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SsangYong Rexton and Rexton Sports make their grand debut in the new year with multiple equipment upgrades to bring you some wild fun

General agent Yongjia Ssangyong Motors officially announced that the 24-year-old Rexton and Rexton Sports are now open for orders. SsangYong is world-famous and widely loved for its focus on developing four-wheel drive and off-road SUV vehicles. The launch of the new year model brings a number of equipment upgrades. It is the first choice for car owners who love outdoor activities to enjoy off-road fun and experience off-road. Life is now! Buy it immediately, priced from 1.198 million yuan (Note 1).

In order to let all car owners who love Korean off-road charm enjoy the glory, the general agent Yongjia Ssangyong has simultaneously launched a number of promotional gifts. Come to all Taiwan exhibitions this month to test drive the 24-year-old Rexton or Rexton Sports, and you can participate in the lottery of iPhone 14 Event, share your test drive experience and receive a free SsangYong car fragrance (Note 2). If you place an order this month, you will enjoy four great gifts, including a free accessory credit of RMB 20,000, unlimited mileage and towing service, a 5-year 100,000-kilometer warranty, and discounts on designated accessories (Note 3). If the vehicle is delivered this month, you will be able to Plus, get a 5,000 yuan maintenance gift voucher (Note 4). All guests are cordially invited to visit the exhibition room and experience the unparalleled passionate atmosphere.

[Rexton luxury flagship 7-seater off-road travel]Redefining flagship

Rexton's luxury flagship SUV has won many awards and safety recognition. It redefines flagship in the new era and adheres to the off-road performance, leisure space and luxurious appearance that meet the expectations of car owners. In terms of appearance, new flowing water front and rear blinkers are introduced, which are fashionable, eye-catching, and dynamic; new 20-inch flying aluminum rims further enhance the sense of luxury and make it even more grand. In terms of interior equipment, the 12.3-inch audio and video host is upgraded and equipped with a new touch-sensitive central control design, allowing you to enjoy the intuitive senses brought by technological convenience; the entire vehicle is equipped with a USB-C charging stand to meet the instant charging needs of the entire vehicle. The 24-year-old Rexton has greatly enhanced the unique top-level experience for car owners and passengers, giving a new definition to the off-road luxury flagship. The recommended price of the luxury model is 1.898 million yuan.

[Rexton Sports off-road pickup truck]Dynamic upgrade, the first choice for off-road

The 24-year-old Rexton Sports introduces the new entry-level specification Rexton Sports off-road version, priced at 1.198 million yuan, and simultaneously launches the Rexton Sports Warrior Edition, priced at 1.488 million yuan. Combined with multiple equipment upgrades, you can enjoy off-road fun.

In terms of appearance, the 20-inch rotating blade aluminum rims are upgraded to double the dynamics and make the off-road style more prominent; in terms of ride comfort, the damping is re-adjusted and the size of the body shock-absorbing pads is adjusted to greatly improve the ride comfort and make the ride more comfortable. The ride is more stable and comfortable; in terms of cabin experience, the 12.3-inch audio and video host is upgraded, and it is also equipped with a new central control design and a USB-C charging stand for the whole car, which greatly improves the operating quality and audio and video enjoyment quality. In addition, a labor-saving device is added to the cargo bed tailgate to help car owners make it lighter and more convenient to use. In terms of safety configuration, LEVEL 2 intelligent driving assistance (Note 5) has been introduced, including IACC autonomous intelligent adaptive cruise control, LKA lane maintenance system, etc., which can reduce the owner’s driving fatigue while improving overall driving safety.

The 24-year-old Rexton and Rexton Sports are now on the market, and a number of activities and promotional gifts have been launched at the same time. Adhering to the pioneering spirit of off-road SUVs and constantly pursuing progress, we sincerely invite car owners to come to the exhibition hall immediately to experience the charm of Korean off-road vehicles.

For more information about the 24-year-old Rexton and Rexton Sports, please refer to the SsangYong official website:


Rexton Sports:

SsangYong TAIWAN official website:

SsangYong TAIWAN fan page

Note 1: The car prices shown in this article are the Rexton luxury model with a suggested selling price of 1.898 million yuan, the Rexton Sports off-road version with a suggested selling price of 1.198 million yuan, and the Rexton Sports tough version with a suggested selling price of 1.488 million yuan. All amounts are in New Taiwan dollars. , the specifications, equipment and color of the vehicle are subject to the actual vehicle. Yongjia Ssangyong Motors reserves the right to change or discontinue product-related specifications and equipment.

Note 2: This lottery is only applicable to those who have completed the test drive of the 24-year-old Rexton or Rexton Sports at the SsangYong Taiwan Exhibition Center from now until October 31, 2023. The prize for this lucky draw is an Apple iPhone 14 Plus 128GB worth NT$29,900. If you share your test drive experience on your personal Facebook and tag "#SsangYong and #ssangyongauto" and the sharing target is set to public, you will receive a free SsangYong car fragrance. One atmosphere. According to the relevant provisions of the tax law, if the value of a single prize or the amount of payment exceeds NT$1,000, the prize income will be included in the personal annual comprehensive income tax return. The winner should cooperate with the tax laws of the Republic of China and submit the relevant prize receipts (status). (Photocopies of the front and back of the certificate/travel photo), an income tax withholding voucher will be issued to the winner in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. If the winner cannot cooperate, it will be deemed to have abstained and will automatically lose the qualification to receive the prize. Yongjia Ssangyong Motors reserves the right to change and explain this event at any time.

註三:本專案優惠僅適用於即日起至2023年10月31日前,於SsangYong全台展示中心訂購完成者;公司車、大宗批(標)售、租賃車、營業車及政府機關不適用本project. Yongjia Ssangyong Motors reserves the right to change and explain this project at any time.

Note 4: This project discount is only applicable to those who complete the delivery of new cars at SsangYong Taiwan Exhibition Center from now until October 31, 2023; company cars, bulk (tender) sales, rental cars, business cars and government agencies are not eligible Applicable to this project. Yongjia Ssangyong Motors reserves the right to change and explain this project at any time.

Note 5: The active safety equipment, passive safety equipment and SRS airbag activation of the entire vehicle described in this article are subject to conditions. For relevant explanations, please contact dealers nationwide.

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