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[Test Drive]I Love the OutdoorsLuxgen URX 5-Person Wildfun

●Suggested price is 928,000 yuan

●Average fuel consumption 12.0km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

●Pleasant features Rugged exterior style, spacious cabin space

●Regret of the Bead lacks corresponding elements in the interior

In response to the recent upsurge in outdoor activities such as camping, Luxgen has launched an additional Wildfun Wild Fun version for its main model URX. The new style package highlights the rough and off-road atmosphere, and with spacious and flexible space functions, it meets individual players who pursue appearance and life needs. .

As Luxgen's current main sales model, URX has continued to refine the model planning and compilation since its launch at the end of 2019, hoping to maintain freshness and market enthusiasm. In July last year, it launched a 5+1 LUXEN model with a retractable rear ramp to meet In addition to the needs of some welfare vehicles, it can also provide more varied and varied travel functions. There will be models such as the Ultimate Gentleman with an aero kit installed in the future, and the Wildfun Wild Fun version for this test drive will be released on June 6 this year. It was officially released at the end of the month, offering two models of 5-seater (928,000 yuan) and 7-seater (1.139 million yuan). The latter can also enjoy a limited-time discount of 1.039 million yuan in October.

I believe it is not difficult for everyone to find from the appearance, the biggest feature of the wild Fun version is the addition of the whole car style kit, including the shape of the fog silver lower guard plate on the front, rear and sides of the body, polygonal wheel arches and large-area guard plates under the doors At the same time, it adopts European-style double-color car color matching, which brings more rich and varied visual effects; it is a pity that this car still maintains the common five-spoke two-color wheel configuration of the whole car series, and prefers sharp and dynamic lines. The style does not fit well with the rough atmosphere emphasized by the wild Fun kit.

Entering the car room, the simple and elegant interior layout maintains the consistent configuration of the car series, and no color or material adjustments have been made to match the appearance of the wild Fun kit. The overall appearance is still presented in a simple and calm black tone, which is the most eye-catching Naturally, the 12-inch upright multi-functional touch screen is located in the center of the console. In order to cooperate with the only non-physical instrument design in its class, driving information such as speed and rotation speed can be obtained through the head-up display in front of the driver. It will always be displayed on the upper half of the screen. In addition, system screen display and operations such as APA intelligent driving assisted parking, door opening anti-collision, AR chassis perspective, surrounding car AR safety images and rear-view real-time images are all concentrated here. Become the most important main control center of the whole car.

It's a pity that the interior doesn't echo the concept of Wild Fun and decorate it, it still maintains the original simple and generous layout of the car series.
The rear seat has changing functions such as 6/4 split sliding and seat back angle adjustment, which further enlarges and utilizes the spacious cabin space.

Since the wild Fun version has no special focus on power output and chassis settings, and the 5-seater version of this test drive has the lightest car weight of 1593kg in the car series, the 1.8L straight car with a maximum output of 202hp/30.6kgm Under the joint drive of the four gasoline turbo engine and the Aisin six-speed manual transmission, it can easily show smooth acceleration response in daily use scenarios such as urban driving or high-speed cruising, just because this car does not provide any driving mode switching function, If you want to keep pace on the mountain road, it is better to switch the gear lever to the manual mode to control the gear yourself.

URX is an extension of the U6 GT chassis. It can show a rather calm and comfortable texture when driving on a generally flat road. However, as the road condition declines, the suspension with a heavy unsprung load is likely to bring a sense of bounce and impact. , accompanied by the obvious noise from the chassis into the cabin, which greatly affects the overall ride comfort; in terms of handling performance, this car has a neutral and gradual steering feel, and the center of gravity transfer and body roll are also well-balanced and smooth, unless Deliberately increasing the cornering speed will result in a more obvious head-pushing situation, creating an easy-to-use, stable and safe driving experience as a whole. For an SUV that often travels with family and friends, it can be said to be the most appropriate setting. .

Since the power output and chassis settings remain unchanged, the 5-passenger Wildfun model maintains the original neutral and stable style of the car series in terms of driving performance.

Test drive experience ~ show new product strategy

After Luxgen recently adopted a new brand strategic layout that prioritizes products, the URX Wild Fun model can be said to be the first embodiment of flexibly responding to the needs of the Taiwan market. Be able to enter the most suitable model.

Luxgen URX Wildfun Spec Sheet


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