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Still hugging the pipa and half covering the faceVolkswagen ID.7

●The new ID series medium and large electric RV

●Car length 4,975mm, wheelbase 2,970mm

15-inch Touch Slider digital capacitive touch bar controls the central control screen

●WLTP cruising range up to 700km

Earlier, Volkswagen used two concept cars, ID. Vizzion and ID. Aero, to reveal that the ID electric car series will eventually have a four-door RV plan. Now at the CES American International Consumer Electronics Show, it finally officially unveiled a new mid-to-large electric car named ID.7. Although the RV still wears QR Code-like color-changing digital camouflage that makes it difficult to get a glimpse of the whole picture, many specifications and details are already intriguing.

The ID. family's first RV product debut

Following ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, ID.6 and ID. Buzz, the reason why ID.7 has attracted much attention is that it is the first RV in the Volkswagen electric family. Even the Passat Sedan, an old-fashioned RV product, has been forced into the era of history. At this moment, the launch of a three-box four-door electric model is definitely not only intended to expand the product line, but also to fill the gap in the market and retain the support of RV enthusiasts around the world. , is the mission of ID.7 after it goes on the market in the future.

Therefore, the ID.7 with a length of about 4,975mm and a wheelbase of 2,970mm will obviously have a larger bowl than its main rivals such as Tesla Model 3 or Hyundai Ioniq 6 in terms of body size, and even enlarge it to almost Tesla Model in one fell swoop. With the S shape, you can enjoy more enjoyment at the same price. It is bound to be more competitive for the big car markets such as China and the United States that are first launched.

ID.7, with a length of about 4,975mm and a wheelbase of 2,970mm, will obviously be longer and larger than its main rivals such as Tesla Model 3 or Hyundai Ioniq 6 in terms of body size.

The cockpit will not be performed directly, and I will show it to you once

Compared with the moderately camouflaged appearance brought about by self-illumination technology and independent multi-color block planning, the open and honest ID.7 cockpit at CES can be said to be more sincere. Not only the overall design is fully disclosed to the world, but also various The configuration and details have also been revealed. Unlike other ID. car series released previously, the central control screen is enlarged to 15 inches and has a Touch Slider digital capacitive touch bar control interface, and the entire center console range There are Smart Air Vents in the interior, which can blow air conditioning over a large area and wide area to effectively improve ride comfort. As for the main information in front of the driver, it is changed to a multi-functional HUD with a large area and augmented reality function. Provided by the display, the main instrument can be reduced to fit into the shape of the center console, which makes the visual perception more refreshing. Together with the ID. Let ID.7 maintain a technological and avant-garde visual perception in line with the identity of the electric family.

ID.7 is equipped with ID.Light interactive light bar, surrounding cabin atmosphere light and three-spoke capacitive touch flat-bottomed steering wheel, and uses Smart Air Vents to enhance the comfort of the cockpit.
The central control screen of ID.7 has been enlarged from the 12-inch brother model to 15-inch, and has a Touch Slider digital capacitive touch bar control interface.

Reinforcement of MEB platform

In terms of kinetic energy, according to Volkswagen, ID.7 still adopts the 400V voltage architecture of the MEB platform. Interestingly, the announced WLTP cruising range is as high as 700km. It is still mysterious, so it is not yet known whether it will have dual power options such as single and dual motors, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive, as expected. As for performance data and charging speed, we can only know when Volkswagen continues to release information. up.

In addition to being sold in China and North America, the new ID.7 will also be released in the European market at the initial stage. The real mass-produced model will be officially announced in the second quarter of 2023. As for the European ID. 7Is it expected to be launched in Taiwan in the future? Wait a minute, we haven't seen the arrival of ID.3 yet!

In addition to sales in the Chinese and North American markets, it will also be released in the European market at the initial stage. As for the cruising range that everyone is most interested in, it can reach 700km according to the WLTP specification.


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