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TEST: In this way the MG4 is breathing down the neck of the Opel Astra Electric -

You don't need a very expensive crystal ball to see that Chinese car brands will sooner or later match or even pass their competitors from Europe. We spotted the first signals in our comparison test of the MG4 and the Opel Astra Electric.

In Auto Review 2 we compare the MG4 Electric with the new Opel Astra Electric. China vs Germany. In the end the Opel wins, but the MG is breathing down its neck. A few examples.


MG4 is on a special EV platform

With the electric Astra, Opel follows the classic hatchback recipe: a prominent hood at the front and a straight sloping fifth door at the rear. That long hood gives you plenty of room to tinker with the combustion engine, but that time is coming to an end.

The MG4 is on a special platform for electric cars and does things slightly differently. The cabin starts further forward and is a few centimeters higher, so that the battery pack could be housed in the underbody. Without unnecessarily restricting the space for passengers. You have more freedom of movement in the back seat of the MG than in the back of the Opel.

Better suspension comfort

In terms of driving comfort, the Astra only just manages to beat the MG4. In the previous message you read that the Opel owes this to its better seats and quieter cabin. But if you look at the actual suspension comfort, the MG4 makes a good impression. Its basic tuning is quite stiff, but it still has sufficient spring reserves to smoothly absorb bumps. In that respect, the equally hard-sprung Astra is more likely to reach its limits.

When it comes to the powertrain, MG and Opel make completely different choices. In the 156 hp Astra, the electric motor is in the nose of the car and the front wheels are driven. The MG sends its 204 hp to the rear wheels.

It makes the MG4 the faster sprinter. It completes the standard sprint in 7.4 seconds, while the Opel needs 8.9 seconds. The Astra Electric driver must therefore be careful not to challenge overly powerful petrol cars at the traffic lights...

The Chinese are stunting with prices

More power and space for less money – the cost issue is tailor-made for the MG4. In addition, MG gives a seven-year factory warranty and Opel only two. The only financial advantage that the Astra Electric can offer is its lower power consumption and the small cost savings associated with it.

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The MG4 starts at 32,285 euros, but then you get the standard version (that's what it's called), with the small 51 kWh battery. The cheapest version with 64 kWh is called Comfort and costs 35,785 euros. Then there is also the Luxury version with a heat pump, a navigation system and a wireless phone charger. It costs an extra 2,000 euros, bringing it to 37,785 euros. Then it is still slightly cheaper than with an Astra Electric (from 39,999 euros).


Anyone who reads the full test (see below) knows that the Opel Astra Electric offers the best overall picture. But MG is not sitting still. The spacious and affordable MG4 is already a good buy and there will probably come a time when MG will start fine-tuning. With better seats, a higher-quality interior and more pleasant controls, a future test could turn out very differently.

You read the complete comparative test Auto Review 2. You buy the magazine in the supermarket, bookstore or in our webshop.

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