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SsangYong KORANDO all-round sports leisure travel officially launched from 1.048 million

Yongjia Ssangyong Motor, the general agent of SsangYong, announced today (22nd) that the brand-new KORANDO all-round recreational travel with original packaging will be officially launched with a suggested price of 1.048 million yuan. KORANDO, which has won the Guinness World Record for the longest-lived model in South Korea, has received overwhelming response from consumers since the pre-sale for nearly a month. The pre-sale orders have exceeded the annual quota provided by the original factory. Currently, we are actively communicating with the original factory about production capacity. It is hoped that the car will be delivered to Hong Kong as soon as possible before September, so that the first approved car owners who love KORANDO can enjoy the unique charm of the Korean off-road SUV. The car is equipped with SsangYong
Developed Deep Control intelligent safety assistance system (including full-speed Level 2 semi-autonomous driving), gasoline and diesel dual power settings, luxurious first-class interior and ultra-wide body with low center of gravity and other designs, with high CP value to reward the long-term support of the SsangYong brand of consumers. Car owners are invited to seize the opportunity to book a test ride in the showroom.

Safety comes standard without compromise
In addition to passing the Euro-NCAP crash test of 5 stars, the new KORANDO comes standard with DeepControl intelligent safety assistance systems including full-speed Level 2 semi-autonomous driving, 7 airbags, FVSA front vehicle start warning, SDA safety distance warning, FCW front Collision Warning, AEBS Automatic Emergency Braking, HBA Smart High Beam, EAF Door Open Collision Warning, RCTA Rear Side Alert, ESP Electronic Body Stability Control, HSA Hill Start Assist, ARP Active Rollover Prevention System and 74% vehicle Including the use of high-strength steel for the body, there are as many as 26 active and passive safety systems, and the relevant driving information can be operated and interpreted by the 10.25-inch digital instrument, bringing the safety and reliability of the car owner without compromise.

Luxurious and comfortable experience
The new KORANDO is designed with a low center of gravity and an ultra-wide body to improve the problem of the high center of gravity of SUV models. The chair and functional intimate storage design meet the storage needs of car owners. The interior layout adopts the concept of luxury first-class cabin, covered with soft plastic and leather, with ergonomic leather seats, front seat hot and cold seats (with 8-way electric adjustment), mobile phone wireless charging stand, 10.25-inch full digital instrument, 10 The large-screen center control panel (with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto integrated system), 34-color ambient lighting and enhanced cabin sound insulation provide a luxurious and comfortable cabin experience.
The handling performance meets the needs. The new KORANDO uses the original factory-optimized and tuned engine to provide different power requirements, which are 1.5 liters of gasoline.
engine (output 163ps horsepower and 28.6kg-m maximum torque), and 1.6-liter diesel engine (output 136ps horsepower and 33.0kg-m torque). The gearbox is a 6-speed manual automatic transmission (with three driving modes), with steering wheel shift paddles, low center of gravity body design, front MacPherson/rear multi-link suspension system and chassis-reinforced sub-beam to increase the handling flexibility , and achieve a towing capacity of up to 2,000 kg. Create an SUV that takes into account RV handling, off-road performance and a comfortable cabin. With the attitude of an urban adventurer, boldly experience the unlimited fun that the car model brings to the driver.

The new KORANDO is officially listed and invites you to join
The new KORANDO is officially launched today (22nd), with three specifications including gasoline elite model, gasoline flagship model and diesel flagship model. It is offered to consumers at a preferential price starting from the suggested price of 1.048 million yuan. We sincerely welcome you to visit SsangYong all over Taiwan. Take a test ride in the showroom and feel the charm of KORANDO's charming models.For more information about the first-hand brands and promotions of SsangYong SsangYong Motors, please stay tuned to the official SsangYong
Fang website ( and SsangYong SsangYong Motors Facebook fan page.

◆ New KORANDO suggested selling price
Model suggested price (ten thousand yuan)
KORANDO 1.5 Gasoline Elite 104.8
KORANDO 1.5 Gasoline Ultimate 122.8
KORANDO 1.6 Diesel Ultimate 129.8
*The car prices stated in this press release are all suggested selling prices, and the prices are in NT dollars. The specifications, equipment and color of the car are subject to the actual car.Yongjia Shuanglong Automobile
The car reserves the right to change and interpret this project at any time.
*In this article, the actions of the above equipment such as towing capability, Deep Control intelligent assisted driving system and Level 2 semi-autonomous driving may be
There may be conditions and safety warnings. The product specifications are limited by space and may not be complete. Consumers must contact Yongjiashuang before purchasing.
Longge exhibition center or refer to SsangYong official website for related instructions, and should refer to the user manual and equipment manual.
*For detailed car color matching information, please contact each authorized exhibition center in Taiwan.


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