce the Phaeton D2 for the first time, which will continue to serve as the brand's spiritual benchmark. , its innovative pattern and delicate craftsmanship display, until now, it still makes people feel heartbroken.

The Phaeton D2, which was supposed to replace the first-generation model in 2016, has not been seen again until now because of the 20th anniversary of the car.

The ultimate craftsmanship, preserving the model

In terms of design, in addition to the slender body of the flagship RV, Phaeton D2, including the outline of the headlights or the style of the water tank guard and even the zigzag lines of the hood, will become the nutrients for high-end products such as Touareg or Arteon or even the whole brand design in the future. , and the rear of the car brings a sense of luxury like Audi A8, plus the large-sized rear window area that is unique to long-axle large motorhomes as far as possible, even now, it is still clearly visible. At the same time, it also continued the graceful and luxurious style of the original Phaeton.

The rear of the car is like the extravagance of Audi A8, coupled with the large-sized rear window area unique to long-axle large RVs, it still retains a powerful sense of existence.
In fact, on the first-generation Phaeton, we have seen what luxury should look like regardless of cost.

The interior of the cockpit has always been a field for Phaeton to focus on perfection. Regardless of the cost, it is a good impression of the car series. This part of the Phaeton D2 is presented with a German-style texture that is very forward-looking but does not forget the essence of luxury. For example For example, the design of all-digital instruments, large-size curved touch screen, and simplified physical buttons as far as possible are the most sturdy design thinking at present. Just like Volkswagen's expectation for Phaeton - to create the top flagship RV products with the most exquisite workmanship.

Perseverance in focusing on perfection has always been the characteristic of Phaeton, and the Phaeton D2 is further designed with full digital instrumentation and large-size curved touch screen, showing the unique insights of flagship products.
Of course, the rear seat space is maximized as much as possible, and the large-area log trim, thick and fine top-quality leather and independent two-seater setting make the luxury feeling of the ultimate RV.

Feelings are one thing, profit is another

These days, the nostalgic trend of thought created by the sequel movie "Defender: The Lone Ranger" occupies the attention of many people, and the surprise appearance of Phaeton D2 many years later seems to have a certain degree of similar feelings. Looking at the movie reviews, the kind of reluctance to part with the analogy era, the helplessness of the old man, and the unfulfilled ambition of the middle-aged uncle project the basic emotions of the target group. Similarly, when Phaeton D2 reappears in front of you, even if you can't buy it, just Looking at it, I also feel excited and emotional.

But feelings are one thing, profit is another. At a time when no one wants to take a car, and even top flagships are on the wane, it was a decision Volkswagen had to make to let Phaeton go into history. This flagship is beautiful in terms of workmanship, but it is terrible from the beginning to the end in terms of sales analysis. I only hope that its spirit and will can continue to be implemented on other products of the brand, and let us old car fans be able to keep thinking about it. , is enough.

RVs are on the decline, and luxury RVs of general brands are completely unprofitable, so beautiful things like Phaeton D2 can only quietly enter the torrent of history.


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