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Taiwan's vehicle deliveries increased by 4%, the pure electric sports car Taycan outperformed Porsche's global delivery of 300,000 vehicles

The delivery growth of Porsche's pure electric sports car Taycan is also very bright: more than 800 vehicles have been successfully delivered in Taiwan, making the Taycan one of the most successful electric vehicles in the Taiwan market

Porsche's global deliveries 300,000vehicle

Taipei. Porsche will deliver a total of 301,915 vehicles worldwide in 2021, an increase of 11% compared to 2020, setting a record for Porsche deliveries over the years. Thanks to the contribution of the global market, the United States has the largest growth rate. "Despite the severe challenges brought about by the shortage of semiconductors and the global COVID-19 pandemic, Porsche continues to strive to maintain a stable delivery speed and realize the dream of more customers owning a Porsche car," said Detlev von Platen, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at Porsche: "The support and love of Porsche from car owners around the world is still unabated. The order performance is still solid and strong. The beginning of the new year is full of energy. We are full of confidence in the development of all markets in the world."

Porsche pure electric sports carTaycanThe number of vehicles delivered throughout the year has doubled

The most in-demand models in 2021 are still Porsche SUVs, especially the Macan. 88,362 customers will become Macan owners in 2021, with the Cayenne in second place with 83,071 annual deliveries. The growth in deliveries of Porsche's all-electric sports car Taycan was also impressive: a total of 41,296 units were delivered, more than double the number of deliveries in 2020. The classic and representative Porsche 911 will also successfully deliver 38,464 units in 2021, which is better than ever. The Panamera delivered 30,220 vehicles, while the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman delivered 20,502 vehicles for the year.

The delivery growth of Porsche's pure electric sports car Taycan is also very bright: more than 800 vehicles have been successfully delivered in Taiwan, making the Taycan one of the most successful electric vehicles in the Taiwan market

Strong global market demand Taiwan shows amazing potential

Porsche's deliveries are booming in all sales markets worldwide. The U.S. performed particularly strongly, with total deliveries up 22 percent compared to 2020, with a total of 70,025 U.S. customers becoming Porsche owners. Porsche delivered 84,657 vehicles in the Americas as a whole, also growing by 22 percent. Overall, Porsche delivered 131,098 vehicles in Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, an increase of 8 percent compared to 2020. Porsche handed over 4,022 vehicles in Taiwan, an increase of 4%. The Cayenne and Macan models have maintained their popularity as kings, while the popularity of the Taycan has not diminished, with more than 800 successfully delivered, making the Taycan one of the most successful electric vehicles in the Taiwan market. The 911 and 718 cars still perform well in the domestic two-door sports car class. Last year, the number of car reservations in Taiwan also hit a record high, and the potential for 2022 is endless. Mathias Busse, President of Porsche Taiwan, said: "Even in the face of international shortages of automotive chips and entering the third level of alert in the middle of the year, Taiwan's 2021 sales performance is still quite good, and it also represents the growth potential of the Taiwan market. Therefore, we are also optimistic about the future. The year has been quite positive.”

The classic and iconic Porsche 911 also recorded a record number of orders in Taiwan last year. Looking forward to 2022, the potential is endless

Demand also rose in the German market, where deliveries for the year rose to 28,565, an increase of 9 percent compared to the previous year. The total number of vehicles delivered in the European market totaled 86,160, an increase of 7% over 2020. Among them, Porsche pure electric sports cars accounted for a high proportion. About 40% of Porsche cars delivered in Europe in 2021 will be Porsche pure electric sports car Taycan. Detlev von Platen said: “Porsche’s overall performance last year was phenomenal, which shows that our strategy towards electrification is working, and it is also in line with the needs and expectations of our owners. However, sales are not the most important thing for us. Decision factor. We want to create an exclusive Porsche brand experience for all Porsche owners and continue to work hard to expand into all markets around the world.”

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