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TEST: Honda CR-V (2023) does almost everything well, but also has two major disadvantages -

In recent years we have gotten the idea that Honda is not that interested in the Dutch market. In the long run that will work against you. Because when was the last time you saw a fresh Honda driving around? But the new Honda CR-V is so good that it could turn the tide. At least ...

With the new CR-V, Honda is not joining the ever-growing SUV hype. On the contrary: the CR-V is one of the models that helped shape the SUV segment. The first Honda CR-V was born in 1995 and the compact SUV is now in its sixth generation.

Although compact – compared to its predecessor, the CR-V has grown in length by 10 centimeters and the wheelbase increased by 4 centimeters. This creates a spacious interior space; fill the CR-V with water and the rear passengers can tread water without hitting their feet.

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New Honda CR-V (2023) only as a hybrid

Unlike its predecessor, the new Honda CR-V is only available with hybrid powertrains. The entry-level model is a parallel hybrid, and for the first time the CR-V is also available as a plug-in hybrid. Compared to the previous CR-V Hybrid, the trunk space has also seen a growth spurt: from 497 to 596 liters. The plug-in hybrid even swallows one more hand luggage trolley: 639 liters. This is quite remarkable because of the larger battery (17.7 kWh). But it is not located in the trunk floor as with the plug-free hybrid, but under the rear seat.

Electric range Honda CR-V e:PHEV

According to the manufacturer's specifications, the plug-in hybrid can drive 81 kilometers fully electrically and its fuel consumption is 0.8 l/100 km (1 in 125). If you alternate between short and long distances and you cannot always plug in as soon as the battery is empty, then 1 in 30 is easily achievable with most plug-ins. This is also the case with this Honda. You can also choose to save battery capacity for later by choosing the Save driving mode. This ensures that the battery's charge status remains at the current level. A completely discharged battery can be fully charged again in approximately 2.5 hours on a home charger.

Tighter buttocks

Honda has remained fairly faithful to the exterior design of the past generations of CR-V. We notice the biggest difference at the front. This is characterized by a strikingly coarsely gridded honeycomb grille, with rather pinched headlights at the top. The modified design gives the new CR-V an aggressive look from the front. The back has also been addressed, although it has not become a convex Brazilian butt lift. The CR-V buttocks are straighter and flatter than before, and here too the light units have become narrower.

Better all-round visibility

A very pleasant change is the increased glass surface. You can see this most clearly on the side. Due to a different positioning of the A-pillars, the windscreen also offers a better view. If you nevertheless overlook something, the cameras of the standard Honda Sensing 360 assistance system prevent you from cutting, hitting or pushing into the guardrail of fellow road users.

“Even leather upholstery is standard. And we're not talking about that sticky vegan stuff from the plastic cow.”

Extensive equipment Honda CR-V (2023)

The dashboard design is almost identical to the new one Honda Civic and the Honda ZR-V, with a car-wide ventilation grille, the slats of which are on the inside, à la Saab. The materials are for the most part of good quality and the finish is excellent. We certainly have no complaints about the equipment. Even leather upholstery is standard. And we're not talking about that sticky vegan stuff from the plastic cow, but about real cowhide.

Rear seat with 16 positions

The steering wheel and all seats are heated, the front seats also have ventilation options. There is also no electric seat adjustment. The rear passengers can also vary their seating position to their heart's content, because the seats are sliding and the angle of inclination of the backrest has 16 (!) positions. We could go on like this for a while, because unlike most brands, the row of standard features is longer than the options list.

CR-V as an all-rounder

According to Honda, the CR-V combines the versatility of an SUV with the refinement of a sedan and the sportiness of a hatchback. That sounds a lot like Toilet Duck boasting about the great qualities of Toilet Duck, but we can go a long way with Honda. We have already highlighted the versatility of the interior and the driving characteristics are excellent.

“Honda sounds a lot like 'we from WC DUCK'.”

Excellent chassis

We have no complaints about the torsional stiffness and for a large SUV, the car steers pleasantly directly and with a lot of feeling - that gives a lot of confidence on a winding route. The chassis is comfortable and beautifully balanced. Unlike many other cars that initially seem comfortable, the CR-V is not confused by a road surface of widely varying quality. This is where the standard adaptive dampers pay off. The sound comfort is just as high, although a rattle can be heard in the seat bases on a bad road surface.

Disappointing performance Honda CR-V

To call the CR-V sporty is going too far. It is too high and heavy for that. Moreover, his performance does not make an indelible impression. For example, the hundred sprint takes 9.4 seconds. In addition to the 2.0-liter petrol engine, the powertrain has two electric motors, together producing 215 hp and 315 Nm.

Thanks to the modified transmission with two output shafts and therefore a high and a low ratio, the car feels a bit faster than before. Although you actually have to select the sports mode. In addition, the new CR-V has a special Tow Mode, which is aimed at towing a trailer that can weigh up to 1,500 kilos (braked). With the (slightly cheaper) CR-V Hybrid without a plug, that is only 750 kilos.

Price Honda CR-V

We know of few SUVs of this size that combine practicality, economy and pleasant driving behavior so well. On the other hand, there are plenty of competitors that are cheaper and more powerful. With the 306 hp and standard four-wheel drive Toyota RAV4 PHEV first. Admittedly, it has less extensive standard equipment. But to give the CR-V a consumer price of 63,250 and therefore make it almost 8,000 euros more expensive, we think it is a bit arrogant of Honda.

A cheaper Honda CR-V is also possible: from 55,185 euros you have the CR-V e:HEV, or the plug-free hybrid. It is less economical, but offers comparable performance. In short, a very strong SUV, but due to its very high price and disappointing performance, it will be at the top of the wish list of very few buyers.

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