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Taiwan Audi and TCC Energy StorageNHΩA.TCC Responding to the Pure Electric Sustainability Plan

Taiwan Audi joins the Taiwan Cement Energy Storage NHΩA.TCC "Earth Helper" sustainable series project (left_Mr. Zhang Anping, chairman of the Taiwan Cement Enterprise Group, right_ Mr. Rahil Ansari, president of Audi Taiwan
  • The Sihuan brand is the first domestic automaker to respond to TCC energy storageNHΩA.TCCEarth Helper” Permalink Project,4The owner of the moon is Yu Tai CementDAKACharging station and the whole stationAudiFast charging station for charging,You can accumulate carbon reduction and give back to rural emergency funds, and integrate the concept of sustainable development into daily operations.
  • AudiPure electric car owners enjoy togetherAudi x Taiwan CementDAKAHeping Village is a sustainable micro-tour, experience the local cultural characteristics, and create a family journey with environmental educational significance and humanistic temperature.
  • Audi Taiwan continues to expandAudipure electric life circle2.0in seriesAudi Extreme-speed charging stations and local charging partners, providing all Taiwan35indivualDCThe DC fast charging site was put into service.

Audi Taiwan continues to build a friendly ecology for electric vehicles, actively implements ESG, and seeks mobility solutions that combine the local environment and improve urban transportation. It is the first to cooperate with a Taiwan Cement enterprise group that shares the same sustainability philosophy, becoming the first domestic automaker to join TCC Energy Storage. NHΩA.TCC's "Earth Helper" sustainable series project aims to form a powerful carbon reduction community through charging carbon reduction and sustainable actions, and invites Audi pure electric vehicle owners to Taiwan Cement DAKA Park in Xiulin Township, Hualien. Participate in sustainable micro-tourism and experience NHΩA. TCC charging station charging service, by responding to this plan, Qixin provides a more convenient pure electric life for Eastern Taiwan.

Audi e-tron S first appearance

responseNHΩA.TCC Earth Helperperpetual tandem plan

TCC Energy Storage NHΩA.TCC's "Earth Helper" sustainable series project, the concept is to convert the carbon reduction accumulated when charging electric vehicles into real social feedback, and continue to promote public welfare and revitalize the local environment. Audi Taiwan took the lead in cooperating with it, becoming the The first domestic automaker to join NHΩA.TCC Earth Helper sustainable series project, will be officially launched in April, all Audi pure electric car owners in NHΩA.TCC charging station and 8 Audi high-speed charging stations in Taiwan, just scan NHΩ[email protected] The official account "Earth Helper" can accumulate sustainable points online, and convert the amount of electricity charged by the car owner into carbon reduction. When the carbon reduction goal at each stage is achieved, you can exchange badges and get a variety of rewards, including experience coupons and lottery tickets. . While charging the car, 5% of the charging fee will be invested in the emergency relief fund for remote villages; in the future, the "Earth Helper" sustainable series plan will also plan more environmental protection activities and green tourism for consumers.

Audi x TCC DAKA Heping Village sustainable micro-tourism group photo

Rahil Ansari, President of Audi Taiwan, said: "Audi is committed to integrating the concept of sustainable development into daily life, so we are very happy to join TCC NHΩA. TCC Earth Helper's sustainable series plan will create a sustainable environment for Taiwan through the concept of co-benefits with enterprises and the environment. "

NHΩFor details of the A.TCC Earth Helper sustainable series plan, please refer to the official website of NHΩA.TCC

NHΩA TCC_ Hualien Taiwan Cement DAKA charging station

Audi xTaiwan CementDAKA Heping Village sustainable micro-tourism

TCC DAKA Park is an important indicator between Suhua Highway and Hualien, South Australia. It is also an open ecological recycling factory. It is an area of ​​ecology, knowledge, culture and recreation. It meets the expectations of the Sihuan brand to create low-carbon travel in series. The original intention, so they started to cooperate to create a trip for Audi pure electric car owners and their families to enjoy the secret and beautiful land of East Taiwan. Through the design and development of solar energy storage power supply by the Aohua tribe, and the activation and promotion of the Hanben Ocean Station, which is driven by the real estate industry, Audi pure electric car owners can fully experience the Sihuan brand's zero-carbon sustainable vision through cross-industry cooperation. .

At present, Taiwan's Audi series local charging partners EVOASIS, EALUE, TAIL Tel Power, NHΩA.TCC provides pure electric vehicle owners with 35 DC fast charging stations in the transportation hub area, supporting high-efficiency charging services with a maximum power of 200kW. At the same time, by responding to NHΩA. TCC "Earth Helper" sustainable series plan, in the future Audi pure electric vehicle owners can charge at the popular scenic spot "Taiwan Cement DAKA" park in Hualien, experience local sustainable micro-travel, and enjoy a convenient pure electric life.

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