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Taiwan wins the world's highest automotive technology award for the first time. The Ministry of Economic Affairs' self-driving system and VicOne security technology are both successful.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs held a press conference today (12th) "Taiwan won the world's highest automotive technology award for the first time" and announced that the Vehicle Research and Testing Center (ARTC), a consortium, and VicOne (VicOne), a subsidiary of Trend Micro, a global leader in automotive information security, have The 2023 AutoTech Breakthrough Awards, known internationally as the Oscars in the automotive research and development community, won the "Autonomous Driving Solution of the Year Award" and the "Charging Station Overall Innovation Award of the Year" respectively. This is the first time that our country has won this award, showing Taiwan's vehicle research and development strength. It has reached international level.

The self-driving platooning technology, developed by ARTC under the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Special Program and won the "Annual Autonomous Driving Solution Award", combines multiple self-driving vehicles into a light rail-like transportation mode. The cost of this type of transportation is only 1/1 of traditional rail. 5 And the construction time is short, which can provide a competitive solution for future smart transportation systems. This technology has been put into actual vehicle test operation for more than 1,000 kilometers together with Liuhe Machinery. It will be tested with China Automobile in Changbin Industrial Zone in 2024 to launch commercial vehicles to promote queuing logistics operations. This technology has also won the international Favored by car manufacturers, the two parties have carried out feasibility verification cooperation and are expected to be put into mass production in 2025.

Qiu Qiuhui, Director of the Industrial Technology Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said that the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards are the most iconic awards for vehicle technology development jointly established by the industry regulation platform Tech Breakthrough and hundreds of top international companies. There are 15 countries, 1,600 companies participated, and the Vehicle Center was the first Asian research institution to win the award in years. The Ministry of Economic Affairs will invest 5 billion yuan in the next four years to assist legal persons and industries in the technology development and construction verification capacity establishment in the field of smart vehicle electronics to assist the industry in competing for the global vehicle industry supply chain and continue to explore unlimited business opportunities in the smart field.

Wang Zhengjian, Chairman of the Vehicle Center, explained that the Vehicle Center's self-driving queuing technology has successfully overcome the limitations of existing international technologies that can only operate on express roads or highways, and has been extended to general urban roads to solve the problem of mixed flow of people and vehicles, shielded bridge pier signals, Situational challenges at multi-signal intersections. Among them, low-latency inter-vehicle instant communication technology (CV2V) shortens the distance between queues and vehicles at 60km/h by 6% from 11.3m at international manufacturers to 10.6m. The overall operation can be more flexible in scheduling. Vehicle dispatch can improve fleet operation efficiency by up to 10%. This technology was also selected as the best paper at the IEEE International Symposium on Knowledge Innovation and Invention (ICKII, held in Japan) in August this year, and was recognized by experts from the United States and Japan.

Cai Muben, vice president of VicOne, said that as the automotive industry becomes more and more interconnected, cyber attacks against cars and charging stations will continue to increase, and cyber defense must also keep up. Electric vehicle energy infrastructure is a very important link. Hackers or interested parties may tamper with usage records through charging piles, or even invade the charging network through open source vulnerabilities, harming the charging network and electric vehicle users. VicOne cooperates with Delta Electronics, which has long been developing electric vehicle power and charging infrastructure, to introduce VicOne's vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection into the energy management gateway in its energy infrastructure solution DeltaGrid® EVM optical charging and storage application. The protection system can ensure the security of data transmission between electric vehicle charging piles and energy management applications, and jointly create a solid information security defense system for car manufacturers and electric vehicle charging station operators.

The Automotive Technology Breakthrough Award is conducted every year in the fields of autonomous driving, connected vehicles, electric vehicles, engine technology, and vehicle information security. The best technologies of the year are selected for award recognition and attract the participation of world-renowned manufacturers.

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