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Sony Honda Mobility released a new prototype "Afeela"! Will be launched in 2025

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●Sony Honda Mobility released a new model "Afeela"
●Simple interior and exterior design
●Cooperation with Qualcomm and Epic Games
●The concept of value proposition is "Autonomy", "Augmentation" and "Affinity"

Sony Honda Mobility unveils new model "Afeela"

Sony Honda Mobility Afeela Prototype

A joint venture between Sony and Honda, the new company "Sony Honda Mobility (SHM)" will be held on October 13, 2022. It will appear at Sony's press conference at "CES 2023" in Las Vegas, USA, and launch a new brand "Afeela ".

This time, the Afeela Prototype was introduced as a new model proposal. Commercial vehicles based on the Prototype will be available for pre-order in the first half of 2025, and will be launched within the same year, and vehicles will be delivered from North America in the spring of 2026.

Minimalist interior and exterior design

Sony Honda Mobility Afeela Prototype

Afeela Prototype's exterior not only adopts a simple circular outline design, but also has a "Media Bar" where the vehicle can interact with people.

The interior also adopts a simple design to create a circular space with a sense of wrapping. In addition to focusing on comfort, the cabin also removes distracting decorations and uses soft colors.

In addition to the use of environmentally friendly fabrics and functional materials that can purify the air, the overhead is also equipped with an open glass sunroof, creating a comfortable interior space. With the panoramic screen extending to both ends and the original steering wheel design that does not cover the screen, a UI interface with excellent operability and visual quality is created.

Cooperation with Qualcomm and Epic Games

Sony Honda Mobility Afeela Prototype

Sony Honda Mobility expects to use Qualcomm Technologies' "Snapdragon Digital Chassis" SoC for major functions such as autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance systems, interfaces, and in-vehicle entertainment devices, and cooperates with Epic Games, a game development company responsible for popular games such as "Fortnite" .

Make cars intelligent and create new value for mobile services and entertainment.

The value proposition concepts are "Autonomy", "Augmentation", and "Affinity"

Sony Honda Mobility Afeela Prototype

The corporate purpose of Sony Honda Mobility is "pursuing innovation with diverse knowledge and touching people's hearts". The brand name Afeela presents an interactive relationship, feeling the vehicle as an "intelligent entity", and the vehicle "feels" people and society through representative IT technologies such as sensors and networks.

Sony Honda Mobility also concretized the 3A value proposition concepts of "Autonomy", "Augmentation" and "Affinity", and stated that it will continue to upgrade its software through the 5G network, so that it will continue to evolve and grow.

Original source:Sony Honda Mobility announces new model "AFEELA" prototype! Debuted in 2015
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