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TCC joins hands with 7-ELEVEN to build a new generation of charging stations that combine green energy, energy storage and charging services

Go to TCC DAKA to use leisure charging, stay for two hours, you can use low-carbon shared bicycles for free, and the family can ride a bicycle to slowly travel around the peaceful, Hezhong, and Aohua tribes, and feel the local culture

Taiwan Cement DAKA launched the first pure green "24K GREEN" charging pile in Taiwan

The Taiwan Cement Enterprise Group and Uni-President Supermarket jointly announced on March 3 that in the future, Taiwan Cement’s subsidiary Taiwan Cement Energy Storage (NHΩA.TCC) will join hands7-ELEVEN, to create a new generation of charging stations that combine green energy, energy storage and charging services, and start "new energy and new life". The first stop of the NHΩA.TCC charging service starts from the most popular scenic spot in Hualien, "Taiwan Cement DAKA". The charging station built by NHΩA.TCC in DAKA provides all electric vehicle charging specifications for the first in the east, combined with energy storage equipment, reliable An environmentally friendly and energy-saving charging station that adjusts electricity demand from peak off-peak, the first pure green electricity "24K GREEN" charging pile in Taiwan is also set up, which is 100% powered and stored by "DAKA Hepinghua" solar energy. It plans to introduce wind turbines in the future. Gradually create an all-green electric charging field.TCC and 7-ELEVEN continue the spirit of TCC DAKA betting on public welfare, continue to care for the aborigines and give back to the place, and the revenue of DAKA charging stationsWillIt is the first charging station in Taiwan to contribute to the local peace and emergency relief fund with fixed allocation and betting. "Charging is no longer just an act or an inertia, it has become a shared platform for practicing green life." TCC and 7-ELEVEN, Feihong Technology, Yunlang Tourism, Taiwan Giant, Taiwan AUDI, Gu Yanzhuo Cloud Plant Conservation Center, etc. The partners have also jointly launched the "EARTH HELPER" online and offline series action, which will call on electric vehicle owners and the general public to reduce carbon emissions from daily charging, participate in sustainable activities such as beach cleaning and waste reduction, and accumulate "sustainability points" to share sustainable benefits. Life. The top three best practitioners of the year will be able to bring their families to experience the five-day and four-night low-carbon slow travel in Taiwan planned by Yunlang Tourism, and go deep into the world-class plant conservation base in Gaoshu, Pingtung, to actually participate in plant conservation. Work.

The secret realm and Zhongtan Beach in Heping Village where TCC DAKA is located. The MVs of singers Su Yongkang and Guangliang were filmed here.
Hanben Marine Station promotes marine conservation and marine waste disposal

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Anping, Chairman of Taiwan Cement Enterprise Group, Xu Guangyu, Associate Manager of Unified Supermarket Management Group, Lin Zhongmin, Chairman of Feihong Technology, Sheng Zhiren, General Manager of Yunlang Tourism, Zheng Qiuju, General Manager of Taiwan Giant, Li Jiawei, Executive Director of Plant Conservation Center, Ban Tieyi, deputy general manager of Jingcheng Information, and Huang Nanxuan, senior manager of Taiwan Audi, participated together. Zhang Anping, chairman of TCC, pointed out that today's power outage in the west clearly understands the importance of energy in modern civilized life, its stability and future. We must change from a state of conquering nature to coexisting with nature. Although there are wars in the world, we are in peace in Hualien and look forward to the future with a peaceful and peaceful heart.Taiwan CementDAKA's three peace flowers (solar energy) welcome the sunrise on the east coast every day, and welcome the sustainable cycle and green life. With the Peace Flower, TCC can plant 24K Pure Green charging piles in the DAKA park. DAKA's 24K Green is charging, leisure, and slow work. At present, human beings still cannot have enough clean energy to meet our needs. Energy saving is the best and fastest way to balance the current energy gap. Energy saving, energy storage, and energy creation will be the most important industrial keys starting now. Earth Helper is a basic life attitude for everyone to share an earth.

Xu Guangyu, associate manager of the unified supermarket management group, said that TCC is a world-class enterprise. From the creation of a brand like TCC DAKA, 7-ELEVEN and Starbucks have jointly responded to the concept of sustainability, entered the TCC DAKA park, and joined the ecological park industry and community. In the Creativity Project, we also participated in "GEMMA is good for recycling and peace, let's act now!", and jointly invested in the development of peaceful regions with TCC, and supported and helped the community Creativity Project with practical actions. This year, the two parties will cooperate in charging services again, and jointly promote a sustainable park that is slow, low-carbon, and food-conscious. Through 7-ELEVEN and NHOH.TCC's new type of electric vehicle charging station, it can supplement various energy for travelers and create a new green living consumption model. , to expand the electric vehicle charging and swapping service platform plan that 7-ELEVEN has actively built since 2015, and concretely practice the concept of "sustainable earth, daily life for you and me".

The charging station launched by NHOA.TCC in TCC DAKA advertises that electric vehicles of all brands can be charged and are the most convenient to use nowadays[email protected]Interface allows car owners to operate quickly
NHOA.TCC and 7-ELEVEN's first electric vehicle charging station enables car owners to start charging and enjoy a free cup of premium latte at 7-11 Lianhe stores
NHOA.TCC teamed up with 7-ELEVEN electric vehicle charging station to emphasize that people and vehicles are charged together. Buying books in supermarkets and precipitating the soul is also an energy supplement
NHOA.TCC teamed up with 7-ELEVEN electric vehicle charging station to emphasize that people and vehicles can be charged together, and the diversified choices of supermarkets allow electric vehicle owners to replenish their energy and start again

NHΩA.TCC charging station, using Feihong Technology MIT charging pile, can be directly charged without downloading APP, and combined with the most convenient[email protected]just add NHΩA.TCC [email protected]Official account and start charging, electric car owners can go to DAKA's 7-ELEVEN Lianhe store to enjoy CITY PRIMA boutique latte for free, and taste the fragrance of books in the open blog to book area, charging is no longer only in the car, NHΩA.TCC The charging service combines the bright and clean space of 7-ELEVEN with multi-functional and convenient life functions, allowing people and cars to rest and charge at the same time. The specifications of the 4 charging heads of the DAKA charging station are CHAdeMO (with TPC connector), CCS1, CCS2, J1772. In addition to meeting all charging specifications, the "24K GREEN" leisure charging pile in the park can not only allow PHEV and pure electric vehicle owners to supplement electricity, while using sustainable energy. 24K means "pure", and GREEN refers to green electricity. The two together become 24K GREEN, which means that this charging pile is 100% pure green electricity. Electric vehicle owners choose "24K GREEN" for leisure charging. During the two-hour period , you can also use DAKA's 4 shared electric bicycles for free, allowing the whole family to ride freely to the neighboring Hanben Ocean Station, roaming the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. In response to the impact of the epidemic, eastern Taiwan has become a key area for national tourism. The NHΩA.TCC charging station chooses to start from TCC DAKA on the east bank. TCC DAKA is the best relay point and can also become a shared base for charging life in the east. In the future, TCC The charging stations in Yi, Hua and Dong will combine local governments, surrounding tourist attractions and sustainable partners to create a new charging mode of slow travel.

In order to promote the carbon reduction action of charging, NHΩA.TCC [email protected]The "EARTH HELPER" online game on the official account will directly convert the car owner's charging amount into carbon reduction, and the carbon absorption equivalent to planting trees for the earth every year, so that the car owner's accumulation in the virtual world can be converted into real life. Social feedback and action. "EARTH HELPER" connects Taiwan Cement, 7-ELEVEN, Feihong Technology, Yunlang Tourism, Taiwan Giant, Taiwan AUDI and Gu Yanzhuo Cloud Plant Conservation Center. Through rewards and various sustainable activities, they jointly advocate low-carbon sustainability and sharing. New energy and new life. Electric vehicle owners participating in the "EARTH HELPER" will be automatically ranked according to the amount of carbon reduction. If they reach the carbon reduction target, they will receive a medal. By June next year, the cumulative carbon reduction will reach 2,000 kilograms, reaching the highest level. In your name, Taiwan Cement will be promoted by the world. The first-class plant conservation base - Gu Yanzhuoyun Plant Conservation Center planted the rare orchids they successfully rehabilitated back to the original habitat of Lanyu, becoming the best example of loving the earth. Even if you are not a car owner, you can also participate in activities such as Yunpin Sun Moon Lake Jingtan Activities, Giant Activities, Giant Travel Agency's Green Travel Itinerary and 7-ELEVEN Store Local Care Actions, etc., to accumulate sustainable points and get sustainable related issues from time to time experience coupons. "EARTH HELPER", the top three in total points each year, can get four-person travel, five days and four nights of low-carbon slow travel planned by Yunlang, and go deep into the tribe and care about the local experience during the trip.

Chairman Zhang said that TCC is an explorer of new energy and new life, and since the opening of TCC DAKA, there have been more than 4.51 million visitors. Every person who has come is different because of the concept conveyed by DAKA. Different ideas, different practices, 4.51 million kinds of life, maybe save the energy of a power plant, maybe save dozens of metric tons of garbage, maybe clean up a few kilometers of coastline. I call on everyone to participate in becoming a new EARTH HELPER, hoping to help achieve a better balance in the complex relationship between human beings and nature. Only with everyone's heart and hands can the earth have a future.

The Iris Swing at Hanben Ocean Station allows visitors to swing into the sea

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