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SsangYong KORANDO all-round sports leisure travel 1.048 million pre-sale listingDare to take risks every moment to reserve a test ride and draw limited gifts

SsangYong's general agent, Yongjia Ssangyong Motors, announced today that the brand-new KORANDO imported with original packaging will take a full-scale break.
Brigade, starting from the suggested pre-sale price of 1.048 million yuan to start pre-sale orders.The 4th generation KORANDO car series since 2019
Since the beginning of the world, due to the fashionable and dynamic appearance, interior design, rich active and passive safety equipment and E-NCAP impact test five
With excellent performance such as star evaluation, it is deeply loved by consumers around the world.The introduction to the Taiwan market this time is 1.5 liters of direct injection gasoline
Turbo engine, and two power systems including a 1.6-liter common rail injection turbo diesel engine, equipped with the brand's advanced Deep
Control intelligent safety assistance system, full-speed Level 2 semi-autonomous driving and luxurious cockpit design provide stylish
with a comfortable ride.In order to give back to consumers' love and support, during the pre-sale period (7/1-7/21), come to the store to complete the test ride, namely
Take the Electrolux Pure A9.2 high-efficiency antibacterial air purifier (model EP71-76) and sincerely invite all consumers to visit
Sneak peek at the showroom!

The new generation wide-body body design combines individuality and comfort

KORANDO uses a new generation of low center of gravity and ultra-wide body design to create a car that takes into account the handling, off-road performance and width of the RV.
The fourth generation of the wide cabin. In the front part of the car, MFR multi-focus reflective full LED headlights and fog lights are used.
The integrated front bumper chrome-plated water tank cover and air intake cover create a domineering appearance.
The upper 18-inch brand new dazzling silver diamond-cut aluminum ring shows a dynamic look, and the rear has a through-type chrome trim with a new design
The LED taillights and the sporty rear lower guards emphasize the sporty style, presenting a visual sense of individuality and dynamic streamlines as a whole

The interior is designed with the concept of luxury first class, with soft plastic, leather covering and 3D ambient lighting
The sound insulation of the car room is strengthened to create a comfortable indoor atmosphere.The technology is equipped with a 10.25-inch full-color digital instrument panel, the original
10-inch large-screen center control panel, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto smartphone connectivity, mobile phone wireless
The cockpit offers ergonomic leather seats with 4-way power lumbar adjustment for the driver's seat,
Comfortable equipment such as dual front seats with 8-way power adjustment, hot and cold ventilation seats, dual-zone climate control and high-efficiency air filtration system,
The rear luggage space in the standard 5-seat mode provides the largest storage space of 551 liters in its class; with a high-utility machine
The functional and thoughtful storage design not only meets the storage needs of family cars, but also has a comfortable ride quality.

Standard full speed zone Level 2 and active and passive safety equipment Safety without compromise

KORANDO not only reflects the careful design of the exterior and interior, but also the safety part of the vehicle is full of sincerity.
The proportion of high-strength steel is up to 74%, with the four-point sub-beam structure of the front and rear axles and the multi-link suspension of the front MacPherson and the rear.
In addition to increasing the driving stability, the active and passive safety equipment is even better.
2 Semi-autonomous driving includes "IACC Intelligent Cruise Control", "LCFA Lane Centering Assist", and "LKA Lane Keeping Assist"
etc., with its own Deep Control intelligent safety assistance system including "LDW Lane Departure Warning", "FCW Front
Collision Warning”, “AEB Automatic Emergency Braking”, “HBA Intelligent High Beam” and “ESP Electric” to maintain body stability
Subbody Dynamic Stability Control, HSA Hill Start Assist, ARP Active Rollover Prevention System, etc. up to 26
Active and passive safety system, and achieved 5 stars in the E-NCAP crash test, giving the driver and occupant a near-impeccable
All-round driving safety protection.

Provide gasoline and diesel dual power settings to meet different orientations

The power part provides gasoline and diesel dual power settings, which have been re-tuned and optimized by the original factory to meet the power needs of different customers
beg. The gasoline engine is a 1.5-liter direct-injection turbocharged engine that provides 163ps of maximum horsepower at 1,500 to 4,000 rpm
In the low-speed range, the maximum torque output of 28.6 kg-m can be achieved, and the towing capacity can reach up to 1,500 kg.diesel fuel
The model is equipped with a 1.6-liter common rail jet turbo engine, which provides a better maximum torque of 33.0kg-m and a maximum torque of 136ps.

High horsepower output, towing capacity up to 2,000 kg, both models are equipped with six-speed manual automatic transmission with three driving modes
Combined with ultra-rigid chassis and suspension system, it brings the driver a subversive driving pleasure in the form of an urban adventurer.

Pre-sale limited event Come to the store for a test ride and draw a gift

The new KORANDO has three specifications: gasoline elite version, gasoline flagship version, and diesel flagship version.
Launched 4 car colors of temperamental white, noble red, gentleman gray and glamour black, with a suggested pre-sale price starting from 1.048 million yuan
Take orders and let your favorite customers place an order in advance (more refunds and less supplements); if it is matched with the government's old-for-new subsidy, the starting price is only 99.8
From 10,000 yuan. In the context of global raw material shortages and soaring transportation-related costs, the number of original factory quotas is limited.
Yongjia Ssangyong is still striving for production capacity to give back to consumers who love and identify with the brand's models.Book a trial today
Take the Electrolux Pure A9.2 high-efficiency antibacterial air purifier (model EP71-76), love the car of SsangYong
Don't miss it, you are welcome to contact SsangYong Motor's exhibition bases in Taiwan and experience the extraordinary charm of SsangYong's new car.

◆ New KORANDO suggested pre-sale price
Model suggested pre-sale price (ten thousand yuan)
KORANDO 1.5 Gasoline Elite 104.8
KORANDO 1.5 Gasoline Ultimate 119.8
KORANDO 1.6 Diesel Ultimate 124.8

*The car prices stated in this press release are all suggested pre-sale prices, and the amounts are in New Taiwan Dollars. The actual price will be officially announced after the listing.car
The specifications, equipment and color of the vehicle are subject to the actual vehicle. Yongjia Ssangyong Motor reserves the right to change and interpret this project at any time.
*In this article, the actions of the above equipment such as towing capability, Deep Control intelligent assisted driving system and level 2 semi-autonomous driving may be possible
There are conditions and safety warnings. The product specifications are limited by space and may not be complete. Consumers must consult Yongjia Shuanglong before purchasing.
Each exhibition center or refer to the relevant instructions on the SsangYong official website, and should refer to the user manual and equipment manual.
*For detailed car color matching information, please contact each authorized exhibition center in Taiwan.


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