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Sports Emperor Toyota Crown Sport

●The second product of the new generation Crown family, an SUV focusing on beauty and driving pleasure

●The front of the car is more domineering, and the compact body looks like a super sports car.

●The interior layout of the cockpit is the same as that of the standard Crown, consisting of dual 12.3-inch screens.

●Provides two types of power, 2.5 Hybrid and 2.5 PHEV, with four-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering systems

Since Toyota grandly launched the 16th-generation Crown car series last year, this special sub-brand that has been dormant for many years has resurfaced in front of everyone. In addition to drastic changes in appearance, Crown now no longer represents just a single model. It is an entire "Crown Universe" car series, which includes four different styles, including the Crown (Crossover Type), which has been launched in Taiwan, as well as Sport Type, Sedan Type, and Estate Type. This time I will introduce the Crown 3rd model. The second model of Crown Sport on the market is currently the most mainstream sports SUV.

Japanese Ferrari

In terms of the appearance of the front of the car, the biggest difference between the Crown Sport and the standard version of the Crown is the design of the headlight group. The Crown Sport adopts a slender boomerang-shaped shape with upper and lower separation. Although it looks more complicated and not neat enough, it can indeed present It creates a more imposing and fierce vision, which is in sharp contrast with Crown's simple and neat linear LED daytime running lights. In addition, coupled with the oversized trapezoidal mesh air intake grille on the front bumper and the air dams with fixed airfoils on both sides, it is no wonder that many car fans jokingly call it the Ferrari Purosangue of Japan. At first glance, There is indeed some resemblance underneath.

There are a total of four models in the new-generation Crown car series, and Crown Sport is the second model officially released by the original manufacturer.
The front of the car uses exaggerated light groups and a wide and flat shape to highlight the sporty style.

Then looking at the side of the car, the Crown Sport is built with very low-lying and muscular lines. The overall body shape is visually very compact, and the wheel arch gap is almost invisible. Definitely, it is also quite consistent with the image of Sport in the car name. In terms of size, the length of the Crown Sport is much shorter than that of the Crown. It has been directly reduced from nearly 5 meters to 4720mm. The width of the car has been enlarged to 1880mm. The height and wheelbase are 1565mm and 2770mm respectively. The overall shape is basically close to the Lexus NX, but it is significantly longer and lower. It is also built on the TNGA GA-K front-wheel drive chassis, making it the only one in the entire Toyota family.

The length of the car is shortened by about 200mm compared with the Crown, resulting in an extremely low-lying and compact body line.

The rear of the car looks more like an enlarged hatchback than an SUV setting, with a thick rear bumper paired with a small tailgate, and muscular sheet metal fold lines and upward strokes. , creating a very strong dynamic atmosphere. In the taillight part, the Crown Sport does not continue the Crown's through-type taillight design. Instead, it uses a black painted trim strip to connect the ring-shaped LED taillights on both sides. There is also a Crown model nameplate in the center of the tailgate. In addition, the lower part of the rear bumper and the four wheel arches are painted in black piano paint, giving the car an urban and sporty image, rather than the rough off-road settings emphasized by ordinary SUVs.

The rear of the car abandons the through-type taillight design that has been popular in recent years, and uses double-ring taillights and black trim strips.

Combining texture and technology

Different from the completely different design on the outside, the Crown Sport's cabin interior maintains the Island Architecture peninsular design created by Crown, which is composed of a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 12.3-inch central control screen, and is paired with a HUD head-up display. , the overall technological experience is maintained quite well. Although it has the blessing of two large screens, Toyota designers did not reduce the number of physical buttons in the car. They specifically retained the physical air-conditioning interface, which not only makes the use more intuitive and convenient, but also eliminates the problem of claptrap.

The cockpit maintains the configuration of dual 12.3-inch screens created by Crown, which has a sense of technology while maintaining the intuitive operation.

As for the Sport of the Crown Sport, it is reflected in the two front seats in the car. It is equipped with integrated sports car seats. The visual experience is quite excellent. It can be inferred from the pictures released by the original factory that the waist coverage should also be included. Above the level. In addition, Toyota has put special emphasis on raising the hip point of the seat to make getting in and out of the car smoother and easier. It can be perfectly matched regardless of height, but it makes people wonder whether the too high seating point is It will reduce the sports feeling of driving the vehicle. In addition to the seat configuration, Toyota has adopted the Sound-Regulating Ceiling tuning canopy for the first time on the Crown Sport, which can reflect more sound than a traditional canopy, making conversations between the front and rear seats more elegant and relaxed.

Space does not seem to be the main concern of the Crown Sport, so even the luggage compartment capacity of the SUV is only 397 liters.

As for the driving assistance system, the Crown Sport comes standard with the latest generation TSS 3.0, which includes the full-speed Level 2 semi-autonomous driving assistance system, which is basically the same configuration as the Crown.

No problem without turbine

Toyota, which can basically be regarded as synonymous with gasoline and electricity, provides two power specifications for the Crown Sport this time, one is a 2.5-liter Hybrid, and the other is a 2.5-liter PEHV plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid system, which is more embarrassing. However, I did not see the 2.4-liter turbocharged petrol-electric model. After all, this is the power unit that I personally believe is most suitable for Sport's well-known power unit.

The 2.5 Hybrid uses the fourth-generation THS petrol-electric technology. The 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine has in-cylinder direct injection technology. The engine body can provide a maximum horsepower of 186 horsepower and a peak torque of 22.5 kilogram-meters. After adding the electric motor configured on the rear axle, the combined maximum horsepower can reach 234 horses. The driving mode is E-Four four-wheel drive. The average fuel consumption measured in Japan is as high as 21.3km/L, which is really impressive. data.

As for the 2.5 PHEV, the original manufacturer has not released detailed power documents so far. It is speculated that it will be equipped with the same power system as the NX and other cars. The maximum combined horsepower of the car is as high as 309 horsepower, and it can run from 0 to 100km/h in 6.3 seconds. It can be completed in seconds. If it is a lower-profile Crown Sport, the acceleration performance may be even better, which is quite exciting. In the chassis part, the Crown Sport adopts a front MacPherson and rear suspension configuration. More importantly, it is equipped with a DRS dynamic rear-wheel steering system as standard, which improves the control flexibility at low speeds and also enhances the stability of high-speed driving. sex.

Crown Sport currently offers two power units, both of which are equipped with DRS rear-wheel steering system as standard.

At present, the above specifications are all Japanese Crown Sport. The local price starts at 5.9 million yen. It has not yet been determined whether it will be introduced in China. It is speculated that the possibility is not too high. However, according to Hetai Shentong's ability in the past, there should be only There is no question of whether you want to do it or not, but whether you can. If you are really interested, please knock the bowl a little harder.

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