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SUZUKI Petroleum and Electricity Trilogy-Dianjin audienceTHE NEW VITARA debuts


Since the first VITARA was launched 30 years ago, it has been the world leader in small SUVs. With its solid chassis, outstanding off-road performance, unique appearance, and continuously evolving safety technology, it continues to subvert the world’s perception of small SUVs. imagine! The new generation of VITARA will be equipped with the new HYBRID light oil and electricity technology, combined with the ISG integrated starter generator and the SHVS intelligent hybrid system of lithium-ion battery, supplemented by the new 1.4L BOOSTERJET direct injection turbocharged engine, plus the unique technology ALLGRIP The timely and intelligent four-wheel drive system is bound to give Taiwan consumers an unparalleled driving experience, once again shaking the Taiwanese car industry!

HYBRIDDual evolution of light oil, electric energy and energy saving

SUZUKI innovatively developed the SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by SUZUKI) intelligent hybrid vehicle. Through the 48V ISG integrated starter motor generator, it provides excellent auxiliary kinetic energy of the engine, especially when starting or instant acceleration, excellent response speed and smoothness. People are impressed, and fuel consumption is higher than others. In addition, the 1.4L BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbocharged engine, which is highly appreciated by car fans, benefited from the high-output 48V compound power assistance, almost no turbo lag, and achieved an excellent torque of 23.9kgm/2,000rpm. With large displacement, the S model has an amazing ability of 19.3km/L ultra-low fuel consumption!

The newly-designed LED headlights in appearance, the special blue trim strip layout, and the chrome-plated straight grid water tank guard, create a piercing look of the front, and the LED taillights create a unique and powerful spirit, which is unforgettable.

ALLGRIPConquer the road to meet the yearning of off-road fans

The ALLGRIP timely intelligent four-wheel drive system makes every road surrender under your feet. By switching between the four driving modes, you can choose according to different road conditions and preferences, and enjoy the fun of driving. With the excellent body structure and lightweight design, it achieves a sense of tranquility and superior fuel consumption.

While fully enjoying the fun of driving, SUZUKI Safety Support defends every adventure. In addition to internationally highly evaluated safety tests and complete passive safety equipment, the bigger highlight is the introduction of six advanced safety technologies, ACC active safety car distance Cruise control, BSM side blind spot detection, DSBS dual sensor brake assist, LDWS lane departure warning, RCTA rear side warning, Weaving alert driving fatigue warning, from passive to active, dripping guards every journey.

Flexible space design, easy to show all-around life

Continuing VITARA’s usual calm and elegant layout, 4.2-inch full-color integrated multi-function vehicle information display, multi-function touch screen (with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto functions), twill suede-covered geometric pattern seats and The rear seat has a 6/4 split tilting design, and the flexible space function can bring the performance of the tail compartment of 375 to 710L, which makes the life of a vacation more possible.

THE NEW VITARA  12I will meet you on the 8th and invite you to watch the car

The more purified, more powerful, and more evolved THE NEW VITARA is calling every extraordinary person who is eager for a new driving experience with the posture of almighty electric power. Two VITARA power kits are presented. Welcome to the SUZUKI dealership display center in Taiwan to watch the car test ride, and experience the driving charm of THE NEW VITARA "Electric Power Full Court" for yourself.

1. This picture is for reference only, if it does not match the actual car, please use the actual car as the main one.

2. The various equipment of the car model may have its own conditions and restrictions. The product specifications may not be complete due to space limitations. Please make sure to consult the major exhibition centers to read the relevant instructions.

3. In December 2021, any licensed VITARA model will be given a promotional plan for two stiffening kits, "Stainless Steel Threshold Trim" and "Sports Spoiler Tail". It is applicable to all VITARA models. The period is from now until December 2021. It is valid for those who must complete the licensing procedures before December 30, 2021.

4. Come to the store to get a VITARA car model charging cable protective cover and a test ride to get a SUZUKI dazzling bag. The event period is from now until December 30, 2021. All the rewards activities need to fill in complete customer information. The number of gifts is limited. While stocks last.

5. TAIWAN SUZUKI reserves the right to change the content of the above activities and the final interpretation. The change or modification information will be announced on the official website of TAIWAN SUZUKI without notice.

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