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[Test drive]Gasoline electricity is pure electricity! Nissan X-Trail e-Power

"Gasoelectric is pure electricity?" This is not a trick, but to explain the capabilities and characteristics of the "e-Power" on X-Trail; The latter is the driving experience of 100% pure electric drive, which is different from Toyota’s Hybrid or Honda e:HEV, where the engine is still responsible for driving the gasoline-electric hybrid mode, but is driven by front and rear dual electric motors , This is the biggest product charm of X-Trail e-Power.

●Suggested price is 1.519 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 17.5km/L

●Pleasant features Pure electric driving experience, stable handling of four-wheel drive system

●Regret that the navigation input logic is not humane enough

After a series of pre-launch operations such as exposure, online ordering, and car viewing, domestic Yulon Nissan finally officially released the new 4th-generation X-Trail in mid-February this year. The top-level flagship "e-Power" e-4ORCE four-wheel drive version imported by way of import, which is the model tested by the public office, is officially priced at 1.519 million yuan. However, the X-Trail e-Power 2WD front-wheel-drive version also appeared in the fuel consumption test list announced by the Energy Bureau a few days ago, and it has obtained the test value of 19.3 km/L energy efficiency and the test certification of energy efficiency level 1, and this 19.3km/L The fuel consumption value data of L is in line with a specification of "fuel consumption value up to 19km/L" in the tram goods tax halving qualification, which can be regarded as making X-Trail e-Power 2WD sure to pass this threshold, and has the opportunity to be able to The cost price is lowered, so will 2WD models be added in the future? It has once again become the focus of attention. As for the 1.5-liter Turbo model with gasoline power configuration, it is expected to have a chance to appear in the second half of this year (the second or third season).

Rugged appearance, tough and muscular

The X-Trail, which belongs to the fourth-generation major facelift, is built on the CMF-C platform of the alliance. The body length/width/height and wheelbase dimensions are 4680/1820/1749mm and 2705mm respectively. Compared with the previous model, Except that the height of the car is lowered by 24mm, there is not much difference in the size of other parts, especially the whole body shape is full of toughness and muscularity, and the front and rear of the car are equipped with silver crash guards to add visual roughness Feel, together with the black scratch-resistant plastic around the body to create an off-road atmosphere.

The body length/width/height dimensions and wheelbase of the new-generation X-Trail are 4680/1820/1749mm and 2705mm respectively, which are not much different from the previous model, and the thick D-pillar with the two-color body further creates a floating roof. visual impression.

In terms of appearance design, the new X-Trail includes American, Chinese, Japanese and European models, all of which have the same design vocabulary of the new generation of the Nissan family and a large V-Motion water tank guard on the front, especially similar to the Juke The general split headlight design, with daytime running lights/directional lights on top and headlights on the bottom, brings a refreshing visual impression and high recognition. There are not too many sharp lines and sheet metal creases on the side of the car, but the thick D-pillar and the two-color body create the impression of a suspended roof. As for the rear of the car, the blackened 3D LED light flow taillights are the visual focus, and the center of the tailgate is inlaid with the latest Nissan three-dimensional factory emblem and the nameplate "X-TRAIL". Therefore, there are e-POWER and e-4ORCE nameplates on both sides of the tailgate to highlight its unique identity.

The brand-new large V-Motion water tank guard adopts a black steel paint-treated square strip inner grille design.
Highly recognizable split headlight design, with daytime running lights on the top and AI-shaped LED matrix headlights on the bottom.
The blackened 3D LED light flow taillights are the visual focus of the rear of the car, especially the ㄈ-shaped LED light guide strip inside is even more eye-catching.
The center of the tailgate is inlaid with the Nissan three-dimensional factory logo and the nameplate "X-TRAIL", and there are e-POWER and e-4ORCE nameplates on both sides to highlight its unique identity.
Under the thick rear bumper, there is a large area of ​​silver anti-collision protection plate, which further strengthens the rough appearance.
The standard configuration is a stylish and dynamic 19-inch five-spoke two-color cut aluminum ring.

In addition, although only a single specification model is currently available, there are 3 two-color and 5 single-color car colors to choose from. At the same time, in addition to the all-black interior, there are also bright orange/black two-color collocations. Black interiors are matched with two-color In terms of appearance, the price increases by 20,000 yuan, and the orange and black interior with a two-color appearance increases the price by 40,000 yuan.

High-quality luxury interior and top-of-the-line equipment

Although the X-Trail e-Power's interior layout is in a simple style, the entire cabin design presents a stable and heavy, technological style and high-quality atmosphere, especially in the cockpit including the The console, door panels, central saddle and armrests are all covered with large areas of leather, and then matched with the whole car seats covered with rhombic leather, hairline decorative panels and chrome-plated trim, the entire cockpit has a sense of Very charming and luxurious.

In the dignified layout of the cabin, a large area of ​​leather is covered with hairline trim and chrome trim, creating a luxurious, refined and high-quality atmosphere for the entire cockpit.

Not only that, because the imported model is the top-spec flagship e-Power four-wheel drive version, so it is also very rich in equipment, in addition to 12.3-inch full digital instrument, 12.3-inch touch multimedia screen, and 10.8-inch HUD head-up display and electronic gear lever In addition to other spindle configurations, other such as three-zone independent constant temperature air-conditioning, multi-functional leather steering wheel (with additional heating function), Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mobile phone connection function, dual front seat electric 8-way adjustment function, dual front seat electric heating seat, NASA gravity-free comfort Pressed seats, satellite navigation system, mobile phone wireless charging stand, multiple driving modes, LED front seat atmosphere lights, Bose audio + 9 speakers, AVM 360-degree surround view imaging system, panoramic electric sunroof, and foot-responsive electric tailgate are all included In the list of standard equipment, it can be said to be quite luxurious and rich, so the price of the new car has reached 1.519 million yuan, which is reasonable.

The 12.3-inch digital instrument with dazzling color design and changeable background patterns can display rich driving information including energy consumption, navigation road conditions, music entertainment, smart mobility technology, etc.
The 12.3-inch digital audio-visual host with floating design, in addition to the built-in navigation system, can also support Apple CarPlay (wireless/wired) and Android Auto (wired) mobile phone connection functions.
The front coordinates are equipped with a mobile phone wireless charging stand and 2 sets of charging holes.
The 10.8-inch digital head-up display can display driving information including vehicle speed, navigation route, music entertainment, and smart travel technology.
You can switch between standard/energy-saving/sports/off-road/snow and other driving modes through the round knob behind the central saddle.
The large panoramic electric sunroof is a must-have standard configuration and selling point of a recreational vehicle.

In addition, in the part of active safety technology equipment, of course, it is also equipped with a complete set of Level 2 "ProPILOT" intelligent mobility safety system with great sincerity, including ICC intelligent full-speed cruise control, LKA lane keeping assist, TJP traffic jam Assist, IEB Anti-Collision Emergency Braking, P-IEB Pedestrian Anti-Collision Emergency Braking, RR-AEB Rear Emergency Braking, LDP Lane Departure Prevention, LDW Lane Departure Warning, FCW Forward Collision Warning, PFCW Over-the-Visual Vehicle Collision Warning , BSW blind spot detection warning, RCTA rear side warning and DAA fatigue driving warning system, etc. In addition, there is also an AI intelligent driving assistance system, which can precisely control the steering and power of the vehicle through a new calculation logic, and can be used in adjacent lanes. Adjust the position in the lane when large trucks and coupling vehicles are used to make driving safer.

A smaller electronic gear shifter design is adopted to reduce space usage and create a storage space under the suspended saddle.

Spacious, comfortable ride

All the seats in the car are designed with gravity-free pressure relief seats, so that no matter the front seat or rear seat occupants can get a comfortable ride experience, especially the double front seats also have 8-way electric adjustment function and 2-way electric lumbar support. At the same time, both are equipped with 2 sets of memory settings and heating functions, and are physically attached to the double front seat occupants. The rear seat is actually seated by a 175cm adult, the knee is about 1.5 fists away from the front seat back, and the head is about 2 fists away from the canopy. The hardness is moderate, and it can also slide back and forth. At the same time, the back of the seat has multiple angle adjustments, so you can find the most comfortable sitting posture. With the independent constant temperature air conditioner in the rear seat, it is relaxed, comfortable and pleasant; if you are really picky, the seat cushion It would be more perfect if the length of the body can be longer to make the legs more supportive.

In addition to the good coverage and support, the double front seats also have 8-way electric adjustment functions, 2 sets of memory settings and heating functions.
There is an independent constant temperature air-conditioning system and 2 sets of charging holes (Typc C/USB) behind the central armrest.

As for the space performance of the rear luggage compartment, it is 575 liters under standard conditions, and it can be expanded to 1396 liters with the 4/6 separated rear seats folded forward, and the flatness is quite good. In addition, the rear luggage compartment floor adopts a double-layer design with two detachable floors, so not only can the bottom of the floor be used for storage, but also the floor can be placed or erected to become a partition, so that the rear luggage compartment has more space. Storage function.

Such as the rapid and direct acceleration pleasure of a pure electric car

The biggest highlight of the new X-Trail introduced this time is the e-Power power system. This oil-electric system is the same as other general Hybrid power in that e-Power is also composed of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. , but the difference is that its 1.5-liter VC-Turbo 3-cylinder variable compression ratio turbocharged engine (158hp/25.5kgm) is only used as a "generator" to charge the battery pack, and is not responsible for driving In use, the whole car is driven by the e-4ORCE four-wheel drive system composed of a 204hp/33.7kgm front axle electric motor and a 128hp/19.9kgm rear axle electric motor. The combined horsepower output is 213hp, which means that it is equal to It is an electric drive system directly equipped with a gasoline generator, so there is no need to charge the vehicle through a charging pile, so it has the title of "electric vehicle without charging". Of course, the driver can also get 100% pure electricity. The output driving experience, as well as the direct and strong acceleration and driving quietness performance comparable to that of pure electric vehicles. In addition, there will be no mileage anxiety like electric vehicles.

The e-Power oil-electric system is composed of a 1.5L VC-Turbo 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, paired with a 204hp/33.7kgm front axle electric motor and a 128hp/19.9kgm rear axle electric motor, with a combined horsepower output of 213hp.

In fact, after the road, I have to say that the output response of the entire acceleration power is indeed not far from that of a pure electric vehicle. It is quite direct, fast and powerful, and when the engine is not started, it brings tranquility comparable to that of a pure electric vehicle. speed, just like the original factory briefing notes that "realize the kinetic energy output characteristics similar to the driving quietness and instantaneous maximum power of an electric vehicle", it feels like driving an electric car. The only small difference is that, When the engine starts to charge the battery, you can still hear and feel the presence of the engine, especially when you step on the accelerator hard to accelerate, you can clearly hear the sound of the engine starting and working hard to charge the battery, but what is admirable is , The connection between the engine and the motor is handled quite delicately, without any frustration at all.

In addition, it should be noted that since the engine is only responsible for charging the battery, sometimes even at full throttle, you will only feel the output of the electric motor, which means that the engine will not continue to run as the driver steps on it. Power generation, it will determine the timing of the engine start according to the current battery level, accelerator pedal depth and even road conditions, and the driver can understand the current charging and discharging status of the vehicle and the battery level through the instrument icon. In addition, this e-Power system also has an EV pure electric mode. Pressing the switch can force the engine to stop running for a short time, and it can run completely purely electric. However, the time in pure EV driving mode is not long. The stored power will soon be consumed to 1 bar. At this time, when the power is insufficient or the accelerator is stepped on again, the EV mode will be cancelled, and the engine will start charging at the same time.

Through the meter, you can watch the current engine operation, vehicle charging and discharging status and battery power.
In the EV pure electric mode, the engine can be forced to stop for a short time to drive completely purely electric; while the e-Pedal system can reduce the speed of the vehicle by releasing the accelerator pedal.

In addition, this car is also equipped with the e-Pedal accelerator and brake integrated control system. The driver only needs to release the accelerator pedal to reduce the speed of the vehicle instead of operating the accelerator and brake pedals back and forth, which helps to reduce driving Especially when going downhill on a mountain road, you can deeply feel the convenience and ease of use of the e-Pedal pedal.

High stability of e-4ORCE electronic four-wheel drive

The handling of X-Trail e-Power is much better than originally expected. Although the MacPherson and rear multi-link suspension settings are still biased towards comfort, they also have Q elastic toughness, so it is suitable for potholes and The vibration filtering treatment of uneven roads is quite good, so that the occupants in the car have a very good ride comfort. However, the most powerful feature of this car that is of great help to the handling is the e-4ORCE electronic four-wheel drive system. This black technology system integrates the front and rear electric motors and braking systems, and dynamically adjusts at a maximum of 10,000 times per second. The motor drive force can control the four-wheel output in real time to provide the best grip and tracking, making cornering and braking more stable and comfortable, and bringing admirable dynamic response.

With the help of the e-4ORCE electronic four-wheel drive system, it can precisely control the four-wheel output power and deceleration force, so that the vehicle has excellent grip and tracking, and creates stable cornering ability.

Indeed, when running hard on the winding mountain roads of Alishan, you can clearly feel the cornering stability brought by the four-wheel drive system and the tracking performance of the rear of the car, and the steering response is quite precise and flexible. Therefore, even if the body roll is still in the corner, the vehicle can still move towards the predetermined route very stably. Although the speed of the car is deliberately increased to enter the corner, only the squeaking of the tires can be heard, but the phenomenon of pushing the head is almost negligible, and the car The tail is still walking on the track stably, so that people can confidently control the dynamic response of the entire body, enjoy the driving fun of mountain road curves, and maintain the ride comfort required by the passengers in the car. Finally, I want to emphasize again that the quietness of the X-Trail e-Power's cabin is really good. In addition to the sound insulation, the quiet acceleration like an electric car is even more important.

The entire acceleration dynamic response of the e-Power gasoline-electric system is indeed very similar to that of a pure electric vehicle. It is quite direct, fast and powerful. It can quickly increase the speed of the vehicle to more than 140km/h, which is very enjoyable.

Test drive testimonials~The product's strength is in line with its worth

Dynamic and domineering appearance, luxurious and high-quality interior comparable to high-end imported cars, top-notch full configuration, high-standard active safety technology, spacious and comfortable passenger space, and truly admirable pure electric driving experience And flexible and stable handling, etc., these are the important product features of X-Trail e-Power, and it is also the real evaluation of this car after the test drive, so the worth of 1.519 million yuan is really worth it!

Nissan X-Trail e-Power Spec Sheet


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