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[Test drive]Overlord New 5th generation Lexus RX 350h

The Lexus RX series, the domestic sales force of large-scale LSUVs, launched a new fifth-generation model in June this year, and the domestic general agent Hetai Automobile also introduced 4 types of powertrains and compiled 10 models for selection. In addition to the brand-new interior and exterior design, the new car has greatly improved and evolved in terms of texture, equipment, and safety technology. At the same time, it has also introduced a PHEV plug-in hybrid model (RX 450h+) and top-level performance for the first time. The new RX 500h F Sport Performance model further strengthens the product lineup and market competitiveness. And how will the new RX perform in all aspects? Can it continue to shine, resist the strong rivals of the new generation of European series, and continue to be the sales leader of this class of LSUV? Let us check it out for ourselves.

●Suggested price of 2.82 million yuan (pre-sale price of RX 350h flagship version)

●Average fuel consumption 17.5km/L

●Pleasant features High CP value top-level equipment, excellent road texture and comfort

●It is a pity that the vehicle weight of more than 2 tons affects the acceleration performance

In the domestic large-scale luxury LSUV market, Lexus RX can be said to occupy a decisive position. In addition to its outstanding sales, it also poses a big threat to rivals such as Double B. Especially, the price of RX can be said to completely destroy large-scale LSUVs. In terms of the same car style and size, it has a more affordable price than its rivals to win the hearts of consumers. Simply put, Lexus models are always sold with super high CP values. Especially in the equipment part, it is good and full. Even if the double B opponents are strong, it is difficult for consumers not to be attracted by its "economical benefits". In addition, the most admirable thing is that every time the RX is changed, you can deeply feel the efforts and intentions of the car factory on the new car. The display of the entire product strength is not only amazing, but also more impressive. hope and expectation. This time, a total of 10 sales models are compiled, ranging from the entry-level RX 350 luxury version to the top-level RX 500h F Sport Performance model, with prices ranging from 2.48 to 3.7 million yuan; The main sales force in the series is the RX 350h. As for the test drive experience of the plug-in RX 450h+ and the top-level performance version RX 500h F Sport Performance, I will present it to you next time I have a chance.

Incorporates a graduated spindle-shaped tank guard

At first glance, the appearance of the new-generation RX is not much different from the previous model. It also has sharp body lines and a strong and muscular silhouette. The front of the car is still based on the spindle-shaped radiator cover. The face of the family over the years. However, this brand new Spindle Body spindle-shaped water tank guard has a very special shape. In addition to the large area and domineering, it adopts the special method of "integrating into the gradient", and the upper part is changed to a closed type and is in line with the body. With the same color design, the left and right sides are integrated with the front bumper in a similar zigzag shape, presenting a unique visual impression that is different from the previous design with a chrome-plated frame. Although this ingenious water tank guard has received mixed reviews, But my personal feeling is that this design method not only enhances the sense of technology of the new car, but also brings out the delicacy that a high-end car should have.

The spindle-shaped water tank guard still exists, but the shape is very special and integrated into the gradient design, giving people a very stunning visual experience and impression.
The three-eye LED headlight group integrated with arrow-shaped LED daytime running lights makes the shape more sharp and energetic.

On the side of the car, the new RX still retains very dynamic side lines and the classic suspended roof design and fog silver roof rack. reason. As for the rear shape, it is also the place with the largest change in appearance, especially the left and right penetrating LED taillight design, which not only keeps up with the most popular trend nowadays, but also simplifies the originally cumbersome tail lines. A more concise and high-tech rear appearance. In addition, the oval Lexus factory logo located in the center of the tailgate in the past is no longer seen, replaced by a "LEXUS" lettered nameplate similar to the new NX. In addition, if you take a closer look at the two sides inside the LED taillight group, there is an inverted L-shaped light bar with a gradient design. This is also the unique identification mark of the new RX, so that it can be distinguished from other new-generation Lexus Hughes. Journeys are different.

The taillight adopts the most popular penetrating design nowadays, and there are distinct inverted L-shaped light bars on both sides of the taillight group, which is one of the features of the new RX rear focus.
The design of the rear bumper is more three-dimensional and layered than the previous model, and different power models are equipped with different styling styles and exclusive rear spoiler panels.
The RX 350h AWD model is equipped with a 21-inch multi-spoke bright silver aluminum ring as standard, which is quite fashionable, dynamic and domineering.
The C-pillar design still retains the "suspended roof" design of the previous generation, and is equipped with a matte silver sports roof rack and shark fins to add points to the dynamic figure.

Give it a good, full top match

The interior design style of the new generation RX adopts the Tazuna (Japanese for rein) design concept starting from the all-new NX, that is, the all-enveloping cockpit design, which is centered on the driver, without the need to greatly move the line of sight All vehicle operations and monitoring can be done without the use of a person or body, thereby reducing the risk of accidents due to distraction. Furthermore, the improvement of the texture of materials used in the interior and the atmosphere of high-end luxury are also the key items of this major facelift. The leather covering, suede matching, chrome-plated metal parts and black piano paint trim can be seen everywhere in the cabin. The lining creates a luxurious and delicate cabin atmosphere.

The main visual axis in the cabin is the 14-inch multi-functional information integrated touch screen on the center console. Basically all information, entertainment, air conditioning system and navigation settings have been integrated, and it can support Android Auto & wireless Apple CarPlay The connection function greatly reduces the number of physical buttons, which looks very refreshing.

Brand-new digital instruments can present different color and light backgrounds according to different driving modes
The all-enveloping cockpit is also built with the design concept of Tazuna (Japanese for reins), which has greatly improved the texture of materials and the creation of a luxurious and technological atmosphere.

In terms of equipment, the RX 350h tested is almost full, such as three-zone constant temperature air conditioner, independent control panel for rear air conditioner, multifunctional leather electric steering wheel (with touch tracking), digital instrument, HUD head-up display, steering wheel shift paddles, dual front seat electric 10-way adjustment function, dual front seat/rear seat ventilation & electric heating seats, rear seat back electric adjustment, satellite navigation, digital interior rearview mirror, Qi mobile phone wireless charging Seats, intelligent multiple driving modes, 64-color surround view LED lighting, Mark Levinson Premim audio + 21 speakers, 360-degree surround view video assist system, AP automatic parking assist system, panoramic electric sunroof and induction electric tailgate, etc. In terms of serving, it is almost perfect and impeccable.

The three-spoke multifunctional leather steering wheel with the same styling as the new NX has electric 4-way adjustment and button touch tracking functions.
In addition to the substantial addition of USB charging jacks, the RX 350h model also comes standard with a mobile phone wireless charging interface.
Models including RX 350/RX 350h/RX 450h+/RX 500h are equipped with Mark Levinson Premim premium audio and 21 speakers as standard.
The panoramic electric sunroof is definitely a necessary selling point for a luxury SUV.

In terms of ADAS safety technology, all models of the facelifted RX are equipped with the new-generation LSS+ 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system for the first time, which has more complete safety assistance functions than the previous LSS+ 2.0. Night identification, motorcycle day identification, intersection traffic flow and pedestrian identification, ESA emergency evasion steering assistance, ASLS low-speed speed limit assistance system, etc. Others include DRCC full speed range vehicle distance maintenance system, LDA lane departure warning, LTA lane tracking assist, AHS intelligent high beam automatic masking, RSA speed limit recognition assist, BSM blind spot detection warning, RCTA rear traffic warning, RCTB Systems such as rear traffic brake assist and SEA safety departure assist greatly strengthen the safety specifications of driving assistance.

Upgraded for spaciousness, comfort and convenience

The body length/width/advanced wheelbase of the new-generation RX are 4890/1920/1695mm and 2850mm respectively. Compared with the previous model, it is 25mm wider and 15mm lower, but the wheelbase is 60mm longer, which also means that the RX There will be more spacious cabin space to show. First of all, let’s start with the double front seats. Not only do they sit comfortably and snugly, but also enjoy first-class enjoyment under the configuration of 10-way electric adjustment, ventilation and heating functions. The rear seat is actually taken by a 175cm adult. The distance between the knees and the back of the front seat is about 2 fists, and the distance between the head and the canopy is about 1.2 fists. In addition, the seat foam is moderately soft and hard, and the angle of the seat back It can be adjusted electrically, so it can be said to be spacious and comfortable when sitting. In addition, in addition to the rear seat air outlet, the rear seat has also added ventilation and heating functions, and two Type C charging holes are set up, which can be said to be considerate and courteous to the rear seat occupants.

The comfortable and snug double front seats are equipped with 10-way electric adjustment function and ventilation and heating functions (RX 350h flagship model), and there are convenient buttons for forward movement and seat back angle adjustment on the side of the assistant seat.
The flat floor design, combined with the relatively spacious knee and head room performance and the electrically adjustable seat back design allow the rear seat passengers to have a comfortable and relaxed sitting posture.
The body length/width/advanced wheelbase of the new-generation RX are 4890/1920/1695mm and 2850mm respectively, which is 25mm wider and 15mm lower than the previous model, and the wheelbase is 60mm longer. The figure is still the same.
In addition to the air outlet of the air conditioner, the rear seat also has ventilation and heating functions, and two Type C charging holes are set up, which is considerate and courteous to the rear seat occupants.

As for the rear luggage compartment space, it has a loading capacity of 612 liters under standard conditions. The original factory says that it can put 4 golf bags or 2 25-inch and 21-inch suitcases each. In addition, the load space function can also be changed and adjusted through the 4/6 split design of the rear seats. Although the original factory has not announced the expanded volume data, the platform is indeed very wide and the flatness is not bad.

The thrill of acceleration

This time, the original factory provided three power combinations for the new RX, including pure gasoline, gasoline-electric and plug-in gasoline-electric, and also divided into four power models: RX350, RX350h, RX450h+ and RX500h. The RX350 uses a 2.4-liter four-cylinder turbo engine paired with an 8-speed manual transmission, with a maximum power output of 279hp and 43.8kgm. RX350h is also the model for this test drive. It uses a 2.5-liter in-cylinder direct injection engine (190hp/24.4kgm) with a gasoline-electric system and an ECVT gearbox. flagship model). The RX450h+ is the only plug-in gasoline-electric model in the car series. The internal combustion engine is the same as the RX350h 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine (185hp/23.1kgm) The ECVT gearbox has a combined maximum horsepower of 309hp. It only takes 6.5 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers, and the pure electric cruising range is 81 kilometers (NEDC). As for the RX500h, it uses the latest 2.4-liter turbo engine (275hp/46.9kgm) coupled with a gasoline-electric system and a 6-speed manual gearbox. It has a combined maximum horsepower output of 371hp and can accelerate to hundreds of miles in just 6.2 seconds.

The RX350h is equipped with a 2.5-liter in-cylinder direct injection engine (190hp/24.4kgm), and is equipped with a gasoline-electric system and an ECVT gearbox. The combined maximum horsepower output is 250hp, and it can accelerate to a hundred in 7.9 seconds (flagship model).
The ECVT transmission system (with 6-speed manual transmission function) equipped with RX 350h has a seamless power connection and can faithfully and efficiently transmit acceleration power.

The performance of RX 350h, a gasoline-electric power vehicle under the weight of 2 metric tons, is not exciting enough, but it is more than smooth and linear. Walking in the city at low speed and lightly stepping on the accelerator to accelerate, although it is not very brisk, it is not at all brisk. No heavy dragging, and the linear acceleration characteristics allow you to give as much force as you step on the accelerator. The most important thing is that there is no abrupt impact like many turbo engines burst out instantly after increasing the accelerator, which brings frustrated driving experience and discomfort. This may be the adjustment setting made by the original factory for the RX customer group, which is to make it easy and comfortable to drive without burden. But don’t think that this gasoline-electric power is not dull. After switching to the Sport driving mode and stepping on the accelerator heavily, the acceleration power of 250hp is not disappointing. After the speed is 3000rpm, a strong acceleration thrust is released immediately, and Continue to push the speed of the car to more than 160km/h. Although the entire power release is not instantaneous and violent, you can still feel the acceleration and sprint brought by the gasoline and electricity along the way.

Although the RX 350h is huge in size and weighs 2060kg, its 250hp gasoline-electric power allows it to have a linear, smooth and powerful acceleration performance without any heavy towing.

Comfortable, smooth and fun to drive

In addition to being built on the GA-K modular platform, the new RX also uses a higher proportion of high-strength steel and aluminum alloy sheet parts to enhance the rigidity of the car body; in addition, the front MacPherson suspension has also been optimized and adjusted , and changed the original double A-arm rear suspension to a multi-link design to improve the stability and comfort performance during driving, especially the RX 350h flagship model for test drive, which has E-Four AWD electronic four-wheel The drive system and the AVS variable damping shock absorber system, the two control tools, make this car comfortable, textured and fun to drive.

On Ruifang County Road 106, in addition to feeling the excellent ride comfort and pothole handling ability in the past, it can also be clearly found that the overall road texture of the RX has become better, and even after several consecutive bends, it is more capable. It is reflected in its precise steering response and clear road feel feedback characteristics. At the same time, the body roll and shake in the curve are also effectively suppressed. The overall cornering stability and sense of control are better than the previous model, especially the AVS variable The integrated damping and shock absorber system can judge the road conditions more immediately and adjust the damping coefficient, so that the dynamic response of the whole cornering is more stable and controlled. It feels a bit like the control experience of a European LSUV, which greatly improves the driving confidence and trust in the vehicle.

In addition to strengthening the rigidity of the body, optimizing the front suspension and changing the rear suspension to a multi-link design, the RX 350h flagship model is also equipped with E-Four AWD electronic four-wheel drive and AVS variable damping shock absorber system as standard. Let this car have better road texture and driving stability than before.

Test drive testimonials ~ the way of self-survival

It is not an exaggeration to say that Lexus has its own way of survival, even under the strong competition of 1A and 2B, it is not afraid. Of course, the main reason for this confidence is the outstanding sales volume and the favor and love of domestic consumers, and all this comes from the extremely high CP value of this product, especially at the same level, compared with Audi and Audi. Double B and other European rivals not only have more luxurious and rich equipment, but also win people's hearts at a price, coupled with good market reputation and manufacturing quality, so it is difficult not to sell well. But even so, the product power of the new RX continues to evolve and improve, with the purpose of giving consumers more fresh and latest technology models, and this new RX has indeed successfully achieved it and is not disappointing at all.

Lexus RX 350h Spec Sheet


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