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Tall travel Toyota Crown Signia

●Crown brand's second mass-produced model in North America, focusing on practicality and high passenger capacity

●It is also built on the TNGA-K platform and will be produced at the factory in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

●Mainly focus on XSE/Limited mid-to-high-end models, with a trunk length of 198 cm

●Officially entering the North American display center and delivering vehicles in the second quarter of 2024

With the launch of the Crown brand, the first wave of Corssover crossover models came out last year. This year, the remaining three models were very actively launched to strengthen the second wave of product offensive, including the popular Crown Sedan, Crown Sport sports SUV, and Finally, the Crown Signia was released at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of the year to satisfy the North American market, which has always been in need of large-size SUVs, and at the same time, all four pillars of the Crown family were launched.

Taking over the positioning of medium and large leisure travel

In terms of market positioning, the new Crown Signia can be regarded as succeeding the Venza car series, which is relatively unfamiliar to domestic consumers and has always focused on sales in the North American market. The seemingly brand-new car name is actually a change from the Crown Estate in the prototype car at that time. Overall The model design adopts a crossover flavor that combines station wagon and SUV. The total body length exceeds 4.9 meters, the wheelbase reaches 2850mm, and the vehicle height is controlled at 1620mm. It is up to 6 centimeters lower than the RAV4. Overall, it is very similar to the Volvo V90. Cross-border station wagons such as the Cross Country and Audi A6 Allroad use a slightly higher chassis ground clearance to improve their ability to cope with road conditions, but the appropriate vehicle height can also maintain ideal driving stability and sufficient space performance. For example, this car uses The advantage of the long body is that it can reach a maximum depth of 198 centimeters after the rear row is folded, which is conducive to providing better passenger performance.

This car has the flavor of an early European crossover station wagon, with a long body and a slightly low body height, which can take into account both ride quality and multi-functional use.
This car will focus on pragmatic settings with large practical space and economy and fuel efficiency, and is also significantly different from the Crown Sport.
The crossover setting of this car will officially take over the product positioning of the original Venza.
With a depth of nearly 200 centimeters in the rear compartment, the passenger capacity is bound to be quite high.

The interior part roughly continues the family interior structure of the Crown model without any obvious changes. It also has higher-end settings. The top-spec model will use full leather seats with relatively excellent overall texture and double-stitched details. , the multimedia system has also fully introduced new generation digital functions, including streaming services such as OTA cloud updates. In addition, this car has also specially enhanced the overall sound insulation performance, providing vibration and noise reduction in the steering gear, floor and body structure. It is also equipped with soundproof glass on the front window, firewall muffler and sound insulation materials in the hood to enhance the overall noise reduction level. , bringing a higher quality riding experience.

High-end models will provide a more luxurious interior layout, and the entire car series has been fully enhanced for sound insulation performance.
The interior maintains a family-like styling structure, and the digital interface is also very complete.

Comprehensive petrol-electric combination with four-wheel drive architecture

The power part uses a combination of a 2.5L four-cylinder engine and a fifth-generation petrol-electric system. The petrol-electric model has an AWD electronic four-wheel drive setting, with a maximum horsepower of 243hp and an average fuel consumption of 15.3km/L. It is expected that the original factory will follow up. A PHEV plug-in gasoline-electric model will also be provided; after the overall power of the new car is enhanced, the E-CVT gearbox has also been specially strengthened, and with the four-wheel drive setting for better tracking performance, the Crown Signia can have a towing capacity of 2,700 pounds. The car's four-wheel drive system can also be adjusted from 100:0 to 20:80, allowing the new car to have the driving response and flexible steering performance that the original manufacturer has emphasized in recent years.

Through electronic four-wheel drive power distribution and complete driving assistance systems, the overall driving quality and safety performance are worth looking forward to.

The new car will also be equipped with a complete TSS 3.0 active safety assistance system. The overall detection response and assistance capabilities are more advanced and refined. It combines surround view imaging and car side imaging to facilitate driving and provide a more convenient and safer driving experience; at the same time, it also has technological advantages. The function of a mobile phone digital key is provided as an option for top-end cars, but this function needs to be subscribed through the online store. If this feature can be brought to the country simultaneously in the future, it will be a big step forward for the brand. As for whether this car can be seen in China, it is understood that the car name has been registered, but the actual introduction plan still needs to be continuously evaluated and planned by the general agent. The car is currently only pre-sold and will officially begin delivery in the summer of 2024. car, so if it can be successfully introduced in China, it is expected to be in the second half of next year. However, how to form an interactive and coordinated operation with RAV4 and Lexus' current SUV car products after the introduction deserves more attention.

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