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Summer vacation finale romantic movie "First Love Slowly" premiered star-studded Xu Ruoxuan, Ke Zhendong Public Kissing Secrets

The summer finale romantic love movie "First Love is a Half-Beat" is directed by Chen Junlin, starring Xu Ruoxuan, Ke Zhendong, Yu Ziyu, and Fan Shaoxun. The film will be released across Taiwan on August 26. The film is directed by Chen Junlin after "One Page of Taipei". The third feature film is a love story about modern people's craving for warmth and loneliness because of their busy work or indulging in social software, and heals every lonely person with a brisk rhythm. The film premiere will be held today (August 24th). Producer Li Yaohua and director Chen Junlin will lead actors such as Xu Ruoxuan, Ke Zhendong, Yu Ziyu, Hou Yanxi, Hei Jiajia, Zhu Luhao, Yao Chunyao, Huang Xinyao, Guan Shimin, Qiao Yalin, etc. For the first time, the company gathered together to participate in the grand event. Starlight friends include Chen Bolin, Peng Jiahui, Luo Meiling, Yang Yizhan, Ding Ning, Zhuang Kaixun, Shen Jianhong, Chen Yi, Huang Jingyi (Xiaoxun), Wei Ruyun, Shao Yuwei, Yan Yige, Huang Xuan, Noovy member Shang Rong Yu Shang Jun, Chen Yanfei, Wu Zifei, Lin Weijie, Jian Zhenting, and director Wang Weiming also showed up to support, attracting fans to fill the theater! Although Zhang Junning, who became sisters with Xu Ruoxuan in "Lonely Taste", was unable to come, she also sent a flower basket to express her support, which moved Xu Ruoxuan.

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In the film, Xu Ruoxuan and Ke Zhendong have an ambiguous relationship with each other. When recalling a kissing scene in the film, Xu Ruoxuan and Ke Zhendong said in unison that because the filming process was in a state, the kissing scene went very smoothly. Yu Ziyu analyzed that Xiaohong, played by Ke Zhendong, should have a little Oedipus complex and like girls who give him a sense of security. Ke Zhendong also praised: "Every time we are filming, we can't stop laughing. Sister Ziyu has mastered the rhythm of comedy very well!" The spark between mother and son continued. In the film, Hou Yanxi plays Ke Zhendong's cousin, and takes Ke Zhendong to the "hotel for first experience". The host Huang Zijiao accused Hou Yanxi of being the one who brought Ke Zhendong down. Hou Yanxi joked that it all started from him, and asked Ke Zhendong to thank him: " I am a very important pusher, because of me, I have the opportunity to let him know Sister V." The host Huang Zijiao asked Hou Yanxi and Yao Chunyao to choose one of the two, and chose a date from Xu Ruoxuan and Hei Jiajia, forcing Xu Ruoxuan to appear on the stage to canvass votes, Yao Chunyao was shy Choosing the goddess Xu Ruoxuan, Hou Yanxi made a bold statement, specifying to have coffee with Xu Ruoxuan during the day and a date with Hei Jiajia in the evening.

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Director Huang Xinyao and Vivian Hsu Golden Horse Award formed a bond Yu Ziyu talks about mother's classics

Of course, there are many suitors around the beautiful sister. Director Chen Junlin specially invited Huang Xinyao, the director of "Classmate Manas", to make a cameo appearance as a suitor of Xu Ruoxuan. To continue the fate of the previous Golden Horse Awards ceremony, Huang Xinyao played the glib middle-aged man. The acting was quite expressive, and Xu Ruoxuan admitted that he couldn't help laughing many times: "The more calm and expressionless he is, the more I want to laugh. The scene is really crazy!" The host Huang Zijiao also described Huang Xinyao's performance as a show-stealer after watching the movie. Huang Xinyao said: "I was a dancer who spent a whole day in the dance hall. I was very embarrassed for Xu Ruoxuan's hair and feet, but it was difficult to face his performance on the big screen." There are many gods and goddesses in the film, Yao Chunyao, Hou Yanxi and Hei Jiajia also staged the scene of two men robbing one woman, competing for fancy love, asking about the roles of the actors, Yao Chunyao said that he liked Hou Yanxi's cousin the most, and Hou Yanxi smiled and replied: "I also I really like the villain played by Yao Chunyao, his voice and posture are completely changed, and when I see him appearing, I immediately burst into laughter!" Hei Jiajia is very interested in Ke Zhendong in the film, but he likes the mother Meiling played by Sister Ziyu the most. The characters feel very cordial, like family.

Guan Shimin plays the waitress in the bar, opposite Fan Shaoxun, Guan Shimin said: "Making a movie is very different from an MV! I am most impressed with Sister Ziyu, because she is very similar to her mother and projected onto her family members." Qiao Yalin, the "blind date girl" who had a blind date with Ke Zhendong's character Xiaohong, made Huang Zijiao exclaim that she was thin and could not recognize the same person. Zhu Luhao, a veteran actor at the "teacher" level, pursued Yu Ziyu hard in the play, and shared the regrettable love he had talked about before on the spot. Watching the movie was especially touching.

"First love is half a beat" Chen Junlin filmed a strong lonely fuDedicated to the lonely people in the world

Director Chen Junlin said that the film should be made for lonely people, about the phenomenon that modern people tend to feel lonely and incomprehensible, and said: "This is a very cute and warm film, the actors' performances are great, please come and enjoy the actors' performances. Performance!" Producer Li Yaohua explained: "Loneliness is not necessarily a bad thing, I especially like the scene where they are looking at the goldfish, which is very artistic." Xu Ruoxuan said frankly: "The development of technology will make communication easier, but from another perspective Looking at it, it has become more difficult. Although you can reach people by sending a message, it is more difficult for words to touch your heart. After watching "First Love Slowly", you will feel a kind of healing touch." Optimistic personality Yu Ziyu also sighed: "When I was diagnosed before, although I could keep in touch with everyone, technology sometimes brings an inexplicable sense of distance. I still like to meet the people I love face-to-face." The theater was well healed by director Chen Junlin's unique fresh style.

faster slower Meeting you is the point

Xiao Hong (Ke Zhendong) is a gentle, polite and handsome boy. He is 29 years old, but he is still single. He lives with his mother Meiling (played by Yu Ziyu), but Meiling loves Xiaohong too much and habitually plays chess for her son's life, which makes Xiaohong lack of confidence and even a little social barrier. Until Xiaohong met the hotel's deputy manager Lele (played by Xu Ruoxuan), the understanding Lele solved many dilemmas for Xiaohong and let Xiaohong taste the taste of love for the first time, but the seemingly strong and cheerful Lele also has Because of her own troubles, she had a short marriage when she was young. After the divorce, she didn't know how to deal with her children, so she decided to escape and sent her son Weijie (Fan Shaoxun) back to her hometown to be brought up by her grandmother. The alienation between mother and son made her happy. Le was tormented, and Xiao Hong, who was with her at this time, became her safe haven...


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