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Subaru New Year health check starts to provide 36 free health checks in five major systems

At the end of the year and the new year, in order to make your car welcome the brand new 2023 in the best condition,SUBARUThe "SUBARU New Year's Health Check" event is specially launched. From December 1, 2022 to January 20, 2023, anyone who makes an appointment to return to the factory during the event will not only provide a total of 36 free health checks for the five major systems of the car, but also enjoy exquisite Exclusive discounts for car body beauty and original spare parts, and a free gift for a single purchase. SUBARU hopes to provide every car owner with the most professional and attentive service to enjoy a wonderful journey with peace of mind and pleasure.

  • SUBARU Chinese New Year Health Check” promotion details are as follows:
  • Provide a total of 36 free health checks for five major systems including tires, brakes, chassis, engine room, and car electronics.
  • Car body beauty (Note 1) Exclusive offers:
    • 10% discount on disinfection and sterilization in the car.
    • Glass oil film removal 95% off.
    • Body water repellent, body waxing, body waxing including interior oiling maintenance, 15% off body beauty
    • 15% off body water repellent + glass oil film

Applied to the car body: water repellent, waxing, small beauty treatment will give you a free disinfection and sterilization in the car

  • 17% off

Including hood, fenders, doors, bumpers, lamps, front and rear bumpers, wheel arc trim. (Note 2)

  • 30% off Autoglym beauty DIY items.
  • 12% off, 13% off brake consumables. (Note 2)
  • . (Limited to a single purchase of 4 pieces)
  • Buy 5 get 1 free on carbon removal cleaner (limited to single purchase).
  • 60% off. (Note 2)

Items include dust-proof car floor mats, functional storage nets, sporty side skirts, fashionable textured sunglasses, SUBARIST exclusive clothing, and water-repellent urban briefcases

  • Generous gifts in the Spring Festival, and generous gifts for a single purchase (Note 3):
    • For the full amount of 8,800 yuan, a SUBARU pure cowhide key case will be given as a gift.
    • For the full amount of 16,800 yuan, a SUBARU aluminum alloy ultra-style surface paper box will be given as a gift
    • For the full amount of 23,800 yuan, a SUBARU skin-friendly and warm fleece blanket will be presented.

SUBARU Taiwan's exhibition center and service factory sincerely invite all car owners to call in advance to make an appointment to return to the factory. For more details about this health checkup, please visit the official website of SUBARU Taiwan: inquiries, or contact SUBARU Taiwan Service Factory:

(Note 1: Not all maintenance workshops provide this service for car body beauty treatment. It depends on what each service workshop provides. Remind you to confirm with the maintenance workshop that this service is provided before making an appointment.)

(Note 2: Parts/accessories are applicable to vehicle models, please contact each service factory.)

(Note 3: The return to the factory full-value gift is limited to vehicles that are fully paid at their own expense, and the number of gifts/full-value gifts is limited. The details of the event discounts are subject to the announcements of each SUBARU authorized exhibition center and service factory in Taiwan. Amendment rights.)


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