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Spend 80 million Taiwan dollars to build! Heart-warming fantasy movie "Hi! "Mythical Beast" super cute "Hi!" on New Year's Day "Mythical Beast" was shortlisted for the Golden Horse Award for the best visual effects

【Hi!Mythical Beasts]Leading Poster

Yang Caini, Li Liren, and Lu Xuefeng each have their own unique tricks Competing for favor with Bai Runyin, the only son in the family

The Golden Horse Award was shortlisted for the best visual effects, and spent 80 million Taiwan dollars to build it. It was built by Full Entertainment Co., Ltd., Warner Group, Kaiju Film Co., Ltd., Baiyu Digital Creative Co., Ltd., Inkstone (Xiamen) Cultural Media, Shenzhou Jointly produced by Entertainment Co., Ltd., directed by cutting-edge director Chi Jiaqing, the heart-warming fantasy movie "Hi! "Mythical Beast" will be screened in Taiwan on New Year's Day on February 1 next year! The plot of the movie tells the story of Aji, a young boy who grew up in a fishing village. He and his father and grandma have been dependent on each other since childhood. The fisherman’s father told Aji that when humans have nightmares, the legendary beast "Eating Dream Tapir" will appear in the village. Eat it and let everyone have a good sleep. After a certain typhoon night, Dad never came back. Faced with the changes in life, Aji embarked on a moving journey of growth based on belief. He succeeded in making great achievements in film festivals at home and abroad. Shortlisted for Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (GUKIFF), Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival (BIKY) and Canada Fantasia International Film Festival (Fantasia International Film Festival) , Bai Runyin won the Best Actor Award at the Seoul Guro Children’s International Film Festival and was promoted to the little actor. The director Chi Jiaqing used fantasy techniques to create a pair of big and small beasts that exude a strong sense of healing. Today, the leading trailer is officially released. Bai Runyin, who plays Aji, will be the first to appear. In a childish way, he asked father if he had seen the beast, Dad Li. Li Ren replied in a warm and thick voice: "Yes, when the whole village falls asleep, he will sneak out and eat everyone's nightmares!", and then Bai Runyin followed the super cute little girl. Divine beast, find the big divine beast that is slowly moving, and parade at night on the quiet streets of the fishing village. The fantasy and warm picture is like a "Taiwanese version of Totoro".

Yang Caini and Lu Xuefeng love Bai Runyin both in and out of play
Yang Caini, Li Liren, Bai Runyin and Lu Xuefeng in "Hi!"Mythical Beasts" form a family

Leading trailer:

Bai Runyin's popularity in the performing arts circle has grown since childhood Temperament mother Yang Caini competes with her mother-in-law Lu Xuefeng

The movie "Hi! "Mythical Beast" is directed by Malaysia’s cutting-edge director Chi Jiaqing, and has gathered strong casts such as Yang Caini, Bai Runyin, Lu Xuefeng, Li Liren, etc. It turns the long-lasting legend that tapir beasts will eat people’s nightmares at night, turning it into a bedside story. So close to life. The new-generation actor Bai Runyin with well-recognized acting skills recently amazed the audience with the series of works "Dear Guest" and "A Story More Sad Than Sad". This time, he has formed a family with Li Liren and Lu Xuefeng. The story is both fantastic and moving. Li Liren, the fisherman’s father, who was originally the backbone of the family’s economy, went fishing and never returned when the typhoon happened. He left his only son Bai Runyin and her pretending strong grandma Lu Xuefeng. At this difficult time, her biological mother Yang Caini, who had been away from home for many years, suddenly Show up and accompany them through their difficulties. When filming the film, Bai Runyin, who was only 8 years old, looked immature, and he was the most cared-for treasure in the crew. Li Liren only got along for just a few days and shouted that his father’s love broke out, and he felt very sorry for Bai Runyin. They laughed and said that the interaction between the two was like participating in the parent-child reality show "Where is Dad?". Before shooting the grandmother and grandson three generations, Yang Caini played games with her son when she was free. Lu Xuefeng also regarded Bai Runyin as a real grandson. Loved, and often took Bai Runyin all the way from the lounge to the fishing port scene. After the filming, Grandma Lu Xuefeng rewarded him with more than 1,000 yuan, and asked Bai Runyin to buy favorite snacks, and the staff laughed and said that the adults are always talking to Bai Run. The interaction between the family members is naturally lovely. The movie will be shown in Taiwan on February 1st next year.

The interaction between Li Liren and Bai Runyin in the film is warm and touching

Every night "it" sneaks into the village and eats everyone's nightmares...

Life is a quiet beast. It lurks and stretches out its claws from time to time. The sea leaves claw marks on the beach and scars on the heart of the fishing village kid Aji (Bai Runyin). The dad who seeks life at sea (played by Li Liren) has told Aji since he was a child the story of his encounter with a beast in the forest when he was a child. Aji is always convinced. One day, his dad never came back after going out to sea. Days are advancing. Grandma (Lv Xuefeng), who is busy dealing with her father’s funeral, has no time to take care of Aji. The mother (played by Yang Caini) who has been away from home for many years shows up and intends to take Aji away. The mother is going to Taipei Chengtianya. The home where mothers depend on each other is Cape, so where is the home that Aji really wants? "There is a mythical beast living in the deep forest, it will eat people's nightmares!" Recalling the story my father had told, the sad Aji determined to enter the magical forest to find the mythical beast, and beg it to bring his father back. Full of childlike innocence and affectionate, Taiwan’s coastline has become a secret place in the south. In fact, it is crossing the boundary of growth. I can’t bear to say it, but I see everything through. Going forward, growing up turns out to be the smallest and biggest adventure in life.

The movie "Hi!"Mythical Beasts" are childlike and cute. In the film, the three little boys Bai Runyin, Lin Youquan, and Chen Jingfu form "Mythical Beast Boys" and have a very good relationship.
Bai Runyin is in "Hi!"Mythical Beasts" play over-age acting skills

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