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Sure enough, electric car fires are scary!? Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray burns out

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●Corvette development car burned out during test drive
●The cause of the fire was a bad oil pipe?
The Corvette that caught fire was a gasoline-electric hybrid "Corvette E-Ray"?

Corvette development car burns out during test drive

Chevrolet Corvette

Spanish automotive media reported that the Corvette had burst into flames.

The Corvette that burned down this time was a vehicle tested in southern Europe by one of its suppliers, Bosch. In the photo, the body of the car can be seen completely burned and out of shape. But there were no casualties.


The cause of the fire was a bad oil pipe?

There is also a video of the Corvette test car burning on Instagram, and only part of the rim and braking system can be seen in the video.

In the video, it can be seen that the rear of the car body and the rear seat area are burning violently. After the Corvette is overhauled, the engine is placed in the middle of the rear of the cabin. It is reasonable to suspect that the fire may be related to the power system.

According to, the fire was caused by overheating caused by running out of gasoline and increasing the load on the engine.

The high-temperature heat energy of the overheated engine is conducted to the battery of the gasoline-electric hybrid system, causing a fire to burn.

Once the battery catches fire, it will cause the phenomenon of "thermal runaway" or "thermal chain", which will spread the fire, which is also regarded as a major problem of electric vehicle fire. Once the battery is on fire, it is difficult to put out the fire in a short time, which may also be the main reason for the complete burnout of the Corvette test car.

Is the Corvette on fire a gasoline-electric hybrid "Corvette E-Ray"?

According to, the Corvette that caught fire is the "Corvette E-Ray" that is rumored to be the first gasoline-electric hybrid in the car series. Corvette E-Ray and "E-Ray" applied for a trademark to the US Patent Office at the same time, confirming the existence of its car.

In April 2022, Chevrolet announced on Twitter that the Corvette equipped with electrified technology "will debut as soon as next year", and the all-electric Corvette will follow.

If the Corvette burned this time is really the Corvette E-Ray equipped with electrification technology, while paying attention to its performance, there will also be doubts about its safety.

Original source:After all, EV car fires are scary! ?Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray burns down in fire without a trace
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