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"Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S" will be drunk for New Year's luck! "Happy Spring Tiger Year Good Luck" will debut in limited quantities.

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Suntory's top beer, The PREMIUM MALT'S, has launched the golden "Happy Spring Tiger Year of the Tiger", which is the first choice for gifts and personal use during the New Year.

Chinese New Year is coming,Japan's top beer leading brandSuntory Premium BeerThe PREMIUM MALT’S"Every year, a limited-time zodiac-style packaging is specially launched during the Chinese New Year. The texture design full of New Year's imagery is loved by many beer fans. In the coming year of the tiger, "Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S" will launch the golden "Spring Tiger Good Luck" in order to convey good luck in the New Year. It will be sold at the whole family in mid-January, and other designated channels will be available in Launching in late January (limited sales, while stocks last).

The bottle body full of Japanese Spring Festival imagery, with the rich and mellow taste and the meticulous finish of the rich hop aroma, is definitely the first choice for gifts and personal use during the New Year. At the same time, in order to allow consumers to have a better enjoyment at the family reunion time, Carrefour and RT-Mart have launched a limited Spring Festival event. During the event, if you spend the full amount, you will have the opportunity to get a "Suntory Magic Bubble Machine", which can easily make dense foam at home. Beer foam, enjoy the top feeling like an izakaya. The wonderful taste of gathering and drinking during the Chinese New Year is definitely unforgettable!

Japanese craftsmen insist on brewing "the world's top natural aquatic beer"

Suntory Brewers adheres to the philosophy of "comparing to The PREMIUM MALT'S made yesterday, it tastes better today", from the raw materials to the production process, there are irrevocable craftsmen. Selected two barley and added rare "diamond malt", you can feel the unique taste of the strong malt aroma blooming on the tip of the tongue at the entrance, and you can taste the gorgeous aroma at the end; in order to brew "the world's top natural aquatic beer", Adhere to brewing with 100% deep natural water in Japan, and then use Suntory's unique "secondary boiling method" and "European strong-flavor hop production method", so that the carefully selected raw materials can be used more vividly.

From the input of raw materials to the fermentation, Suntory brewers strictly control the production process. "Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S" brewed with ingenuity and persistence has won the highest award in the "Monde Selection Beer Division of the World Food Evaluation Organization" for three consecutive years. Lifetime Glory of the Gold Award. The rich and mellow taste with a delicate tail rhyme is the first choice for many beer lovers.

2022In 2019, the limited edition "Happy Spring Tiger Year of the Tiger" was launched. Let's drink the "Tiger" spirit of the New Year together!

In response to the arrival of the Lunar New Year, "Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S" has launched a new Chinese New Year-limited "Good Luck for the Year of the Tiger" package. The generous and textured golden bottle has a festive symbol of "rolling wealth", and the Japanese wind chimes with the pattern of "Yinhu" represent "the prayer of "no disease, no disaster, and no evil", conveying the sincere blessing of "health, no pain, and no bad luck"; festive Surrounded by the strong word "Yingchun", there are "Three Friends of the Cold Year (pine, bamboo and plum)", which means evergreen in winter, as well as the red Mount Fuji, which symbolizes peace and wealth. It perfectly integrates the New Year elements of Taiwan and Japan. The tiger tiger and the wind” means blessing.

The Lunar New Year is a time to get together with friends and relatives. Whether it’s a reunion dinner with family members on New Year’s Eve, or a New Year’s gift, “Suntory’s top beer, The PREMIUM MALT’S (good luck for the Year of the Tiger)” is definitely on. The best choice for good luck in the Year of the Tiger. In 2022, the limited sales of the "Spring Tiger Year of the Tiger Good Luck" will be available on the whole family in mid-January, and other designated channels will be launched in late January. miss!

"Suntory's top beer, The PREMIUM MALT'S (Good Luck for the Year of the Tiger)" perfectly integrates the elements of the New Year from Taiwan and Japan.

The top texture and perfect taste double satisfy the "Suntory God Bubble Machine", which makes the New Year's ceremony even more enjoyable!

The perfect proportion of beer foam not only adds to the unique aroma of beer, but also maintains the refreshing taste of beer. When enjoying a sumptuous and delicious New Year's dish, pairing it with a refreshing beer with creamy fine foam will definitely bring a taste and visual sensation. Double top experience. In order to make it easy to enjoy high-quality drinking beer at home, Suntory has specially launched the "Suntory Magic Bubble Machine". Just place the machine lightly on the opening of the Suntory canned beer, press the switch, and through ultrasonic vibration, it can create a cream like cream As dense beer foam, you can taste the good taste brought by the perfect ratio of 3:7 foam and beer at any time!

In order to allow consumers to experience the enjoyment of being in a Japanese-style izakaya at home during the Chinese New Year, anyone who purchases "Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S" series at Carrefour during the designated event period is over NT 999, or purchases "Suntory" at RT-Mart 4 hands (24 cans in total) of the top beer "The PREMIUM MALT'S" series of beers, you can get a "Suntory God Bubble Machine" for free, which is only available in Taiwan.

※limited quantity available. For details of the event, please contact the official Facebook of "Suntory Top Beer The PREMIUM MALT'S" or the designated channel.

The "Suntory Magic Foaming Machine" can easily create dense beer foam of izakaya level, adding the unique aroma of beer. Purchase "Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S" series during the New Year's event at Carrefour or RT-Mart, and you can get a "Suntory Magic Bubble Machine".

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