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TEST BMW i7 vs. BMW 740d: big diesel cheaper than electric - yet the choice is not simple! -

Behind the gaping kidneys of the BMW 740d lies one of the best and most modern diesel engines in the world. Still, the question remains whether the BMW 7 series is a match for the electric BMW i7. Although the price is a surprise

Like no one else knows BMW to mask the enormous size of its products. We're not talking about a subtle design - don't get us started. No, we are talking about the refined chassis tuning and active four-wheel steering. As soon as you take your place behind the wheel of the 5.40 meter long and 2155 kilo heavy 740d, the kilos and centimeters seem to disappear as if by magic.

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Diesel and automatic 740d make a dream couple

Of course, the powerful drivetrains also contribute to the dynamics. With the help of two turbos and mild-hybrid technology, the six-cylinder diesel engine of the 740d produces a power of 300 hp and a torque of no less than 670 Newton meters. This allows the mastodon to effortlessly reach 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds.

The 8-speed automatic transmission and the six-cylinder engine form a dream couple and ensure a seamless explosion of power even when accelerating. The air suspension smoothes out any discomfort. Diesel nail? Nothing remotely heard of this.

Car takes over driver and secretary duties

Meanwhile, the top man or woman behind the wheel has countless electronic aids at his or her disposal. He/she is guided semi-autonomously through the traffic jam and the BMW will just as easily take you to the nearest star restaurant at the end of the day. The executive driver and office manager can feel free to take a day off.

Fortunately, limousine comfort and cruise ship weight don't come with truck fuel consumption. The 740d xDrive is satisfied with 6.7 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers (1 in 14.9). Can it be even more luxurious or better than this uncrowned diesel king?

BMW i7 at a lonely height

The answer to that question is 'yes!'. To be fair, the i7's 500 extra kilos are noticeable when you drive over ledges and potholes at low speeds, but that's about it. The inner civilization of the electric powertrain is at a lonely height. And while he can also deliver merciless kicks in an unguarded moment. During the hundred sprint, which takes only 4.7 seconds, for example. Yet the i7 remains easy to control and dose under all circumstances.

Range BMW i7 in practice

Partly thanks to the regenerative braking and active rear-wheel steering, this typical long-distance limo also feels at home in the city. Okay, except for the narrowest alleys in historic centers. And don't start laughing at the term 'long-distance city limo'.

Even if you occasionally shake your brains, pop your eyeballs and crack your spine during the intermediate sprints, a range of more than 450 kilometers is possible. With a conservative driving style, the battery pack of more than 100 kWh can even take you 600 kilometers. The range of the diesel still far exceeds this, but filling the 74-liter tank takes almost as much time as a fast-charging break with the i7...

And the winner is...

You might not expect it given the sky-high CO2 tax on diesels, but the electric BMW i7 xDrive60, with a starting price of 145,543 euros, is more expensive than the 740d (from 135,534 euros). On the other hand, if you opt for the 455 hp i7 xDrive50 (from 121,616 euros), the roles are reversed again. Anyway; Anyone shopping in this class is looking for the absolute ultimate in comfort and driving ease. Then the electric BMW 7 Series is simply the best choice. And in the long term also by far the most economical.

The complete comparison of this BMW i7 and 740d, including all measurement data and costs, can be found in Auto Review 10/2023.

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