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Summer dark muscle battle!Netizens love this kind of whitening skin care products

In the scorching summer, in addition to making people sweaty, the ultraviolet rays brought by the sun are more likely to cause melanin deposition on the skin, and even light spots. Especially in the era of epidemic, wearing a mask for a long time can easily make the skin hypoxic and dull, which has become a lot of beauty lovers. Troubled mind. In order to meet the public's various needs for whitening and maintenance, related products on the market are constantly being introduced, and in order to maintain clear skin, which type of whitening and maintenance products do most of the public pay attention to?

"Social Lab Community Lab" uses the "OpView Community Word-of-mouth Database" to track the online performance of the topic of "whitening and skin care products" in the past three months, and takes you to understand the four major whitening and skin care products that netizens are talking about. Types, and what are the five major purchasing factors.

"Essence" helps you concentrate on repairing your skin "Mask" is a good first aid for the skin

There are a wide variety of whitening and maintenance products on the market, which can be roughly divided into various categories according to their texture and type, and each has been discussed by the public because of its different characteristics. In each category, "Essence" took the top spot, because the concentrated ingredients can inject nutrients into the skin in a short time and are considered to be an indispensable part of the whitening and maintenance steps. People often share their used ones in the discussion area. The whitening essence, many netizens have followed the essence to make "sallow skin obviously brighter"; and the "whitening mask", known as a good first aid for the skin, is deeply loved by many people who work overtime and stay up late, and some people say " If you stay up late (it’s easy to get dull), apply a mask for first aid”, “The skin will be brighter the next day if you apply it thickly.”

In addition, moisturizing is essential to make the skin white, tender and translucent, and "lotions and creams" are important keys to lock in moisture, and because different skin conditions are suitable for different textures, they have become the focus of heated discussions among netizens. When sharing the purchase of lotions and creams, they will evaluate the suitable whitening and moisturizing products according to their skin type and skin condition, which attracts other people to respond enthusiastically and discuss "combination skin, summer oil peeling in winter, this can (whitening lotion) is good for me. It's really sugary", "If you have sensitive skin, do you think you can try it?" and so on.

Five factors for purchasing whitening and maintenance products

Then, looking at the factors that netizens have been discussing about the purchase of whitening and skincare products, we can see that the public pays special attention to the "feeling of efficacy". A few days ago, some netizens shared the most interesting skin-whitening products they have ever used, expressing their hope that skincare products "don't rub their hearts". It attracted many people to share their favorite brands and said, "This can improve my dull skin!" At the same time, some people bought whitening products that were not suitable for them, calling on other netizens not to step on the thunder, which shows the benefits of whitening products. The effect of feeling, much attention by netizens.

In addition, "personal skin quality and applicable ingredients" is also one of the important considerations for the public when purchasing whitening and maintenance products. Someone once mentioned in the discussion area "do you look at the ingredients when buying skin care products?", sharing their own When buying whitening skin care products, they will pay special attention to the content and ingredients. Netizens agree that "allergic skin must look at (ingredients)", "I will look at the ingredients now, so that skin care products are not suitable", etc., and they share their skin conditions and purchases one after another. experience. The "texture" of whitening and maintenance products is also often hotly debated. Many netizens will share the unboxing text of whitening and maintenance products, and for the product texture, they say that "the texture of the lotion can be absorbed quickly", "the texture is moisturizing and not sticky", etc. In the hot summer, I am particularly fond of refreshing skin care products.

There are all kinds of whitening and maintenance products. Have you recently purchased whitening and maintenance products? You may wish to refer to the suggestions of the above netizens, add a few cans of whitening skin care products to the shopping cart, save the skin that has been tanned in the heat of the summer, and let yourself get back to hydrated and translucent skin!


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