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St. Otto's British Craft BeerFearless Market Hard British Classics Return

ST Austell St Otto English craft brewery still 100% family run for 170 years

A good brand is not lonely. St. Austell Brewery, which won three gold medals in last year's International Beer Challenge, will be crowned "Best Independent Brewery" (Supreme Champion: Family Business of the Year; Beer and Cider) Marketer of the Year and other awards) to enter the Taiwan market. The St. Otto Distillery in Cornwall (Cornwell) in the southwest of England was founded in 1851 by Mr. Walter Hicks with a loan of 1,500 pounds. After more than 170 years of ups and downs, it still insists on being 100% family-run, just for the sake of Continuing the fine tradition of British beer. The hero who made the brewery famous is the chief brewer Mr. Roger Ryman (1967-2020) who joined in 1999. He is the only two-time British brewer of the year, and the only one A brewer who won the UK Bottled Beer of the Year title with two different beers, and succeeded head brewer Ms. Georgina Young (Head Brewer from Bath Ale Distillery, acquired by the Hicks family in 2018, also in 1999). Serving as Production Brewer at Fuller's, on the one hand, continues the brewery's brewing tradition and leads the brewery's continued success in the craft beer industry. At present, almost all items of the brewery have won awards in major beer competitions. To say that St. Austell is a large-scale and award-winning orthodox British craft brewery, there should be few people in the United Kingdom.

According to IWSR data, the total sales of beer in Taiwan in 2021 will continue the decline since 2018, with a decline of 4.1% (compared to 2020, the number is as high as 3.6 million cases). We also found that the main decline is that everyone is familiar with dozens of The classic domestic and imported commercial beer in 2018, compared with the decline of the two former leaders, other Japanese, American and European imported commercial beers have grown against the trend. Imported craft beer is very different from the traditional drinking habits of commercial beer, the variety is complex, and the price is far higher than commercial beer (import costs are rising due to the raging epidemic, soaring sea and air prices, and prolonged delivery.) In addition, local wineries can quickly and frequently launch new products to satisfy consumers' early adopter mentality and other unfavorable factors due to their favorable geographical location and cost. Fortunately, there is still a slight growth, but because the overall sales volume is extremely low, it is not for the overall market. impact is negligible. For the importer of craft beer, it is necessary to meet the market consumers' attitude of seeking new and changing, and the price is often not enough to meet the cost. More quality craft beer seems like a big problem.

Consumers who have a deep understanding of imported craft beer should be familiar with the brand "St. Austell". This excellent brand was imported to Taiwan in 2017. However, due to the drag of the environment, this brand is no longer available. is imported. Jiafu trade, which has been deeply involved in British craft beer for many years, will of course not let excellent wineries and wines be buried and forgotten. After two years of negotiations, the epidemic is still raging and the environment is still unclear. In 2022, we still resolutely bring it to Taiwan, just simply hope that more stores and consumers can enjoy a cup/bottle of "mild but not boring, traditional but very durable" British style. Craft beer. If you want to enjoy classic and orthodox British craft beer, you must not miss "St. Austell St. Otto British Craft Beer"

Award-winning and well-established orthodox British craft brewery - three gold medals and best independent brewery in the International Beer Challenge

product description

St. Austell St. Otto British craft beer

Available August 2022


St Austell_Tribute Saints

20Over the years, I have not adjusted the wine recipe formula, and carried the winery on one shoulder80%of sales.must pilgrimage wine

CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain, Best Bitter, Bronze Medal

British Bottlers' Institute, Ales, abv 4.0% – 4.4%, officially certified

CAMRA South West Regional Champion Beer of Britain, Bitters, Silver Medal

2020 Beer Advocate UK's most popular beer

Fresh orange peel and tropical fruit aromas hit the nose, filling the palate with fresh orange, grapefruit and malt flavours. Refreshing and easy to drink, it goes well with chicken and fish.

Capacity: 500ml

Alcohol concentration: 4.2% / IBU 25

Suggested selling price: NT$ 220


St Austell_Proper-Job full day

sporadicIPAThe wine, the punch of the British-American mixed-race beauty

2021 International Beer Challenge, Black Ales & IPAs, Gold Medal

Bartenders' Brand Awards, Taste, Bronze

British Bottlers’ Institute, IPA (India Pale Ale), abv 4.0% – 5.4%, gold medal

CAMRA South West Regional Champion Beer of Britain, Bottled Ale, Silver Medal

The clean grass in the prairie is full of citrus, pineapple, and grapefruit flavors. After the entrance, it has a rich and full of light and elegant rosin and sweet hop flavor.Heavy-duty food all-match, bestBBQcompanion!

Capacity: 500ml

Alcohol concentration: 5.5% / IBU 60

Suggested selling price: NT$ 220

Korev sea surge

St Austell_Korev surge

As pale gold as the morning sun, as fresh and refreshing as the sea breeze, as refreshing as the waves lapping our shores!

2021 International Beer Challenge, Lagers – Pale lagers, Gold Medal

Bartenders' Brand Awards, Value, Silver Medal

Bartender's Brand Awards, Taste, Silver Medal

British Bottlers’ Institute, Lagers, abv 4.0% – 5.5%,Gold, gold medal

Delicate and clean flavors of herbs and honey, light bubbles beat on the tongue after the entrance, refreshing and easy to drink. After entering the throat, the wonderful barley aftertaste hits like a surge.

Capacity: 500ml

Alcohol concentration: 4.8% / IBU 25

Suggested selling price: NT$ 220

HICKs in the name of the father

St-Austell_Hicks - in the name of the father

A classic named after its founder, St. Otto's most legendary and precious deep ruby

CAMRA South West Regional Real Ale In a Bottle (RAIB), Bronze Medal

classic englishStrong AleStyle, body, full flavour, aromas of toffee and raisins, immersed in a rich fruit biscuit. It goes well with red meat dishes such as beef stew!

Capacity: 500ml

Alcohol concentration: 5.0% / IBU 50

Suggested selling price: NT$ 220

MENA DHU sanctuary

St Austell_Mena-Dhu Temple

The new generation of Stout, the collection of six malts, the traditional malt and pale malt provide the foundation of richness and depth, the chocolate and smoked malt have a unique flavor, and the oat and roasted barley malt add the character of the finish.

International Brewing Awards, Dark Beer 3.8% – 4.7%, Bronze

International Beer Challenge, Silver Medal

Oak smoky aroma, toasted styleEspressoServe with dark chocolate and finish with a touch of licorice. Versatile for spicy flavors, cheddar cheese, and even berry desserts!

Capacity: 500ml

Alcohol concentration: 4.5% / IBU 45

Suggested selling price: NT$ 220

BIG JOB Shuangquan (invincible limited edition wine full of hops and full of medals; a small amount of Taiwan will be launched in September 2022)

St Austell_Big-Job double full

After Tianquan, do double overdoing! UK Bottled Beer Champion. Full of hops, fragrant and powerful!

2021 International Beer Challenge, New World Styles IPAs, Gold Medal

International Brewing Awards, Strong Ale, Bronze Medal

SIBA’s (The Society of Independent Brewers) Independent Beer Awards, Strong Beers, 金牌獎

SIBA's Independent Beer Awards, Bottled/Can/Cask – Strong Beers, Gold Award

SIBA's Independent Beer Awards, Overall Champion – Bottle/Can/Cask, Gold Award

CAMRA South West Regional Champion Beer of Britain, Bottled Ale, Gold Medal

CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain, Bronze Medal

CAMRA South West Regional Real Ale In a Bottle (RAIB), Gold Medal

The fresh lemon and hop aromas attack strongly, and the mouthfeel is smooth like a citrus, and it is bold without feeling the weight of alcohol. In addition to the perfect match with grilled meats, it is also a perfect match for chili or spicy food!

Capacity: 500ml

Alcohol concentration: 7.2% / IBU 70

Suggested selling price: NT$ 250


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