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Tesla Cybertruck

●The appearance has gone from science fiction movies to reality, with sharp and rugged sheet metal settings.

●Innovative stainless steel sheet metal covers the entire vehicle, without paint coating, resistant to scratches and minor impacts, and also equipped with bulletproof glass.

●It has a load capacity of 1134 kg, a towing capacity of 4990 kg, and a cargo compartment volume of 3423 liters.

●There are three power options to choose from. The three-motor version has a maximum horsepower of 845 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in 2.7 seconds.

The Tesla Cybertruck, which has been on pre-sale since 2019, can be said to be one of the most anticipated products by electric car fans around the world. Although the results of the press conference were a little paint-off, it still cannot extinguish everyone's interest in this electric car that seems to be able to move on Mars. With the enthusiasm for pickup trucks, now that the Cybertruck has been officially delivered to the North American market, Tesla has once again proved that what it said is true. This car is as original as it was four years ago, both inside and out.

bulletproof tank

As the current leader in electric vehicles, Tesla can indeed break away from the car manufacturing thinking of previous car manufacturers and bring the concept nearly 100% into reality. When the Cybertruck was unveiled, it really surprised everyone, except for its electric pickup truck. In addition to its identity, more importantly, its appearance is extremely simple. It is so simple that it is too sci-fi. It is like moving NASA's space mission vehicle back to the surface of the earth. The most important reason for having such a simple shape is The reason is the steel used in the Cybertruck.

The entire Cybertruck is made of Ultra-Hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel and is stamped in one piece. Just punching out a fold line is extremely labor-intensive. Therefore, Tesla specially customized the world's first 9,000-ton die-casting machine to stamp out the cold-rolled stainless steel used in the entire car into the shape we see. In order not to increase the extra work and cost, Cybertruck That’s why the design is so simple and straightforward, just like a paper airplane.

The Cybertruck has an extremely sci-fi shape and is made of ultra-high-strength cold-rolled stainless steel.

However, the insistence on using cold-rolled stainless steel is not just a gimmick, because every Cybertruck car is "naked". The entire car's sheet metal is not spray-painted, and no additional anti-rust is required. The original metal color shape is also The main reason for its science fiction. In addition to rust prevention, the ultra-high hardness of cold-rolled stainless steel itself can better resist minor scratches and bumps during daily use, which is undoubtedly perfect for pickup trucks that emphasize functionality. Of course, it’s not just steel. The entire glass of the Cybertruck is also made of bulletproof glass, which is enough to withstand the impact of a steel ball at a speed of 112km/h, as well as the impact of fourth-level hail. With the inherent biochemical protection, it can really become a doomsday tank.

The essence of pickup truck

Even with the above-mentioned exaggerated capabilities, Tesla has not forgotten the essence of Cybertruck being an electric pickup truck. The cargo bed of this car is directly connected to the vehicle and has a load capacity of 1134 kg. At the same time, the electric motor is directly installed on the wheel axle, which can widen the rear wheel track to ensure that the cargo bed is not restricted by the wheel arch. It creates an extremely square storage space (6' x 4') with a volume of 3423 liters and a towing capacity of 4990 kg.

The Cybertruck's cargo compartment is very square, its volume and load capacity are quite powerful, and it can also output power.

In addition to its powerful cargo-carrying capabilities, the Cybertruck's cargo compartment is made of super-tough composite material, so there is no need to place any additional padding or worry about scratches on the cargo compartment. In addition, this car is also equipped with an electric rolling shutter as standard. Even if an adult steps on it, its function will not be affected at all. Behind the cargo compartment, the Cybertruck is also equipped with external power supply equipment, including a 120V and a 240V socket, which can operate various electrical equipment. It also has a higher-power power supply equipment that can directly output the Cybertruck's power to the home. , which can directly provide up to 11.5 kW of electricity, enough to meet the electricity consumption of a family for about three days.

External power supply can be said to be a highlight of Cybertruck. In addition to basic V2L, it can also be supplied for home use.

performance monster

Tesla can be said to be the hero of bringing electric vehicles into the public eye, and also allows everyone to appreciate the exaggerated and unreasonable performance of electric vehicles. The Cybertruck naturally inherits this tradition and has three power specifications, including single-motor rear-wheel drive, Dual-motor four-wheel drive, as well as the top-of-the-line three-motor model, Tesla also directly calls it Cyberbeast, which represents its arrogant power output performance. The maximum horsepower of the Cyberbeast model has directly reached 845 horses. With the electric motor, there is no need to wait at all. It only takes 2.7 to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h, and the top speed is 209km/h.

In addition to being equipped with air pressure suspension, Cybertruck also has a rear-wheel steering system to enhance vehicle control.

In addition, another feature of Cybertruck is that it is equipped with Tesla's latest 4680 battery, which has higher battery density and greater storage capacity. At the same time, Cybertruck has finally replaced the 12V starting battery used in most cars with a 48V battery. Not only can the weight be reduced by 87%, but the voltage can also be increased 4 times compared to before, so the current can also be reduced 4 times, allowing the Cybertruck to be used Thinner electrical wiring sets make the components of the vehicle lighter. For Cyberbeast, the cruising range is approximately 515 kilometers, and the maximum charging power is 250 kW. Charging for 15 minutes can replenish a driving range of up to 206 kilometers.

Cybertruck uses Tesla’s latest 4680 battery and also replaces it with a new 48V battery.

Still the same person

As for the interior, Cybertruck has not been changed due to the change of model. It still maintains Tesla's consistent simple style. There is only one central control screen in the entire cockpit, and all functions of the car are controlled by this screen. There's not even a dashboard. Although the integration is the highest in history, in many cases the convenience of operation will be sacrificed for this. Whether you like it or not really depends on everyone.

The interior maintains Tesla's consistent minimalist style, with a central control screen integrating the entire vehicle, which is simple but not intuitive enough.

In the back seat, Cybertruck has a 6/4 split seat configuration, which can accommodate three adults. The seat cushions can also be folded upward to create additional storage space. The overall functional changes are quite good. In addition, Cybertruck, like other Tesla models, adopts a full-top glass roof, and it is currently the largest glass roof in the world. The sense of openness is truly amazing. However, due to the very sloping roofline, headroom in the rear seats is also sacrificed.

The panoramic glass roof brings an extremely wide view inside the car, but due to the roof shape, the rear seat headroom is quite oppressive.

The Cybertruck is currently only sold in North America, and because the body parts are too sharp to effectively protect pedestrians in a collision, there should be no chance of it being sold in Europe. Domestic fans can only buy models and enjoy them. .

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