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SUZUKI offers continuous car purchase discounts for the whole car series|Take a test ride and then give a good gift2022 Auto News Awards and another good news ▶SWIFT & IGNIS both won awards

SUZUKI's entire car series has a lot of good gifts and discounts. This month, you can get SUZUKI's exclusive mobile phone holder when you visit the dealers in the province to appreciate the car. You can get SUZUKI's exclusive cold bag for a test ride, and you can also enjoy surrogate car insurance when you get a license! Don't miss out on limited-time offers, come to the nearest dealer for a test ride.

The performance of VITARA technology has been comprehensively enhanced to stimulate your desire for driving! Equipped with a new 1.4L BOOSTERJET in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine and a new generation of 48V HYBRID light oil-electric technology, it outputs a powerful power of 129.2 PS / 23.9kgm, and the S model also achieves high efficiency and energy saving with an average fuel consumption of 19.3 km/L*. Not only the kinetic energy is improved, VITARA allows you to play more wild! ALLGRIP timely intelligent four-wheel drive system, through the switching of four driving modes (AUTO▶ focus on fuel efficiency, SPORT▶ suitable for twisty roads, SNOW▶ suitable for special terrain such as snow, LOCK▶ used when trapped), can be used according to different You can choose according to road conditions and preferences, and enjoy the fun of driving. With the excellent body structure and lightweight design, it achieves a sense of tranquility and superior fuel consumption. At the moment of galloping, Suzuki Safety Support safety technology also provides accompanying protection, equipped with ACC active safety distance cruise control, BSM side blind spot detection, DSBS dual sensor brake assist, LDWS lane departure warning, RCTA rear side warning And the Weaving alert driving fatigue warning system, from passive to active, provides comprehensive protection for drivers and passengers.

Entering VITARA this month, you can enjoy the preferential price of 890,000 yuan for the government to replace the old with the new one, and then you can enjoy the car insurance and MICHELIN NR series skin care grade anti-UV400 multi-layer optical heat insulation paper. Welcome to SUZUKI dealer show center in Taiwan to appreciate the car Take a test ride and experience the wild charm of VITARA.

Since SWIFT and IGNIS introduced the HYBRID light oil tram model in Taiwan in 2020, they have immediately received a great response from consumers. The judging panel composed of consumer representatives has lived up to expectations and won the "Best Imported Small Car" and "Best Imported Urban Car" for two consecutive years.

With a classic and fashionable design concept, IGNIS perfectly combines the hatchback function with the SUV model. The cabin space extends horizontally to provide a vast and comfortable visual experience. The rear seat adopts a 6/4 split design, which can change to a maximum storage space of 501L. Through safety technology equipment such as SUZUKI Safety Support and DCBS brake assist system, the extremely intelligent driving guard is created. In terms of power, IGNIS is newly equipped with SHVS HYBRID light oil-electric technology and a new 1.2L DUALJET engine, creating a first-class energy efficiency with an average fuel consumption of 22.1km/L. In addition, the 1,197cc minimum stage displacement creates a double effect of IGNIS tax and fuel. Energy saving performance.

SWIFT outlines the wild and true character with extremely dynamic body lines. The interior adopts a sporty ring cabin design, and is equipped with an integrated running-style instrument panel, which shows a warm-blooded atmosphere wherever you can see it. Equipped with HYBRID light oil and electricity technology, it combines a 12V ISG integrated starter motor generator and a new 1.2L DUALJET engine, showing excellent first-class energy efficiency with an average fuel consumption of 22.3km/L. SWIFT is fully equipped with SUZUKI Safety Support, including ACC active distance cruise, DSBS dual sensor brake assist, BSM side blind spot detection and other eight active safety technologies, allowing you to easily drive the model you want.

SWIFT Sport can be described as a performance supercar in the SUZUKI car series, showing its powerful ability with a more performance-oriented design. Equipped with HYBRID light oil-electric technology, combined with 48V ISG integrated starter generator and lithium-ion battery, the SHVS smart hybrid vehicle is equipped with a 1.4L BOOSTERJET in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine, creating a maximum horsepower of 129.2ps and a maximum torque of 23.9kgm. Crazy kinetic energy. Combined with the first-introduced 6-speed manual configuration and the comprehensive active safety protection of SUZUKI Safety Support, you can release speed and passion more carefree in the lane.

Dear car fans and friends who love SUZUKI, finally SUZUKI sincerely invites you to visit the SUZUKI dealer exhibition center in the province to inquire about the test ride of the car.

The SUZUKI promotion plan for June 2022 is as follows:

car modelContents of the promotion plan
Whole carSUZUKI exclusive mobile phone holder for car reward
Free SUZUKI exclusive cold bag for test ride
Licensed to receive MICHELIN NR series skin care
Grade anti-UV400 multilayer optical thermal insulation paper
Licensed to enjoy car chauffeur insurance
VITARALicensing bonus stainless steel door sill trim/sport spoiler
IGNISLicensing bonus exclusive rear wing / door sill trim
SWIFT"Model 50" Car Purchase Project
Valid from now on - 2022/06/30

Protected character:

1. This picture is for reference only, if it does not match the real car, please use the real car as the main one.
2. The promotion plan for the licensing gifts of various car models in June 2022 is valid from June 01, 2022 to June 30, 2022 who have completed the licensing process.

3. Come to the store to reward the car and get SUZUKI exclusive mobile phone holder and test ride to get SUZUKI exclusive cold bag. The event period is from now until June 30, 2022. All the prize-giving activities need to fill in complete customer information. The number of gifts is limited, and it will be delivered soon. end.
4. There may be restrictions on the various equipment and actions of the car model. The product specifications may not be complete due to the limited space. Please consult the major exhibition centers to read the relevant instructions.
5. Those who purchase a car this month and get a license through a SUZUKI dealer choose one of Mingtai Property & Casualty Insurance's "body damage insurance", "theft loss insurance" and "third party liability insurance", you can enjoy Mingtai Property & Casualty Insurance " The protection of car valet insurance. . This activity is not applicable to vehicles that are leased, sold, approved by government agencies, or purchased by special projects. The policy start date is based on the underwriting approval date, and the start date cannot be traced back.
6. The above-mentioned matters not mentioned above shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the competent authority, Mingtai Product Insurance Company "Car chauffeur insurance" and underwriting operations.
7. This month, we will receive MICHELIN NR series skin care grade anti-UV400 multi-layer optical thermal insulation paper. This event will give away the left and right side windows and rear windshield without the front windshield thermal insulation paper. Offers may not be discounted, substituted for other items or any other fees, or the offer may not be transferred to others.Michelin thermal insulation paper provides a five-year product quality warranty. The warranty is handled by Taiwan Tyrone Trading Co., Ltd. For details, please visithttps://www.taiwantyron.comInquire.

8. The price of government subsidy for VITARA S models refers to the price after deducting the government subsidy of $50,000. For details, please refer to the government decree announcement.
9. TAIWAN SUZUKI reserves the right to change the content and final interpretation of the event. For details, please contact major dealers and official websites.


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